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Do You Grease a Trailer Hitch Ball? (What Kind of Grease)

Metal on metal. Those are keywords when you are in doubt about using grease or not. When you have metal parts moving against metal parts, moving or stationary, then you know you need to protect both parts.

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Jeep Liberty Flat Tow: Can You Flat Tow a Jeep Liberty 4×4?

Many newbies often see RVers flat towing a Jeep vehicle. The newbies may not be up to speed on what vehicles can or can’t be flat towed. Making sure they have the right answer is one way to build the

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Equalizer vs ProPride vs Hensley (Differences and Problems)

Pulling a trailer is like getting married. You are joining two distinct items through a simple system that can be fragile if the hitch is not right. With the wrong hitch couples end up in divorce and trailers

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How-to-Remove-5th-Wheel-Hitch-From-Truck-Bed-(Easiest Way)

How to Remove 5th Wheel Hitch From Truck Bed (Easiest Way)

It would be nice to get that space in your truck bed back. 5th wheel trailer hitches take up a lot of space in a truck bed and that is space you can use when you have stored your trailer or parked it permanently.This

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Can a Toyota Tacoma Be Flat Towed? (2005, 2016, 2019, 2021)

Flat towing has its benefits. Those benefits are why so many RV owners are looking for vehicles that can be flat towed. Just because you see one being towed in this manner, does it mean the owner is not

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How Much Can a 2016 Ford Explorer Tow? (XLT, Limited, Sport)

Tow ratings can be misleading. While the automaker may provide you with a tow rating in your manual, they also only publish the information they want you to know. Most tow ratings do not tell you that

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Ford Escape Flat Towing Problems: Are Escapes Flat Towable?

There are many benefits to flat towing. You do not have to invest money in a trailer or towing dolly. Plus, it saves time to simply hook up your vehicle and go. But not every vehicle can be flat towed.

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2005 F250 Towing Capacity: How Much Can a 2005 F250 Tow

When you have a good thing, you make a lot of them. In 2005, Ford made about 20 different trim models to meet every driver’s needs. It is a lot of vehicles to keep track of and many have the same towing

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How Big Of a Fifth Wheel Can a F150 Tow? (F150 EcoBoost)

If you do not want to pay for a larger more powerful truck, then towing with an F150 may seem to be attractive. However, the F150 may not be made to tow a 5th wheel trailer You have to check out the several

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What Is The Towing Capacity of a VW Touareg? (TDi 2009-2017)

Never exceed the weight capacities. This is a cardinal rule when it comes to RVs and travel trailers. Your vehicle has to be rated to handle more than the weight of the trailer if you want to have a good

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