RV Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric (How To Replace)

Even slide-outs can get hot and transfer heat inside your RV or trailer. That makes your air conditioner work harder throughout the day. A good slide-out awning helps your AC unit last longer and work less while producing the same result.

The fabric for these replacement awnings is top-quality and you should be able to find them anywhere you look. In most cases, depending on length and width, they are very reasonably priced. Most RV parts & accessories outlets should carry this fabric.

To learn more about this topic and where to find this fabric, just continue to read our article. It contains the information you want to know about so you can keep your slide-out nice and cool. The added benefit is that your AC unit lasts longer

How Much Does It Cost To Have an RV Slide-Out Awning Replaced?


The usual answer is it depends and in this case that is the best answer. You will find that the price will depend on the width, the quality of the fabric, and who is selling it.

For example, rvawningsmart.com is selling 3 widths, 110 inches, 154 inches, & 198 inches, between $65 and $75. This company also provides you with a selection of colors.

This seems to be a reasonable price as at Amazon the prices of slide-out replacement fabric are similar. The replacement fabric starts at $60 approx. But goes a little more expensive as the cost can reach almost $200.

But again, the price will depend on the construction materials, their quality, and who makes it. Amazon gives you the benefit of access to a variety of brands so you can get the brand you want.

RVworkshop.com has replacement fabric starting at $141.00 approx and going to $213.00 approx. To get the best price, you will need to do a little shopping around. It may be that your local outlets may have the best price over the internet costs.

Know the size of fabric you will need and if you can’t find one in the exact same size, it is said you should either get as close to the exact size or go larger.

How do You Measure a Slide-Out Awning For Replacement?


The following information is taken from the Lippert website and it is very good information:

The first thing you need to do is remember that awning and replacement fabric are used interchangeably. But when it comes to ordering fabric, you cannot say the word awning because you will be given an awning with all the parts and installation instructions.

You need to use the term replacement fabric when ordering to just get the fabric. The second thing you need to do is find the slide-out flange. This is the part that hangs off the edge of the frame and it is also called the T-molding or trim.

Once you find the flange, you measure from flange to flange and not wall to wall. We cannot stress this enough, only measure from flange to flange if you want the correct fabric size.

When you place the tape measure lip on the flange, make sure you go from the outside edge to the other outside edge on the opposite flange. This measurement will give you the width OF THE FABRIC not the width of the awning.

Finding RV Slide-Out Awning Replacement Fabric


We have already provided 3 sources for this task and a fourth would be toughtopawnings.com and they may be on the more expensive side of this task. There are a lot more of these companies that advertise on the Internet.

You should not have any difficulty in finding a company that is close to you and offers replacement fabrics at a reasonable cost. A good local internet search should do the trick.

Even e-trailer has replacement fabric on sale so you know that this is an easy task to do. The key is to find the replacement fabric in the color that matches your RV or trailer.

In some outlets, we saw that the color selection was quite limited so be prepared to shop around for the right color of fabric. Also, plan your budget to make sure you can buy the best quality fabric so you do not have to do this task any time soon.

Then be careful as awning fabric can easily be damaged through no fault of your own. Watch how you extend and retract those slides so you do not have an accident and the new fabric is torn up before you get to enjoy it for very long.

RV Slide-Out Awning 156 x 42 Fabric Replacement White


This is a doable measurement and the rvworkshop.com outlet has this exact size. You may not like the price as it is almost $200. The actual price is $195.02 + shipping if it is added to the price.

We say that as there is a USPS shipping price for Alaska, Canada, and Australia but not for the other 48 states listed. There is a caveat when you order online and have to wait for shipping. This company says:

Awning products are costly to ship and can be damaged in shipping. For that reason, they may be returned in the original packaging for credit or refund for defects or damage only. The shipping cost and our processing fee is non-refundable. Do not accept damaged items tell the carrier immediately or call RVWorkShop at 610 751 4918”

You have to click to agree before finishing the sale. Other companies may have the same caveat. The rvawningsmart.com seems to only sell replacement fabric in 3 sizes and 154 inches would be the closest to the measurement above.

If you want exact matches, then you would have to move on to another store even though the price is right for this company’s products. We checked Amazon and their vendors did not list their awning fabric in inches. They went with feet instead so you may have to do a little math to get a fabric close to those measurements above.

RV Slide-Out Black Awning Replacement Fabric


This seems to be one of the standard colors you can buy. E-trailer and other outlets offer their replacement fabric in this color as well as white and a few other options.

The color options you have will depend on the seller as one company offers white, black, green, tan, blue, and gray. While another company only offers white, tan, black, gray medium, and gray light.

Finding a black awning color does not seem to be an abnormal quest and you should be able to find them at reasonable prices since black is a standard color. The companies we checked did not seem to charge more for black fabric.

Lippert only sells replacement fabric in black or white and they say that black absorbs heat more than white. That means your camping location may determine which color you buy.

How To Replace RV Slide-Out Awning Fabric


There are a few steps involved in this process. The first tip that has been mentioned is that if this is your first time, it is a good idea to remove the awning from your RV before changing the fabric. This just makes the process a little easier.

Step one, after you have made your measurement and picked up your fabric, you need to loosen the awning bolts. Before you do that, you need to extend the awning about 1 foot.

Then there are four bolts on the top of the arms and two screws in the fabric channel that need to be loosened. The bottom arms also need to be loosened. The bolts are equally distributed between each side.

Step two, you remove the old awning fabric. You may have to walk the awning away from your RV so be careful you do not damage your unit as you do this. Step three is to remove the arm while step 4 has you releasing the tension.

In step five, you need to remove the cap and the spring assembly, and in step six, you remove the old fabric. Step seven is reversing your steps and installing the new fabric and in the final step, you put everything back together again and reattach the awning to your RV.

If you want more details then click this link. Other awning brands may have different steps for you to follow. If you are not a DIY person, then make sure to have experienced help in this project.

Some Additional Words

Finding replacement awning fabric at a price you want to pay is not going to be that difficult. Since there are so many RVs and trailers that use awnings, this is an RV industry that is going to be strong for many years to come.

That means you should be able to find replacement awning fabric just about anywhere RV accessories are sold. The key is to make sure you can install the fabric correctly.

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