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DEF In Fuel Tank: Will Insurance Cover DEF In Diesel Tank?

It may be a good thing if your insurance does cover the damage caused by putting DEF in your fuel tank. The repairs to the fuel system can be almost as expensive as your total mortgage payment for the

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Hauling Gas In Transfer Tank (Gas and Diesel Transfer Tanks)

Having an extra tank of fuel on board is one way to make sure you do not run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. However, getting one for gas may be a bit difficult as most transfer tanks are made for

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BP Gas Station Pump Colors (Green vs Yellow Pump at Station)

Those are very important words to go by when you own a diesel engine. Some people think that green is the designated color for diesel pump nozzles. That may be the most popular but it may not be the standard.

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Propane vs Diesel Heater: Which Is Better and Cheaper?

Propane is the standard. When you go shopping for an RV or trailer, you will find that propane-fueled appliances are the norm, not the exception. However, you may be surprised that there is a safer fuel

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Where To Find #1 Diesel (Is Farm Diesel #1 or #2?)

Gas and oil producers are working hard to make their products more environmentally friendly. They have to due to government regulations. However, whenever they make the attempt vehicle owners get confused

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Fuel pump at Petrol Station. Diesel Pump.

Heating Oil vs Diesel: Can You Use Diesel For Heating Oil?

Home delivery makes the difference. That is one thing about home heating oil. You don't have to go out and buy the product at your local gas station and fill the oil tank yourself. It is all done for you

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid: Blue DEF Ultimate Guide + Date Code

Government vehicle regulations can be a pain. Every since 2011, diesel trucks and engines have been required to use Blue Def or a similar product to meet the emissions standards set in 2010. Blue Def does

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