Ford E350 Motorhome MPG: Is The E350 Fuel Efficient?

Your mileage may vary. Not the most encouraging words ever spoken but it lets you know that what one person or the company gets in the way of mileage, is not going to be what you get. MPG depends on many factors and the type of motorhome is just one of those factors.

If you own this model of RV, then you can expect to get between 7 and 12 miles per gallon approx. Sounds good but the mileage you get depends on weight, if you are towing, and more factors. Most owners are in the 8 to 10 mpg category.

To learn more about this topic just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this model of RV is right for your budget. High mileage is more rare than low mileage results.

Is The E350 Fuel Efficient?


In terms of older RVs the answer would be yes, this model is very fuel-efficient. It may not be as good as some of the more recent RV models but the mpg rating for this brand is decent.

What will make it less fuel efficient will be the numerous factors that apply. Some of these you have control over and some you will not. For example, you have control over cargo weight, the speed you drive, the roads you take, and similar aspects of driving.

Those factors you do not have control over will be the weight of the RV, wind resistance, steep hills, and so on. If you watch the factors you have control over, you may see a better fuel-per-mile rating.

Ford E-350 Gas Mileage


There are two ranges that we have come across. One was listed between 6 and 10 mpg while the other was more generous and said between 7 and 12 mpg. Your results will vary as some owners reported lower miles per gallon when they were towing and a lot higher when they were empty.

The amount of fuel per mile you receive depends on a lot of factors. If you are towing a heavy trailer, adding lots of cargo and passengers, then do not expect to reach the 10 to 12 mpg category. Expect to be on the lower end and at almost 6 mpg.

If you are constantly driving into the wind, then again, do not expect to get good gas mileage. These factors, and other ones, were not present when the company did its mpg road tests. Thus the company will report higher fuel efficiency rates than you will get.

Average Ford E350 Motorhome Mpg


This is always going to be an estimate as the average will change depending on who is reporting their gas mileage and how many people get higher or lower results.

But generally speaking, the average ranges between 7 and 12 mpg. There may be other experts who disagree with that rating and report a lower 6 to 10 mpg average. It is very subjective as even the ideal tests companies do before advertising the fuel efficiency of the RV can have fluctuating results.

Take the average mpg rating with a grain of salt as your results may not meet the average except under ideal conditions.

What is The Gas Mileage on a 1984 Ford E350 Motorhome?


The word is if you are getting 7 to 8 mpg then consider yourself lucky. Some van models are rated even lower and barely get to 6 mpg. What plays a role in how high or low your results will be depends on your speed.

If you are traveling at 55 mph, then you can expect to reach that 8 mpg mark if other factors do not hinder that achievement. If you drive at higher speeds, then expect to receive about 6 mpg. The speed you like to travel will impact your results.

In comparison to 55 mph, if you got 60, then expect to lose 3% in fuel efficiency. If you got 65 that figure changes to 8% and at 70 you will lose 17% fuel efficiency. The higher you go, the lower your fuel efficiency.

What is The Mpg On a 1995 E350 Motorhome?


In this RV, you may be able to get 7 to 7.5 mpg on average. You will be lucky to get 8 and if you are towing, expect to get 6 mpg. As we said individual results vary and what is posted here is just to give you an idea.

It is not a written-in-stone fact. Too many factors, like weight, play a huge role in your fuel efficiency results. If you tend to tow and have a lot of cargo, then do not expect to reach 7 mpg. If you do, count yourself lucky, most people do not get that result.

What is The Gas Mileage Of a 2002 Ford E350 Motorhome?


In this RV model, you can expect to reach somewhere between 8 and 10 mpg, but as we said, results will vary. If you are driving the steep western mountain passes, then you may not even reach 8 mpg and if you are towing, your results may only reach 6 mpg.

MPG is too subjective as people drive differently and use different routes. The length of the RV will play a role as well. Longer RVs get lower gas mileage than shorter ones. So make sure you include all the factors when you report your results.

Some Additional Words

While it is nice to know or have an idea of how many miles you can go per gallon, it is not going to be the biggest priority you will have when going on an RV vacation.

These figures will help you budget your fuel money but do not count on meeting any of the suggested averages. Your results will vary depending on those many factors we briefly touched on in each section.

The best thing you can do is try to manipulate those factors you can control to see better results.

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