Class C Over Cab Storage Ideas and How To Guide

When you do not have a family, the cab-over bunk makes for an excellent storage area. If no one is using it for sleeping, then use it to keep a variety of items out of your way and from clogging your other

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Toy Hauler Fuel Tank Replacement Guide (Adding Auxiliary Tank)

We know the reason. There are some Toy haulers and RV makers that put plastic gas tanks on their self-drive models. The reason they do this is because they can save a lot of money over using a proper metal

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List Of Flat Towable Cars Under 3000 lbs, 3500 lbs, 4000 lbs

As most RVers know, flat towing is where you hitch up your vehicle behind your RV and keep all 4 wheels on the pavement. However, not every car can be flat towed. While auto makers are making adjustments

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RV AC Hums But Won’t Turn On (Why and How To Fix It)

When you return from a very hot day of activities, the first thing you want to do is turn on the air conditioner and cool off. However, your AC unit has other plans and only hums when you turn it on. It

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List Of Gas Stations On Highway 50 in Nevada (What Towns?)

It is called the loneliest road. Even though Highway 50 has been known as the backbone of America, once it reaches Nevada its nickname changes to the loneliest road. The reason for the name change is that

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Gas Station Air Pump Deflating Tire (Why And How To Fix It)

It is called a common problem. Many RVers are reporting that they are experiencing deflation when they try to inflate their tires at a gas station air pump. It seems to happen to a lot of RV owners yet

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How to Check Hydraulic Fluid On RV (Adding Hydraulic Fluid)

It is like falling off a log. If you know how to check your power steering, brake, and other fluids, then you will know how to check your hydraulic fluid. Engine and system manufacturers know you need

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Is Pacific Pride Cheaper? (Pacific Pride Diesel Price)

It may sound like a good deal. No matter how high or low the fuel prices get, people are always looking to buy their diesel cheaper than anywhere else. That is why many RV owners with diesel engines look

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Duralast vs Interstate: Is Duralast or Interstate Better?

In most comparisons, you will find that the end result is always a matter of preference. Whether one battery is actually better than another is not the deciding factor. It is the experience one has with

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Does Lysol Kill Fruit Flies? (Does Lysol Keep Flies Away?)

When you buy fresh fruit, one of the things you can count on is that your kitchen suddenly becomes home to fruit flies. Even though they have a short lifespan, fruit flies can multiply very quickly. To

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Hydraulic Fluid For RV Jacks (What Type of Hydraulic Fluid)

This is a no-brainer. Hydraulic fluid for RV jacks is not that varied. That means that you can use just about any hydraulic fluid brand as long as it is compatible with the brand you have in your hydraulic

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Onan Generator Starter Solenoid Wiring, Location, Problems

It used to be that the starter and solenoid were two separate parts. But with modern technology leading the way, the parts makers have been able to combine the two and make it easier to fix or replace.

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Wen Generator Problems and Review (How Long Will It Last?)

When it comes to RV or portable generators, you have a lot of brands to choose from. Some brands are excellent while other brands are not so much. When you watch your bottom line, many RVers tend to buy

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I-40 Elevation Map: What Is The Highest Elevation On I-40?

As you already know, the odd-numbered interstate highways run North & South, while the even-numbered interstate highways run east and west. In many cases, the East-West highways have you driving through

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Cruiser RV Reviews: Is Cruiser RV a Good Brand? (Quality)

The RV industry is always open to those people with a better idea of how to build a top-quality RV or trailer. Unfortunately, the big boys of the RV manufacturers do not always like competition, and these

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How To Level a Camper Without Moving It (Leveling a Parked RV)

Not a nice problem to have. Most of your RV’s components need to be level to work right. If the trailer or self-drive RV is not level, then you may experience some food shortage as the fridge may notwork.

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List of Cruiser RV Problems, Complaints, and Solutions

Take everything with a grain of salt. No matter how well-built an RV is, you will always find some with more problems than models in the same class. There will always be something wrong with an RV, even

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Common RV Flex Armor Problems and Complaints (How To Avoid)

There are a lot of products that say they can keep your roof in top shape. However, not all of these products do as they claim. You don’t find out till after you applied the product. Flex Armor may not

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What If I Forgot To Winterize My Camper? (What Happens)

There is always a lot of talk on the different RV discussion forums about how important it is to winterize your RV or trailer. However, some people either forget or do not have any antifreeze to use. They

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CH751 Key Uses: What Does a CH751 Key Open?

The old skeleton keys were known for opening many different types of locks. It came in handy when the original key was lost. However, when it comes to the CH751 key, RV companies are just trying to save

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Fleetwood RV Battery Wiring: How Should RV Batteries Be Wired?

When it comes to RV life making sure you have power is essential. That means that you do need to know how to wire your RV batteries correctly. It is not hard and basic electronics but you would be surprised

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Does Lysol Spray Kill Dust Mites? (Scabies, Bird Mites)

Camping brings all sorts of unwanted visitors. When you are out in nature, do not be surprised to find little insects, dust mites, and other creatures joining in on your camping time. It pays to have a

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Finding a Concertone RV Stereo Replacement (Troubleshooting)

When it comes to replacing old or broken Concertone RV stereos, your replacement will depend on the model of Concertone radio you currently have. This may not be a universal fit and you will have to look

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3126 CAT Engine Life Expectancy: How Many Miles Is It Good For?

No engine is perfect no matter how long they last. However, with proper maintenance, you can get most diesel engines to last long past their predicted lifespan. It just takes due diligence on your part

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Hwy 82 New Mexico Road Conditions: Is US 82 RV Friendly?

Road maps only provide an idea. When you look at a road map you will only see different colored lines. These lines only present you with an idea of how the road will be once you are on it. Actual road

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Do You Leave Faucets Open After Winterizing? (Leave In Lines)

When you are new to RV life, ask any question you want. Knowledge is what will protect you when you are on the road and when you are winterizing, make sure to ask all the questions you have. The answers

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How To Install an RV Refrigerator Vent Fan (Muffin or Kits)

Things are not always the same with an RV appliance. That is because RVs have different needs and issues to meet and overcome. Venting your RV’s fridge is essential if you want it to work correctly.

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1999-2003 CAT 3126 Specs (Weight, Oil Pressure, Torque)

The CAT 3126 Engine has been around for quite some time. But you want to know the specs to make sure you are getting an engine that will not fail on you at the most critical moment. You need to make sure

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Lippert Leveling System Won’t Turn On (Touchpad Not Working)

One of the things you will notice when technology upgrades RV items is that there are more things that can go wrong. Doesn’t matter if it is jacks, leveling systems, or holding tanks, technology has

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Linear Series RV Stereo Manual, Troubleshooting, Replacement

There is more than one RV stereo system. That is good news for those owners who do not care for the other brands. You have a little choice after you purchase your RV and can pick the right stereo system

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Troubleshooting a Furrion RV Stereo (Manual, Bluetooth Pair)

It is an electrical device. Those words should clue you right in on what are the possible sources for any problem you are having with your Furrion stereo. There are only a few possible sources with these

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Finding a DC24MF Battery Replacement (Centennial Deep Cycle)

Batteries go by groups. This is the set-up for battery production and sales. When you are looking for a new battery, the group number is very important. It tells you a lot about the construction of the

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Predator 3500 Watt Inverter Generator Review (Is It Good?)

It does pay to read reviews as you get information from other people’s experiences with the same product. These reviews are not written in stone and only reflect preferences, opinions, and some experiences.

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How Much Oil Does a Predator 3500 Generator Take? (Guide)

When it comes to mechanical devices, there are always moving parts. Those moving parts are usually metal on metal. To make these devices work, including generators, you need to add oil. Without it, those

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How To Use Your RV Vent Fan (Fan Speed, Amp Draw, Cleaning)

One of the things about smaller RVs and trailers is that the air can get pretty stale inside. You need a good vent as well as a vent fan to make sure the air stays crisp, clean, and odor free. Something

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How To Break In a Generator Guide (Predator, Honda, Generac)

When you buy a new car you are told how to break in your new engine. You are not supposed to drive fast, carry heavy loads, and so on for the first few hundred miles. The same applies to generators. You

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Do RV Refrigerator Fans Work? (Find The Best RV Fridge Fan)

Fridges need fans to maintain the right level of temperature inside your fridge. They do a good job of it when they are not hampered by low power or a failing motor. When you want your food to stay fresh

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RV Ceiling Fan Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide and Tips)

Ceiling fans are decorative but only if they are operational. They do not look or do any good if they are not working. These are simple devices that do not take a lot to get them up and running again.

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Predator 3500 Fuel Capacity: How Much Gas Does It Hold?

Make sure you always get an owner’s manual when you buy generators or other mechanical or electric devices. These little booklets are a wealth of important information that will always help you when

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Motorcycle Wheel Chock For Toy Hauler Options (How To Secure)

When you own a toy hauler and want to bring your motorcycle along for the ride, it is normal to use tire chocks. But if you install these chocks, you are stuck with an immovable object in the middle of

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Best Omnidirectional RV TV Antenna (Winegard, King, Jensen)

When you go on an RV vacation it can be a little difficult keeping up with new episodes of your favorite shows. That is because you need to install a good television antenna to pick up broadcast signals.

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How To Load a Motorcycle On a Trailer (Toy Hauler Unload)

One of the toys RVers like to bring on their RV vacations is their motorcycle(s). They are handy to have along as they use up little gas and do not need large parking spaces when you are in town. Loading

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Are- Travel-Trailer-Tires-Different-(Ply,-Types,-Load-Range)

Are Travel Trailer Tires Different? (Ply, Types, Load Range)

When you buy a trailer for the first time, you may be surprised to hear that they cannot use just any old tire. There are different categories for tires depending on the purpose of the tire. You have to

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12-Volt RV Ceiling Fan Buying Guide (Best RV Ceiling Fans)

When you want to install one in your RV or trailer, it will take some time to find the best of the best. Ceiling fan makers do make 12-volt models for RVs and trailers. They are not as large as the regular

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How To Install RV Roof Vent Fan (Replace Fan Blade or Motor)

This is a project that is not meant for beginners or people who do not know what they are doing. While it is a fairly straight forward project, it does require tool skills as well as a lot of patience.

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How To Install a Ceiling Fan In an RV (Wattage, How To Hang)

One of the keys to this project will be picking the right ceiling fan whose design fits the space as well as the decor. Having clashing items in your interior is not going to make the space very relaxing

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How To Fix an RV Fridge Fan Not Working (Dometic, Everchill)

When it comes to electrical devices, you do not have to look over a long list of potential sources for any given problem. The list gets even shorter when the problem is a component inside the electrical

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Forest River RV TV Antenna: Why Is My Antenna Not Working?

It seems that the TV antennas that RV makers place on the roofs of their models are not the best of the lot. These TV antennas while advertised as the next best thing, often break down with little notice

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Tank Capacity: How Much Water Does an RV Hot Water Tank Hold?

Because of the lack of space in an RV or trailer, you will find that the water capacity of your water heater may not rival your traditional home water heater’s capacity. Learning to conserve is vital

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Forest River Water Heater Operation Guide (How To Turn On)

RV makers rarely build their own components. They buy them in large quantities to help cut their costs. One of those large purchases is water heaters. Forest River seems to be a majority of Suburban water

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No Power In Camper Except Microwave (Plugged In But No Power)

Electrical problems have the same sources. If there is anything that is consistent in the RV life, it is that all electrical problems have the same sources. You only have to make one checklist to cover

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Blackstone Regulator Reset (Fixing Regulator Problems)

It may not be the propane. Sometimes when you do not get the right flame level, you think you are out of propane. However, not all flame issues start with propane. Sometimes the sources can be found in

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Everchill RV Refrigerator Light Blinking: Why and How To Fix

Many people buy RVs to have fewer worries and more fun in their golden years. However, not all components go along with this dream. One of those appliances will be your fridge and freezer combination.

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ShowerMiser RV Water Saving System (Install and Use Guide)

When you are camping it is always a priority to save water. You have a limited supply when boondocking so every drop counts. When connected to city water, you want to keep your gray water tank from filling

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What Is a King Jack Attenuator? (King Jack Antenna Guide)

There are plenty of RV owners who have no interest in the technical side of their TV system. That is okay as there are plenty of technicians available to help you out when you have a problem with the attenuator.What

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Champion vs Honda Generator: Are Champion Generators Any Good?

It seems that Champion generators are getting a boost in the generator rankings. Some owners place them at #2 behind Honda. Others may place them at #3. But Honda remains the gold standard and the generator

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Forest River RV Hot Water Heater Not Working (Troubleshooting)

Hot water is one of those features that help make life a little easier to live. When you have a working water heater life in an RV or trailer is not so bad. But when that water heater stops working, then

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How To Touch Up Paint an RV (RV Touch Up Paint Options)

Rocks, pebbles, and debris. All of these items can ruin a great RV paint job. These items have an easy task to do as all they have to do is hit the side of the RV and their work is done. Repairing the

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How Do I Get Better TV Reception? RV Antenna Not Picking Up

When you are parked under the stars or in a campground, those quiet, peaceful nights can get fairly long. One way to shorten them is to watch television. However, not every RV TV antenna or location allows

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No Boundaries Camper Problems and Review (Price, Interior)

In the RV industry, there is always someone trying to learn from the mistakes of other RV makers. They think they can build the perfect RV that doesn’t have problems. Unfortunately, they are always wrong.

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How To Tell If Your RV Power Converter Is Bad (Symptoms)

In an RV or trailer, you have two different electrical systems. Some features and appliances are fine running off of 30 or 50-amp 120 service, but not everything can use that power. You need a power converter

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Best Driving Route From Massachusetts to Florida (RV, Scenic)

This is a very complicated area to navigate due to the many large metropolises in the region. Finding the best routes can be difficult as there are a lot of interstates you can take, as well as many different

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Forest River RV Power Converter Location (Fleetwood and More)

It is a treasure hunt. RV makers like to hide different components, and the same brand may not have the converter in the same location. The actual location can vary depending on how the company wires the

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17 RV Adjustable Bed Options (DIY, Air, Zero Clearance, More)

Many RV owners have installed adjustable beds in their traditional homes. They find that the regular RV beds are not as comfortable as those ‘back home’ adjustable beds. Once they make that realization,

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How To Take 120v Off a 240v Circuit (120v Outlet On a 240v)

Many people get some bright ideas when they want to wire some new device while trying to save some money at the same time. These bright ideas may be creative, but they also may be dangerous as well as

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Dometic 9100 Power Awning Spring Tension Adjustment (Guide)

Awnings on your RV and trailer are great. Not only do they provide shade from the sun, and protection against rain, but they also add to your living space. Yet, when something goes wrong, adjusting them

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Are Winda Trailer Tires Any Good? (Winda Trailer Tires Review)

When you travel full-time, you want to have long-lasting and great tires on your trailer. Not just any brand will do, and if you have to pay more, it is worth the expense to get the extra safety features

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Are Gremax Trailer Tires Good? (Gremax Trailer Tires Review)

While it is easy to get lost in the myriad of tire brands made for American vehicles, not all companies target the American tire market. Some target the European market and build their tires according

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Are Goodride Tires Any Good? (Goodride Trailer Tires Review)

Watch out for the name. This is an old Chinese or Far East trick that even the Japanese employed after World War 2. The different manufacturing companies created names similar to top Western brands. China

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Are Kenda Trailer Tires Good? (Kenda Trailer Tires Review)

Kenda Tires seem to have been on the market for 20+ years now. That is one sign that the tire brand may be above average and made with top-quality construction materials. Owner experience will say a lot

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Are Maxxis Tires Any Good? (Maxxis Trailer Tires Review)

Just don't get confused. Maxxis is the second Taiwanese tire company that started out making bicycle tires in the 1960s. When you research this company’s tires, just make sure you are reading about

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Are Carlisle Trailer Tires Good? (Carlisle Tires Reviews)

Not all tires made in China are China bombs. Many top tire companies have their tire products manufactured in this country due to lower costs and regulations. But they do not leave the production to the

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Free Country Trailer Tires Review (Are They Any Good?)

When you go shopping, you may be overwhelmed by the many no-name tire brands you have never heard of. Finding the best one for your driving situation may not be easy as most will not make the top best

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RV Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric (How To Replace)

Even slide-outs can get hot and transfer heat inside your RV or trailer. That makes your air conditioner work harder throughout the day. A good slide-out awning helps your AC unit last longer and work

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Dometic 9100 Power Awning Parts Diagram and List

Every DIY person likes to use a parts diagram as well as a parts list. It just saves money and makes the task of repairing your 9100 awning a lot easier. Sometimes those parts diagrams and lists are found

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Can You Use Wall Anchors In RV Walls? (Best RV Wall Anchors)

The walls are very thin. To save on weight and space, RV makers do not put very thick walls in most of their RV and trailer models. When you want your RV to look like home, this can create a problem if

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Is a Rusty Drive Shaft a Problem? (How To Clean or Paint)

Most drivers rarely think about their drive shaft. That is until something goes wrong with it. Rust is a silent enemy of any vehicle and it will affect your driveshaft if the latter has not been properly

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Prime Time Crusader Problems and Reviews (Is It a Good RV?)

Keep in mind. When we discuss the different problems that come with the Prime Time Crusader RV, these problems may not be company-wide but individually based. You may get a lemon or you may not.Some of

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How To Block Up a Fifth Wheel (Stop Fifth Wheel From Shaking)

It is easy, just time consuming. When you want your trailer to stop shaking, you just have to add some blocks in some key spots. The important thing NOT to do is to not take the weight off the wheels.

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Freightliner OPT Switch Guide: What Does OPT Mean In a Truck?

You will get many explanations. The problem with acronyms and abbreviations is that so many meanings are attached to the same few letters. That can leave some owners confused and trying to come up with

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Why Is My RV Slide Out Tilting? (Tilt Adjustment Guide)

When people extend their RV slides for the first time, the process may not look encouraging. Depending on the type of mechanism, many slides can look like they are going to fall off the RV when they reach

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Finding-Authorized-Forest-River-Service-Center-(Warranty) (2)

Finding Authorized Forest River Service Center (Warranty)

While Forest River does not sell parts or send out diagrams for its RVs, they do have a lot of service centers in both the United States and Canada. However, some models can only be serviced in specific

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Finding Replacement RV Low Point Drain Caps (What Size?)

The purpose of the low point drains is to make sure you can empty your RV of water. Not just the water in your tanks but also in your water lines, and pipes. These drains are at the lowest point for your

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Fleetwood RV Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

It is not hard to find different parts through the company website. Just keep in mind that Fleetwood is no longer an independent company and is owned by REV Group.The best place to look for a parts catalog

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Forest River RV Electrical Problems (Helpful Guide)

The internet can be very helpful when you have an RV problem. However, for every one or two very helpful sites you may run into 5 or 6 that are not doing anything to solve the problem you face. You have

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RV Water Manifold Guide: What Is, Parts, Advantages

These can be a good idea. Water manifold systems may vary but one good aspect of these newer upgrades is it is easier to work on water problems. The different lines are connected to the water manifold

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Cherokee Total Control Panel App and Manual (Helpful Guide)

Since 2019 Forest River Cherokee Group has adopted the LCI OneControl technology. It is being marketed and installed as the Cherokee Total Control App and will have a brand new interface for 2020. However,

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Keystone-Forest River RV Control Panel (Upgrade Replacement)

There are two types of control panels. Those that are older and those that are better. The former control panels had very few components it controlled while the latter and newer models control just about

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Dometic RV Awning Switch Wiring Diagram and Parts List

When you have owned your awning for some time, you may find that when the old switch wears out the replacement is wired differently. This can cause some confusion and you may need to have a skilled technician

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6.7 Cummins Grid Heater Problems (Bolt Failure and Fix)

Watch out for the hype. There is a guy on YouTube that is making a lot of money hyping this problem and his solutions to it. He may be overstating the situation to make money. It is best to get your information

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Finding RV Salvage Yards Kentucky (RV Junkyards in Kentucky)

A needle in a haystack. That is what this quest seems to parallel. Kentucky may be a good place to go as a tourist with working RVs. But it is not a good place to go when you are looking for used parts

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Norcold RV Refrigerator Control Panel (Dometic, Nordic)

There are some RV owners and technicians that feel that this is a part that does not need to be added to any fridge brand or model. But like it or not, the control panel on your RV fridge is here to stay.

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Dometic Refrigerator Fuse Location (Norcold, Furrion)

It is a small part, but it plays a very important role in electronic appliance operations. The trouble with fuses is that they can be located in some very interesting yet hidden areas of your fridge. Finding

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RV Paint Code Location (Fleetwood, Keystone, Forest River)

They are codes. What that means is that you may not understand them when you find them. Plus, these codes may not be correct which would mean you would be getting the wrong shade or the wrong color. Help

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RV Scrap Price: How Much Is a Camper Trailer Worth In Scrap?

You have spent tens of thousands of dollars buying your nice new RV. Then when you can’t give it away or sell it as is, you will be disappointed that the money you get may not buy lunch for you and your

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Finding RV Salvage Yards Michigan (RV Junkyards in Michigan)

When you need a hard-to-get part, searching the different junkyards near you is smart. But not everyone leaves those places with the treasure they went to find. It is hit-and-miss when it comes to finding

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Coachmen RV Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

Coachman is owned by Forest River and this company will follow the latter when it comes to advertising parts. Do not expect to find an official list any time soon.Coachman does not make a parts list or

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RV Catalytic Converter Scrap Value (Winnebago, Ford)

It is all about value. Unfortunately, scrap prices change every day so getting a long-term price quote is not possible. The value of your RV catalytic converter is not going to be higher than a car’s

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Finding RV Salvage Yards Texas (RV Junkyards in Texas)

One thing about the RV industry, many models and brands will not run out of parts. Not only because millions of RVs have been made but because RV salvage yards exist all over the country, including in

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Entegra Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

Entegra is owned by Jayco who is owned by Thor. The parts availability most likely will be a head office decision and that means Thor will make the call. There was a time when Entegra owners could order

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