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Can You Back Up With Sway Bars? (Backing Up With Sway Bar)

The discussion on this topic seems to be split 50-50 on whether or not you should take the sway bar off before backing up. It is not a big deal to take that bar off as it only takes about 20 seconds to

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Equalizer E2 vs E4: What Is The Difference Between E2 And E4?

It is all about sway. One of the tougher aspects of towing a trailer is controlling trailer sway. It is an ongoing battle as different companies try to perfect the perfect sway control weight distribution

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Bumper Pull To Gooseneck Conversion (How To Convert Guide)

Some people who own travel trailers often give thought to convert their trailer to a gooseneck style for better control, etc. They also have considered putting their travel trailer, sans wheels, on an

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Trailer Hitch Bottoming Out: Can I Bottom Out The Hitch?

When it comes to trailer hitches you can expect to encounter different problems. It just goes with the territory. It is not that the hitches are badly designed or that it is always user error. Sometimes

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RV Swivel Wheel Trailer Reviews (Blue Ox, DW58, Toy-Tote)

They may or may not be legal. These swivel wheel trailers have landed in some murky legal waters. Some states consider them double towing and say it is illegal. Then they leave it up to the officer's interpretation

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Tundra Fifth Wheel: Can You Pull a 5th Wheel With a Tundra?

The biggest mistake people make when shopping for a 5th wheel is they look at the wrong capacities. With 5th-wheel trailers, it is all about pin weight and payload weight capacity. Not trailer weight.

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1/2 Ton vs 3/4 Ton Towing Travel Trailer: Why a 3/4-Ton?

There will be RVers who won’t contemplate anything but a 3/4 ton truck for towing. However, sometimes, that big of a truck is simply overkill. A 1/2-ton truck will work with those smaller trailers and

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Ford F150 Tow Haul Mode Guide (Not Working, When To Turn On)

Towing has always been difficult. There are so many factors to be concerned about when you hook up your trailer. There is wind, hills, speed, and sway to just name a few. Many top truck brands have been

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Finding a Used Tow Dolly For Sale Craigslist (How To Buy)

Not everyone can buy new. This is just a fact of life. Even though you may be able to afford new items, it just makes wise financial sense to save money where you can. Using the classifieds to find those

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What Is a Hitch Hog? Hitch Hog For Double Towing (Pros-Cons)

The name does not do the device justice. One would think that the term hog in the name would refer to the device taking up too much space. That is not what it does. It is supposed to hog all the tongue

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