How to Keep Your RV AC From Freezing Up (Helpful Guide)

For most of the time you use your RV the air conditioner works well. You get lots of cool air, you are comfortable and you get a break from the heat. Life couldn’t get any better. Then your air conditioner takes a break.

How to Keep Your RV AC From Freezing Up: You have done your maintenance and your air conditioner still freezes up. The cause for this is that the freeze control dial may be set at the wrong level. A quick flip of the dial will get your air conditioner back on track.

This is the simplest solution to a very common problem.To find other fixes for when your RV AC unit freezes up, just continue to read our guide. It is filled with helpful information to keep you cool every time you are in your RV.

What Makes an RV Air Conditioner Freeze Up

There are several problems that can cause your RV’s air conditioner to freeze up and stop working. The first is that the air flow has somehow been lowered. This could be due to a dirty air filter.

You could replace the air filter and in a majority of cases this may all you need to do. In those other times, you may have to clean the coils as well. Another problem is that the coolant level has leaked out and the supply is too low.

In some cases you can add more coolant and bring the levels back up again. In other cases you may need to install bullet valves to get the coolant inside. Other problems include high humidity levels. Too much moisture will freeze your AC.

Dirty condenser and evaporator coils, a bad thermostat and a short circuit in your control board may also be the culprits. To solve these problems may take some cleaning and replacing bad parts.

RV ac Evaporator Coil Freezing Up

It is the evaporator coils that are responsible for cooling the hot air in your RV. When these become dirty, gather lint, or lots of dust gets on them, they stop working or they can freeze.

When this situation arises, you will need to remove the inside cover of your air conditioner and start cleaning. Using a brush with good bristles is the best way to get those coils clean.

Once you have finished cleaning, run the air conditioner on high. If you were successful, the ice should start to melt and water will start to drip over your floor. A bowl or a towel to stop the water from ruining your floors should be placed under the drips.

RV Air Conditioner Freezing up at Night

Part of the problem is the way RV air conditioners are made. They are not made to handle extreme cool temperatures. In fact, many are made to not work when the outdoor temperature reaches 65 degrees F or lower.

If your RV AC is freezing up at night it means that the night air is a lot lower than that benchmark. The way to solve this issue is to simply turn the air conditioner off when you go to bed and open the windows.

Brand New RV AC Freezing Up

It is possible that your new RV Ac is built with a cold switch. This is true with the newer Duo Therm AC. If your brand new RV air conditioner is freezing up it isn’t going to be dirt, etc., that is the problem.

Most likely, the control switch has been moved or placed in the wrong position. Having this switch in the right place is vital to proper operation. You will need to find out the correct position and move the switch there. Or have someone do it for you.

Also, you should check to make sure there is no continuity measurement when the outside temperature hits below 70 degrees F. It is also [possible that this switch has come loose and just needs to be properly secured again.

RV AC Freeze Sensor Location

The freeze sensor or temperature sensor is not that hard to find. Usually it is found on the evaporator fins. This just clips on and it is possible to jar them loose over time. To find it, just remove the inside cover of your air conditioner and look at the coils.

You can spot it as it will have 2 wires attached to it and it is about nickel or quarter size.

Excess Humidity Freezes Air Conditioners

This also is a common problem many RV owners experience. High humidity is a danger to most RV AC units because the air conditioner cannot drain away the moisture fast enough.

As the hot air is brought into the AC, the moisture can condense then freeze on the coils. Once they freeze, the air flow is blocked and your air conditioner cannot cool your RV.

One good way to solve this problem is to buy a mini dehumidifier and place it inside your RV. It should handle the excess moisture with ease as long as it is rated for the RVs interior size.

Getting a dehumidifier that is too small won't solve the problem and you have wasted good money.

Some Odd Causes

While it is rare, it does and can happen. One interesting cause for your AC unit freezing up comes from birds or other small animals building nests around your condenser coils.

A quick check and a fast removal time can solve your problem in a heart beat.

Some Final Comments

When your RV’s air conditioner starts to freeze on you is smart to look for the simplest answers first. Dirty coils, filters, cool nights and on occasion birds, can be the problem. These are fixed very quickly.

If these are not the problem then you might want to look at your control board for a short circuit or your thermostat to see if it has gone bad. These issues may take a little more time and a little more money to fix.

Your AC freezing problem is not that serious and can be handled by you or you can go to an expert to make sure the problem is solved correctly.

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