Common Weigh Safe Hitch Problems and Review (Are They Good?)

Even if that help comes from non-traditional sources, having it may help you avoid disasters when you are on the road and towing a nice trailer behind your vehicle. That constructive help can come from

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Dry Rot Tire Sidewall Cracking Chart: Can You Drive On Them?

It is without a doubt that your RV experience will be enhanced by the condition of the tires on your specific RV. If you have any doubt about your tires, you won’t be able to relax as you drive. Being

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Using RV Furnace For The First Time Efficiently (Starting)

When you are a first-time RV furnace user, do not be afraid to ask your questions. That is how you learn to use different RV appliances including the furnace. After one or two times using them, you become

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1985 Chevy Winnebago Minnie E350 Guide (Minnie Winnie Value)

These vehicles may be old but they still have value. Generally, they are smaller RVs so they are easier to drive. The two drawbacks to owning a vintage RV is there may be a lot of repair work and many

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CatClamp vs CatStrap Reviews: Is The CatStrap Effective?

Necessity is the mother of invention. The necessity to protect one’s catalytic converter from theft has spawned new inventions to protect those key vehicle parts. The questions are whether will they

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What Is Code SPN 2791 FMI 11? (Paccar, Cummins, Freightliner)

Paccar is the odd man out. It seems that the fault codes for this company do not line up with the other fault code lists. The company guards its information very carefully and you may have to talk directly

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What Is Fault Code SPN 2000 FMI 9, FMI 19, FMI 31? (Cummins)

To tell you the truth, we do not like how they numbered the official SPN fault code list. It takes more time to find the code in question than it does to diagnose the actual problem. You will find it…

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TH350 Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, and Change Interval

First put into production in 1969, the TH350 was hailed as one of the best transmissions to be designed. That status did not last long as it was phased out by 1982 and possibly 1984. No matter the short

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What Is Fault Code SPN 1067 FMI 7? (Brake Signal Sensor 1)

One thing about modern technology is that it develops special equipment for different vehicles. In this case, the special equipment will be for medium and heavy-duty trucks. You may not have to worry about

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What Is Fault Code SPN 101 FMI 16? (Crankcase Pressure)

There may be those people who do not know what the term ‘crankcase’ means. This is the metal casing of the engine block that not only holds the crankshaft but also the majority of oil in your engine.

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What Is Fault Code SPN 3359 FMI 31? (Allison Transmission)

Once those amber and red lights get illuminated on your dash, you need to get more information. That is what the SPN FMI code system is all about. Unfortunately, some of these codes just do not bring the

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What Is Fault Code SPN 5435 FMI 7 and FMI 11? (Freightliner)

When you look up codes do not ignore the GHG 14, GHG 17, or the EPA 10. The numbers refer to the regulation years your repairs have to meet once the repairs are completed.The SPN 5435 FMI 7 code means-

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What Is Fault Code SPN 5681 FMI 9? (Freightliner)

Finding fault code definitions is not always an easy task as different modules or components are made by different companies. For example, the ABS braking system can be built by Bendix or by Wabco OnGuard.

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What Is Fault Code SPN 5488 FMI 5? (Freightliner, Detroit)

When you look at the official SPN code list, you will see they have categories for Freightliner, Detroit Diesel, and Cummins motors and there is an official SPN FMI list. However, all those lists are almost

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Cat C13 Oil Capacity, Type, Change Interval, and Oil Filter

Often people will give you the answer to the oil capacity of an engine. However, they often forget to mention that you have to pre-fill the oil filter. If you forget to do that, you may see you are full

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4L80E Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, and Change Interval

The forgotten device. Everyone knows that they need to put oil in the crankcase, coolant in the radiator, power steering fluid in the power steering reservoir, and water in the window washer container.

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Finding a Transition Strip For RV Slide Out (Floor Guide)

You may think you know all the parts that are included in your new RV but wait till something breaks. When it does you find all sorts of parts you may not have thought about when living in your RV. The

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Removing RV Bunk Beds: How To Remove Bunk Beds Out Of an RV

One of the first steps in this project is to realize any RV furniture removal will not be like removing furniture from a traditional home. The RV construction is done in such a way as to allow room for

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68RFE Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, and Change Interval

Everything is specialized these days. In the old days of the mid-20th century fluids were fluids and engines and transmission could run on just about any type of fluid you could buy. But in today’s modern

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What-Is-Freightliner-Fault-Code-SPN-3597-FMI-4-(FMI 2)

What Is Freightliner Fault Code SPN 3597 FMI 4? (FMI 2)

One thing about fault codes. Unless engine builders go back to the 1960s way of building engines, you will always see a fault code at some point in time. There are too many devices on your engine for none

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What Is Fault Code SPN 91 FMI 8? (Accelerator Pedal Position)

The lists do not always cover every code or every issue you need at the time. The official SPN fault code list starts at 100001 and FMI 0. That means it does not go below 100 when you get to the 3-digit

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265 vs 255 Tire Width: Difference Between 255 And 265 Tires

Tires are not just tires. They may all look the same but they are not. There are differences between all tires including those that have the same numbers. Sometimes the differences are so slight you won’t

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What Is Fault Code SPN 5397 FMI 31? (Cummins, Freightliner)

The numbers for the FMI fault code system stop around 20 or 21. But there are numbers that are listed above those two. Those extra numbers are usually labeled as reserved for SAE use. Someone can always

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What Is Fault Code SPN 3556 FMI 18? (Cummins, Freightliner)

When you do your own research on fault codes, you will find some extra letters after the FMI portion of the code. These letters, EPA and GHG do have meaning when you see them on the data sheets when you

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What Is Fault Code SPN 1590 FMI 19? (Freightliner)

When you get an error code on your dash, you expect to be able to find the right instructions to perform the repair. That is not always going to happen and it is disappointing when you get a code that

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What Is Code SPN 411 FMI 1, FMI 2, FMI 5, FMI 13? (Cummins)

There are so many error codes in the modern engine that no one may see all of them in their lifetime. Modern engines have so many parts to them and are so complex, you may also trade your truck or car

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What Is Fault Code SPN 563 FMI 14? (Anti Lock Braking FMI 9)

With the fault code system, you have two different data links being used in different vehicles. Some can come with the J1707 system while others will be using the J1939 and some may have both. This multi-level

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What Is Fault Code SPN 2659 FMI 18? (FMI 14, FMI 0)

Sensors devices are what the ECM and other modules depend on to get the information to operate your engine and other components. When the sensors send bad information, then you get these different codes.

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What Is Code SPN 3719 FMI 31, FMI 0, FMI 16? (Freightliner)

Not all codes concern a real problem. That may be a good thing. Sometimes all you need is information so you know what you should do in the near future. The correct thing to do in this case is not to delay

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What Is Fault Code SPN 5444 FMI 1? (Paccar, Freightliner)

With over 50,000 SPN codes, it stands to reason that there is at least one that watches over your oil supply. But do not be surprised if a code for oil shows up with codes for other components in your

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What Is The Diagnostic Code SPN 4357 FMI 5? (Freightliner)

You may be the lucky one and get one of those rare codes that only pop up once in a blue moon. The lack of available information only means that you have to go to a mechanic or a dealer to get the proper

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Cat C15 Oil Capacity, Type, and Change Interval (Guide)

When it comes to the CAT 15, which started production in 1999, there are 10 variations. However, of those ten only about three are significant. You have the original version, the Bridge, and the ACERT

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What Is Code SPN 171 FMI 3? (Cummins, Freightliner, Detroit)

That is the way it is with SPN FMI codes. Some may have only one meaning but others, like SPN 171 code has over 10 different applications. It is one of the more populous fault codes on the SPN list.The

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Cat C12 Oil Capacity, Type, and Change Interval (Guide)

To keep this powerful engine running on all cylinders means you have to look after it on a regular basis. Changing the oil is not enough. You need to make sure that you use the right type of oil as well

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ABS Bendix Fault Code List (Troubleshooting and Reset Guide)

When it comes to fault code lists, there are many manufacturers that have created their own. While they relate to the standard SPN and FMI codes, some of these lists can be confusing if you are not paying

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What Is Fault Code SPN 1814 FMI 9? (VDC Fully Operational)

When you try to fix different fault codes yourself, you will find that some information is missing. That makes doing home repairs almost impossible these days. When you find lists with missing information,

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What Is Fault Code SPN 6918 FMI 7? (Freightliner Bulkhead)

With unheard-of parts, the explanations can be more confusing than the code. Trying to figure out the explanations and what you are to do can take some time. However, it can be done eventually and you

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What Is Fault Code SPN 1172 FMI 3? (Cummins)

Not every fault code will cause a derate. That is one of the good aspects of these fault codes. If you catch them early enough, you may never experience the troubling derate option many other owners have

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What Is Fault Code SPN 3362 FMI 31? (Cummins Aftertreatment)

All it states on the official FMI code lists is ‘condition exists’. You may already know that because your vehicle is not operating as it should. It could be more helpful if it provided a source and

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What Is Fault Code SPN 4374 FMI 0? (Detroit DD15)

When you own a diesel, one of the things you may notice is that diesel-powered vehicles may have more fault codes than gas-powered ones. One reason for this is that the diesel engine has to meet stricter

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What Is Cummins Fault Code SPN 6713 FMI 9? (Helpful Guide)

The official SPN FMI fault code list is extensive but not exhaustive so you may not always find the code on that list. But you can always go to Cummin’s list to find it.This code is Cummins fault code

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What Is Code SPN 1548 FMI 5? (Freightliner HVAC Duct Temperature)

That is the trouble with the modern error or fault code system. There are far too many codes and when you add in the FMI subcode, the number balloons even more. Finding the right answer is not always going

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What Is Cummins Fault Code SPN 3364 FMI 2? (FMI 9, FMI 10)

When it comes to vehicle fluids, DEF is the most recent. That means it may be harder to find top-quality DEF fluid as it is easy to make and easy to sell. Fortunately, vehicle makers have put a warning

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Generac Generator Fault Codes List (1902, 1904, 2800, P2601)

It is impossible to memorize and know all the fault codes for every brand of generator, engine, or appliance. There are just too many of them. But when you can’t remember or do not know what a fault

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What Is Fault Code SPN 3464 FMI 16? (Detroit, Cummins)

With all the new regulations that have been implemented since the late 1990s, more parts have been invented. More parts mean more possible failures and more fault codes to learn.The SPN 3464 FMI 16 fault

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What Is Code SPN 3223 FMI 7? (Freightliner Cascadia Guide)

One of the things about these SPN codes is that there are far more than most people will count. Most people will give up once they reach one hundred but that is not even the tip of the iceberg when it

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What Is Cummins Code SPN 3720 FMI 15? (Helpful Guide)

When you get a specific SPN code, you can see up to 21 FMI sub-codes illuminated with that one SPN number. There are a few more than 21 FMI codes but most are reserved for future use by the SAE. This can

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What Is SPN 95 FMI 16 Cummins? (FMI 15, 18)

It can happen to you. That is one thing about these error codes, they do not discriminate. All error codes will react to the same situation no matter what type of RV coach you own. The key is to make sure

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What Is Fault Code SPN 2011 FMI 9? (Detroit, Freightliner)

It is not always easy when you are looking up codes on the SPN list. It is not always a simple task. The reason for that is that the official list puts the 5-digit numbers in between many 4-digit numbers.

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What Is Fault Code SPN 3510 FMI 4? (Cummins, Freightliner)

When you buy a modern motor, you will find that there seems to be a code for just about every problem imaginable. You probably never thought so many things could go wrong with a motor. Unfortunately, that

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What Is Fault Code SPN 3238 FMI 2? (Detroit, Freightliner)

When you start exploring the world of fault codes, you will find that different engine and other manufacturers have their own code lists. This just adds to the confusion especially when they do not line

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265 vs 285 Tire Width: Difference Between 265 And 285 Tires

While one tire is wider than another, those differences may only be minimal. The reason for that is that one tire is wider than another. The rest of the tire is made according to the same specs for both

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235 vs 245 Tire Width: Difference Between 235 And 245 Tires

While some people may think that all tires are the same, there is a vast difference between them. The numbers on the sidewall actually mean something, and those numbers help you find the right tires for

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Does Flat Towing Add Miles To a Car? (Helpful Guide and Tips)

There has been a change made around the beginning of the 21st century. Car manufacturers started to change the odometers in the vehicles they made. This also changed how miles on your vehicle were calculated.

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275 vs 255 Tires Width: Difference Between 255 And 275 Tires

When you are looking at two different-sized tires, there will be more than just the width that is different. Some of those differences are invisible and only show up at the right time. Just watch the brand

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245 vs 265 Tire Width: Difference Between 245 And 265 Tires

You may or may not get both in the tires you choose. Picking the right tire for your vehicle will depend a lot on your driving preferences, habits, and road conditions. It is a lot to think about but when

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What Is Fault Code SPN 2631 FMI 1? (Detroit, Freightliner)

No matter what type of engine you own, there seems to be a fault code for every problem imaginable under the sun. The problem is finding the right list that contains all those codes so you know what is

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What Is Fault Code SPN 1231 FMI 9? (Paccar, Detroit)

When you see one of the myriads of SPN codes pop up on your screen, you know it is not going to be good news. While some of the news from SPN codes is not that bad, generally, most of them are. Once you

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225 vs 245 Tire Width: Difference Between 225 And 245 Tires

One of the things you can count on is the fact that tires will be different. Even if they are made by the same company. There will always be one tire model that will have positives and negatives, the other

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Helpful Guide: SPN 641 FMI 7 Cummins (FMI 9, FMI 11, FMI 13)

Many fault codes refer to the electrical systems a vehicle has. One may get the idea that all fault codes deal with electronic sensors or other parts. But not always. This is a mechanical fault that may

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123 vs 123A Batteries: Are 123 And 123A Batteries The Same?

Whenever you see a name change for the same product, it is easy to assume that there must be a difference. However, that difference may be so minuscule you wonder why they changed the name in the first

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Does Leaving Keys In the Ignition Drain Battery? (Guide)

It depends on the type of ignition system you have. With older cars, the ones without electronic key fobs, leaving the key in the ignition did nothing but prove you have a bad memory. As long as the key

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What Is Fault Code SPN 639 FMI 9? (Cummins, Freightliner)

While fault codes help you with the diagnosis, there are just too many of them. But without them, you wouldn’t know where to begin when fixing your engine.The SPN 639 FMI 9 fault code equals Cummins

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275 Vs 285 Tires: The Difference Between 275 And 285 Tires

Traction vs. Cost. This is always a tough decision to make when it comes to tires. The wider tires offer more traction and better grip, but they also cost more than the narrower tires. The tire you pick

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Complete Freightliner Fault Code List (PID, MID, SID)

Once the electronic and technological age took over, there had to be a method to guide repairs. The simplest solution was to create fault codes. Some are easy to understand and others are not. It is a

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Bypass Chicago: Best Route To Avoid Chicago Traffic

If it isn’t traffic… then it may be construction. When you get around the larger cities, it may be possible to avoid one but not the other. When you ask people for the best route be prepared to sort

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225 Vs 235 Tires: The Difference Between 225 And 235 Tires

Good tires are not just for trucks, SUVs, and RVs. Everyone who owns a car, no matter its size, needs to have good tires on their vehicles. Then they need to take care of them once they are on. Finding

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Kohler Generator Fault Code List (Troubleshooting Manual)

Not all fault codes list come with a numerical listing. Some may just be abbreviated words from the actual problem. This can slow things down somewhat when you are trying to find out what is wrong with

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What Is Fault Code SPN 3251 FMI 16? (Cummins, Freightliner)

That is the way it is with new systems or any system for that matter. Once you understand how they work, they become very easy. The same can be said for finding what fault codes mean. Once you understand

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Blue DEF Platinum Reviews and Problems: Is Platinum Worth It?

When a manufacturer or retail outlet puts a link in their ads that says click to get a quote or something similar. That is always one red flag letting you know that the price may be a bit high. But that

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Cat C7 Oil Pressure Sensor Location (Helpful Guide)

With all the new diesel regulations and standards finding the small parts can get tough. They are usually placed in out-of-the-way spots and are often hard to view as other larger parts block your view.

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Complete Cummins Fault Codes List (Cummins SPN Codes PDF)

Over the years the SAE has developed a fault code system to help mechanics and DIY mechanics figure out what was wrong with their modern engines. This system is supposed to make repair work a little easier

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What-Is-Code-SPN-1209-FMI 2-(Cummins-SPN-1209-FMI-3,-4,-18)

What Is Code SPN 1209 FMI 2? (Cummins SPN 1209 FMI 3, 4, 18)

There are a myriad of fault codes. That is one thing about these modern engines. The regulations engine makers have to meet are astronomical. Thus the engines themselves have far too many parts that can

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How To Clear Cummins Fault Codes (How To Read SPN Codes)

No matter who is to blame, the car or truck owner is stuck with clearing those fault codes that let them know what is wrong with their vehicle.To clear fault codes, you would need a code reader, a scanner,

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Are Interstate Trailers Any Good? (Interstate Reviews)

People like bringing their toys. No matter how old one gets, having their toys within easy reach is essential. The way for RV owners to bring their toys is to buy a good box trailer. A toy hauler is okay

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Allison 1000 Transmission Diagrams (Parts, Solenoid, Wiring)

Allison 1000 Transmission Diagrams (Parts, Solenoid, Wiring)

While diagrams are very helpful, sometimes they are drawn in such a way they are hard to follow and understand. But when you are doing a DIY repair, diagrams are your best tool and guide.Throughout this

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How-To-Get-a-Non-CDL-Class C-License-Illinois-(Cost-+-Tips)

How To Get a Non CDL Class C License Illinois (Cost + Tips)

State licensing requirements can be stressful. But if you read the book carefully, study hard as well as practice, you should be able to pass the requirements and walk out of the DMV with your new non-CDL

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Is Mudflap App Legit? (Mudflap Fuel App Reviews and Guide)

We just read their website. WOW! What can you say? It seems to be the ideal discount app that everyone would want in their wallets. Their website is impressive as well but one wonders where they make their

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Ferry To Alaska With RV: How Much Does It Cost? (Guide)

It is not an easy drive. Traveling to Alaska by the road, yes, there is only two of them, is not something everyone will enjoy. Gas stations are few and far in between, and the pavement ends in the middle

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Detroit 60 Series Oil Capacity, Oil Type, and Change Inverval

When you are looking at buying a Detroit 60 series engine, you will find that there are three types to choose from. The 11.1, the 12.7, and the 14 L are the models that are available but they do not always

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Best Transmission Fluid For 4R100 (Type, Capacity, Guide)

One of the problems you may have is when you want to change the transmission fluid in this model of transmission. The dealers may not know which type you should use. Avoid Mercon LV at all costs according

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How Do I Reduce My Pin Weight? (Can I Adjust The Pin Box?)

When you are going to tow a 5th wheel or any trailer, the biggest challenge is getting the weight distribution correct. There are so many capacities to watch out for that you can get a bit frustrated.

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Troubleshooting: Why Is My Norcold Fridge Not Getting Cold?

No matter the brand, there are common problems shared by all RV fridges. What caused the problem in one brand of a fridge can also be the cause keeping your Norcold fridge from cooling. Just look for the

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Is Outdoors RV a Good Brand? Outdoors RV Problems & Reviews

Looking for something better. That is the reason many small RV manufacturers get started in the first place. The owners are not happy with the quality of the current RV builds, so they try to improve on

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What Hotels Allow RV Parking Overnight? (RV Friendly Hotels)

While some RVers advocate that you sneak in and sneak out of a hotel parking lot, you would be committing a crime if you do. You will need clear permission from the hotel manager or owner before you can

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Are Chins Batteries Any Good? (Chins 300ah Battery Reviews)

There are many RV owners that have found Chins Batteries to be very good. Of course, they are taking the word of Will Prowse for the level of quality of this battery (watch the video at the end of

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Suing RV Manufacturer: Smith vs Nexus RV Lawsuit (Guide)

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is taking the manufacturer’s word for their product. In the case of RVs and trailers, this is a big mistake because the lack of quality in their construction

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Is Rexhall Motorhomes Still In Business? (What Happened)

It is a dog-eat-dog world. You may run across many RV companies that seem to appear for only a short time in the RV industry and then disappear over the horizon. It is a very competitive industry when

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Allison MD3060 Transmission: Specs, Manual, Oil, Codes, Cost

One of the things you will find out is that the longer you own a vehicle, the harder it is to get parts. That is because manufacturers stop making parts after so many years. When they do that, parts are

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Girard Awning Adjustment and Troubleshooting (Repair Guide)

There are small adjustments you can make that will open or close the awning a little bit. For those adjustments, you will need an Allen wrench. The screws are marked with as + and a - so you know which

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Driveshaft Disconnect For Towing: Cost, Problems, Reviews

Most people may think that to tow their vehicle behind their RV all they have to do is put their car in neutral and release the brake. That is a natural and simple way of doing things. However, the driveshaft

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What Is SPN 5246 FMI 15 Code? (Cascadia, Volvo, Cat)

It seems that whoever made up this code system, decided to put a code for the codes. What that means is if you are driving under another code too far, this code will appear and tell you that you are in

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Is DIRECTV HR24 Discontinued? (DIRECTV HR24-500 Receiver)

For what it is worth, businesses make decisions that always affect their bottom line. While they may say they are your friends, business, like Direct TV, are only concerned about profit. That is why you

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Allison Transmission Fault Code SPN 2003 FMI 31

It seems that all Allison fault codes begin with a P. At least they do with the 1000 and 2000 series transmissions. This change makes it hard to find the real problem. One mechanic needed the MID number

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oL-70 Allison: What Does oL-70 Mean on Allison Transmission?

The old engines of the 20th century did not have error codes till later in the century. They were never needed as transmissions and engines were easier to fix and spot the problem. Sometimes one wishes

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Cummins 53 Block Guide: What Years, Recall, Failures, Review

Don’t be surprised if Cummins is not forthcoming about the 53 block it used to build. It was a travesty from the start and who n their right mind would acknowledge this issue? It was not a pretty picture

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RV Shocks Koni vs Bilstein: Best Shocks For Class A Motorhome

You get what you paid for. That has been the go-to mantra whenever someone compares two products. In this case, it may hold true as the more expensive shocks seem to be better than the cheaper ones. But

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How Long Do RV Shocks Last? (When To Replace RV Shocks)

It may not be the road that is causing all the rough and bumpy ride. It could be that your old shocks need to be replaced. You can tell when they need replacing by the continual up-and-down motion after

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Coachmen Wiring Diagrams: Catalina, Clipper, Leprechaun…

With Coachman owned by Forest River, you may have a difficult time tracking down the different wiring diagrams for your coach. That may be because Coachman or Forest River do not want DIY owners to work

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Dometic RV AC Freeze Sensor Location (Test and Install Guide)

When it comes to finding sensors, this can be somewhat of a guessing game. Many people will venture a guess as to a part’s location but really do not know where it is. Once you find it, like the AC freeze

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