Finding RV Salvage Yards Florida (RV Junkyards in Florida)

If you do not want to pay the high cost for new parts, the salvage yards may be the way to go. Often those parts are near new as people have unforeseen accidents that total their RVs or trailers. At least

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What Year Did Ford Fix the Spark Plug Problem V10? (Triton)

There are many mechanical reasons for these issues but one of the most damaging would be word of mouth. Once someone has a problem it is spread all over the internet sometimes blowing the issue out of

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Waze-Google Maps Low Clearance: How Do You Avoid Low Bridges?

No one wants to hit a low bridge. Not only is it embarrassing but you also create a lot of damage that your insurance company may not pay for. Be like a Boy Scout and be prepared for whatever comes your

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Air Shocks Vs Air Bags For Towing: Which Is Better? (Guide)

Some people may get airbags confused with air shocks as the word air is in both names. Plus, they have the same purpose. These two products help make your ride a little smoother but one is not as good

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VRBO Vs RV: Should You Buy an RV or Stay in VRBOs or Hotels?

It may just be preferences. When you are considering buying an RV vs. Staying in a hotel or VRBO rental situation, your decision may boil down to if you want to sleep in your own bed or not. There are

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Credit Union Repo RV: Where to Buy Repossessed Motorhomes

One good place to search for cheaper motor homes is financial institutions. They have financed the purchase of these RVs, etc., and now they only want their money back. But that does not mean the repos

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Aluminum Trailer Roof Sealant Repair: How to Seal or Patch

Even aluminum doesn’t last forever. This is a good metal hat that does last a long time. However, even its light frame will get pin holes and other issues after some time in the sun. If you can’t afford

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RV Steps For Elderly: How Do You Make RV Steps Safer? (Ramp)

It is the way of life. As you age, you will find it harder to navigate simple things like steps. Your body just can’t lift your feet as high as you used to and that can cause problems when you are trying

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Crossing State Lines With Firewood (Is It Legal? TX, MA, CA)

Everyone may think it is okay. When campgrounds and governments place restrictions on simple things like firewood, it may not seem like a logical step. But they are more aware of the potential problems

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Jeep Liberty Flat Tow: Can You Flat Tow a Jeep Liberty 4×4?

Many newbies often see RVers flat towing a Jeep vehicle. The newbies may not be up to speed on what vehicles can or can’t be flat towed. Making sure they have the right answer is one way to build the

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