Double Towing In Texas: Is It Legal To Double Tow In Texas?

Double towing is common. There are many RV owners who do not own a toy hauler and like to bring their toys along with them. Their only solution is to double tow their toys on an additional trailer. This may sound like a good idea to those RV owners but it may not be as easy to do as they may think.

Double towing is where you have one tow vehicle and two trailers attached to it. Some people will call double towing triple towing so don’t be confused by the terminology. It is not legal in all states and you need to check each state on your route to see if it is okay to do.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about Texas so you can plan your RV vacation accordingly. Take a few minutes to see how this important information may help you and your vacation plans.

Can You Double Tow in Texas?


Yes, it is legal to double tow in Texas. Sometimes it may be called triple towing due to the fact you have three road-worthy items attached to each other. The rule that you have to worry about deals with weight and length.

According to our information and you should double-check this with the state’s state patrol, is that the overall length of the towing combination is 65 feet. Then the unloaded trailers cannot weigh more than 2500 pounds.

The weight of the tow vehicle is said to not exceed 15000 pounds. But the weight information is not repeated in other sources so make sure to double-check Texas laws on triple towing. That is what they call it in that state.

Double Towing in Texas


As we mentioned in the previous section, this is legal and your overall length cannot reach beyond 65 feet. The weight issue needs more research and laws change or are not enforced.

The problem that you may encounter is that some surrounding states may not allow for double or triple towing so you may not make it to Texas. However, the word is that those states that do not allow near Texas may not enforce their laws as they will lose a lot of tourist money if they do.

That is what you have to consider whenever you drive from one state to another. You may get away with it as the politicians will turn a blind eye to violators IN THIS CASE.

But once you cross the Texas state line, you can breathe a sigh of relief as some highway patrol officers do not check the length either.

Is It Legal To Double Tow in Texas?


Yes, it is but the main question you have to answer is will it be safe for you to double or triple tow? Each trailer will need to be equipped with trailer brakes, lights, and other safety features to keep this act legal.

Plus, different states have different laws and while you may be good for Texas at 63 feet in length, you may not be good for Illinois which limits the overall length to 60 feet.

If you are considering double or triple towing, you should do some research along the route you plan to take. While the majority of the Western states including southern ones, allow double towing, not all do.

You would have to plan your route accordingly instead of relying on the politicians' desire for tourist dollars to get you through their state.

Texas Double Towing Laws


The law is fairly clear on this topic. The maximum vehicle (trailer) combination is 65 feet. The weight issue we cannot confirm. However, contact the Texas Department of Safety to find out the exact regulations before you enter their state.

You would have to do this for each state on your route as different states have different laws. Whether the state patrol will allow you to tow a longer vehicle combination than their state laws allow is up to the discretion of the state patrol officer.

We cannot say definitively that you will be allowed in many states if your home state allows for a longer vehicle combination than some of the states you are going through.

This is a depends situation and you should get all the facts before you enter the different states.

Can You Triple Tow in TX?


The first thing you should know is that triple towing does not refer to pulling three trailers behind your tow vehicle. It may be called that in the trucking industry but it is not called that when it comes to non-commercial towing.

The second thing you should know is that the states and RV owners use triple towing synonymously with double towing. In other words, while the words may mean something different, in this situation, they refer to the same thing- a tow vehicle and two trailers attached behind it.

What this all means is that triple towing is allowed in Texas as it refers to double towing. Terminology in this topic does not seem to matter that much. You are safe to pull two trailers in Texas even though it is called both double and triple towing.

Some Additional Words

While there is some confusion over the terms double and triple towing, these two terms refer to the same thing. You are pulling two trailers with one tow vehicle.

The main concern you need to worry about after the length of the vehicle combination is do the two trailers and their contents exceed their tow vehicle’s towing capacity and GVWR restrictions.

You still have to meet those weight capacities if you are going to double tow. They are not waved when you add another trailer. Then make sure to do your research for the route or routes you plan to take. While the western states are more accommodating in this matter, east coast states are not. Do thorough research.

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