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Dometic Optional Heat Kit (RV AC Optional Heat Guide)

Some Dometic air conditioners are designed to both cool your RV and heat it. But the heat function may not be included in your purchase. That may be an extra part or two you will have to buy separately

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Adding a Second AC Unit (RV Pre-Wired For Air Conditioner)

It can be done. However, you may find that electricity may be in short supply when you add a second AC unit to your RV or trailer. Adding a second AC unit will depend on what your RV or trailer is wired

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15000 BTU AC Wattage: How Many Watts Does a 15000 BTU AC Use?

This is very important when you are hooking up to shore power, starting your generator and when using solar or battery power. How much each appliance or feature uses determines which ones you can use at

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18000 BTU RV Air Conditioner: How Many Sq Ft And Generator

Some owners have not heard of a rooftop 18,000 BTU AC unit for an RV. That may be because the units we saw were all window installed. They can cover a large area but given the number of walls inside an

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Soft Start vs Easy Start: Which is Better? (Differences)

In those no shore power situations, the weather can still get hot. However, your generator is not powerful enough to start your AC unit. To get cool, you need to adapt your AC unit to start even when the

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13500 BTU vs 15000 BTU: Differences Between 13500 And 15000

Trying to stay cool... It is a struggle to stay cool at times when the temperatures reach 110 degrees F. But a more powerful AC unit can help with that struggle. They do not use that much more power but

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2 AC Units On 30 Amp: Can You Run RV AC On 30 Amp? (Guide)

While you may think you have the power to run just about everything in your RV, etc. That is not the case. There is only so much power available and once you cross that threshold you will blow a breaker

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Coleman Mach RV Basement Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

No matter the name or location. An air conditioner is an air conditioner. Whether it is placed in an RV or a home, the air conditioner works on the same principles and has similar parts. That means that

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Replacing Carrier RV AC Capacitor (12/40 UF, LR 79596)

Manufacturers do upgrades all the time. They are always looking for a more efficient method to power their products. What this upgrade work does is make former parts harder to find. It seems that is one

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Motorhome Blowing Particles Out Of Vent (How To Clean Vents)

Once you think that you got all the problems worked out, along comes another one. This new issue may have you wondering how snow got inside your RV and why it is not melting right away. It may take you

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