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Airxcel 48000 Series Troubleshooting (RV AC Not Cooling)

When it is hot, it is hot. One of the reasons you have an air conditioner in your RV is that those vehicles and trailers can get very hot. They do not have adequate insulation and the hot air finds a way

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RV AC Water Runoff: Why Is My RV AC Dripping Water Outside?

This is not always a problem. When you notice that your RV AC unit is leaking water, this may be a normal function. It takes place on cars and trucks every time you use the AC unit. AC units help remove

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RV AC Hums But Won’t Turn On (Why and How To Fix It)

When you return from a very hot day of activities, the first thing you want to do is turn on the air conditioner and cool off. However, your AC unit has other plans and only hums when you turn it on. It

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Airxcel Thermostat Reset, Operation, Manual (Helpful Guide)

When a device is not working, the usual solution is to take the time to reset it. In some cases, like computers, all you need to do is shut the device off and start it up again. It may work for thermostats

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Dometic AC Control Board Troubleshooting, Wiring, Replacement

When you are having trouble with your Dometic AC control board, the problem may lie with the control board or it may lie with some other part. It can be expensive and confusing to try and fix this issue

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Airxcel Thermostat Troubleshooting and Wiring Diagram (Guide)

Keeping your RV warm or cool is not a difficult task to do when your thermostats or heating/AC units are working like a charm. Just punch in the desired temperature and the system takes care of the rest.

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Replacing a WSX-5ACM Motor Starter (AC Start Capacitor)

With all the different upgrades taking place, different parts are getting harder to find. The reason for that is that manufacturers have made upgrades to their products replacing the older versions. The

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Dometic RV AC Freeze Sensor Location (Test and Install Guide)

When it comes to finding sensors, this can be somewhat of a guessing game. Many people will venture a guess as to a part’s location but really do not know where it is. Once you find it, like the AC freeze

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How Do I Fix My E4 Code on Dometic AC? (Thermostat E4 Code)

There is a sensor for everything. Once modern technology got involved, electronic devices got far more complicated than they should be. In many cases, there is nothing wrong with the device. It is usually

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Troubleshooting Dometic 3 Button Thermostat Problems (Guide)

When resetting doesn’t work. Resetting the 3-button thermostat is one way to cure many minor ills. But sometimes the problems go deeper than that and resetting just won’t work. That is the time you

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How To Change a Dometic Thermostat From Celsius to Fahrenheit

Not everyone likes Celsius. While 7/8ths of the world uses the metric system including telling the temperature, not everyone likes that system. It can be confusing especially if you do not know how to

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RV AC Not Blowing Hard: How To Increase The Airflow In an RV

You need your cool air. There are many parts of the country that get extremely hot in the summer time. Then when the Indian summer extends that heat wave, you really look forward to having air conditioning

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Houghton Air Conditioner Problems, Reviews, Manual, Errors

It may be a great air conditioner. However, if this brand is not certified for RV use in Canada and the US, then Escape or other RV companies cannot install it in their models. This was proven true with

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Why Does My RV Air Conditioner Smell Musty? (How To Remove)

It may or may not be mold or mildew. Sometimes different odors all smell the same. The go-to culprit is usually mold or mildew but that is not always the case. It could be a normal odor coming from your

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What Does E1 Code Mean On a Dometic Thermostat? (How To Fix)

The more things change and get upgraded, the more complicated the device can become. What used to be a simple fix, may take skilled fingers, a trained mind, and lots of references to get the job done right.

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How To Run AC Without Electricity (RV AC Without Generator)

It is virtually impossible to run any electrical device without some form of electricity. There has to be some form of electrical power to run AC units, etc., However, the electricity can come from solar,

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A/C Fishy Smell Coming From Vents (Why And How To Fix It)

It is not due to cooking fish. This may be a surprise to some people. That fishy smell you get from the vents is not from your wife making you a nice fish dinner. There is another source for it and it

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Duo Therm Thermostat Wiring Diagram (How To Wire a Duo Therm)

It may be an upgrade and nicer to have a modern thermostat running your AC unit, etc., but sometimes the new thermostats do not work with old wiring. Sometimes you just have to replace an old thermostat

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Dometic Optional Heat Kit (RV AC Optional Heat Guide)

Some Dometic air conditioners are designed to both cool your RV and heat it. But the heat function may not be included in your purchase. That may be an extra part or two you will have to buy separately

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Adding a Second AC Unit (RV Pre-Wired For Air Conditioner)

It can be done. However, you may find that electricity may be in short supply when you add a second AC unit to your RV or trailer. Adding a second AC unit will depend on what your RV or trailer is wired

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15000 BTU AC Wattage: How Many Watts Does a 15000 BTU AC Use?

This is very important when you are hooking up to shore power, starting your generator and when using solar or battery power. How much each appliance or feature uses determines which ones you can use at

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18000 BTU RV Air Conditioner: How Many Sq Ft And Generator

Some owners have not heard of a rooftop 18,000 BTU AC unit for an RV. That may be because the units we saw were all window installed. They can cover a large area but given the number of walls inside an

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Soft Start vs Easy Start: Which is Better? (Differences)

In those no shore power situations, the weather can still get hot. However, your generator is not powerful enough to start your AC unit. To get cool, you need to adapt your AC unit to start even when the

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13500 BTU vs 15000 BTU: Differences Between 13500 And 15000

Trying to stay cool... It is a struggle to stay cool at times when the temperatures reach 110 degrees F. But a more powerful AC unit can help with that struggle. They do not use that much more power but

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2 AC Units On 30 Amp: Can You Run RV AC On 30 Amp? (Guide)

While you may think you have the power to run just about everything in your RV, etc. That is not the case. There is only so much power available and once you cross that threshold you will blow a breaker

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Coleman Mach RV Basement Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

No matter the name or location. An air conditioner is an air conditioner. Whether it is placed in an RV or a home, the air conditioner works on the same principles and has similar parts. That means that

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Replacing Carrier RV AC Capacitor (12/40 UF, LR 79596)

Manufacturers do upgrades all the time. They are always looking for a more efficient method to power their products. What this upgrade work does is make former parts harder to find. It seems that is one

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Motorhome Blowing Particles Out Of Vent (How To Clean Vents)

Once you think that you got all the problems worked out, along comes another one. This new issue may have you wondering how snow got inside your RV and why it is not melting right away. It may take you

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How Do You Use an RVComfort.ZC Thermostat? (Manual Download)

When you do not have the manual. This usually happens when you buy used. When the manuals are missing, you are left with figuring out how to run different features through trial and error. It can be a

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AC Troubleshooting: Coleman Mach Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Almost every RV and trailer comes with some sort of AC unit that helps keep you cool during hot days and nights. Unfortunately, these units do not always last for years and years. When they break down,

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The Coleman TSR Air Conditioner (Mach, Specs, Parts, Manual)

Some people have a hard time finding out information about the Coleman TSR Air Conditioner. The reason for that is because it may be listed under the Mach 3 name and not the TSR label The company may not

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RV Mini Split: 6 Best Options and How to Install Guide

When you are in your RV, the heat of the day can wreak havoc on your interior comfort. That is if you do not get to find a nice shady spot. Staying cool under these conditions means either opening a window

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Portable AC For RV: How To Vent a Portable AC in RV (Guide)

The difficulty in venting a portable AC depends on the material your RV is made from. Getting cool on those rare days the temperatures spike may not be as simple as plugging in an AC unit and turning it

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How Many Solar Panels To Power a Window Air Conditioner?

To make the calculations and come up with the answer, all you need is a few math skills and the problem is solved. Then you need to figure out if your budget can handle purchasing the number of solar panels

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13500-RV-AC-How-Many-Amps-on-a-13500-BTU -Air-Conditioner

13500 RV AC: How Many Amps on a 13500 BTU Air Conditioner

Keeping your cool is not free. You will have to pay something for you to remain cool when the temperatures rise. Many times that cost comes in amp usage and you need to know how much power you will use

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R12 vs Freeze 12: Is Freeze 12 Compatible With 134A?

I know a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy and he said... This is what you get many times over when you try to get information on different products. It can be frustrating as there are so many contrary

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RV Mini AC Options (5000 BTU RV Roof Air Conditioner)

Less power, more economical seems to be the trend with many RV owners these days. They want to cut their power expenses, so they replace larger AC units with smaller ones. They use less power and have

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RV AC Duct Flow: How To Clean, Repair, And Boost AC Duct

When it gets hot out, you want the best AC coverage you can get. Most RVs are well equipped with good AC systems and ducts that make sure you keep your cool when the weather outside is not keeping its

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Dometic Thermostat Replacement: Can I Replace My RV Thermostat?

The problem with the digital age is that when digital products go awry, then it is difficult to get them repaired or it is expensive to do so. The replacement may seem like a great option but either that

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What Is The E7 Code On a Dometic Thermostat? Fixing E7 Error

Error codes can cause you some grief, especially when you either do not understand them or know how to fix the problem. Almost every modern piece of electronic equipment now has error codes that need to

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Dometic Duo-Therm Thermostat Reset and Troubleshooting

Not everything will work right. That is just the way it is and to get those RV items fixed properly, you need to look at the simple solutions first. Then move on to the more expensive and complicated sources.

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Dometic RV Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air (How to Fix)

When you live in a box on wheels, you come to the realization that air conditioning is very important. Staying cool on those hot days means more to you than a great dinner at a fancy restaurant. RV maintenance

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Can You Use a Humidifier in an RV

It's a discussion that won't go away. The reason for that is because the weather patterns throughout the country are not the same. What will work in one part of the country will not work in another so

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Why Does My RV AC Smell Like Rotten Eggs? (Sewer, Mold)

No matter what you own you want it to be just right or as we normally say, perfect. Try as we might, things do not always obtain that perfect status. Sometimes an odd odor can ruin your day and you need

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RV AC Fan Not Working: Easy Fix For 9 Common Problems

AC helps you keep your cool. But if the AC fan in your RV does not work right you may lose your cool. The fan is one of the more important parts in your RV AC unit. Keeping it maintained will save you

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RV Propane AC: Does an RV Air Conditioner Run on Propane?

One way some people come up with is to substitute propane for electricity. They do not want to spend a lot of money powering their RV air conditioning unit. They are looking for good viable alternatives

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How to Keep Your RV AC From Freezing Up (Helpful Guide)

For most of the time you use your RV the air conditioner works well. You get lots of cool air, you are comfortable and you get a break from the heat. Life couldn’t get any better. Then your air conditioner

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How to Recharge an RV Air Conditioner: Helpful Guide + Tips

RVs are a good vacation option. They help you bring a little of your home with you when you leave your home. They have extra room, home necessities and of course, a little air conditioning. Air conditioning

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RV AC Ducted vs Non-Ducted: Differences and Comparison

There are two types of air conditioning systems in RVs and they do the same job. Comparisons will always be made and people will take one side or the other. They will also disagree on which one is bestRV

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How to Clean or Replace an RV Air Conditioner Filter

The outside air is not always as pure as it could be. That is why you need filters on your RV air conditioners. These filters block a lot of harmful elements flying through the air. You need a good filter

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Life Expectancy: How Long Does an RV Air Conditioner Last?

You can travel without living leaving the benefits of home behind. Plus, you can save money on eating, sleeping as well as you do not have to share the facilities with strangers. RVs are a good way to

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How to Make Your RV Air Conditioner Quieter: 6 Helpful Tips

One of the reasons you go on vacation to the great outdoors is to get away from the noise of your city. It is peaceful and calm in nature and you enjoy those moments where there is no noise bothering

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Running RV AC on batteries: Can You Run an RV AC on Battery?

Not all campgrounds that allow RVs have electrical hook ups. That means you need to bring an alternative power source with you if you want to run the features included in your RV. Generators work well

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