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Jupiter 2000 Watt Inverter Guide (Manual, Fuse, Not Working)

When you are having problems with your Jupiter 2000 Watt Inverter, look in the manual. As with many manuals for different products, Harbor Freight has put a troubleshooting section on its last pages. This

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What Would Cause RV To Shock You? (How To Stop RV Shocking)

A shocking experience. A bad start but we could not resist. There may be times when your beautiful and expensive RV responds to your touch. It is not a loving touch but something that may cause you or

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No Power In Camper Except Microwave (Plugged In But No Power)

Electrical problems have the same sources. If there is anything that is consistent in the RV life, it is that all electrical problems have the same sources. You only have to make one checklist to cover

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How To Tell If Your RV Power Converter Is Bad (Symptoms)

In an RV or trailer, you have two different electrical systems. Some features and appliances are fine running off of 30 or 50-amp 120 service, but not everything can use that power. You need a power converter

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Forest River RV Power Converter Location (Fleetwood and More)

It is a treasure hunt. RV makers like to hide different components, and the same brand may not have the converter in the same location. The actual location can vary depending on how the company wires the

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How To Take 120v Off a 240v Circuit (120v Outlet On a 240v)

Many people get some bright ideas when they want to wire some new device while trying to save some money at the same time. These bright ideas may be creative, but they also may be dangerous as well as

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Forest River RV Electrical Problems (Helpful Guide)

The internet can be very helpful when you have an RV problem. However, for every one or two very helpful sites you may run into 5 or 6 that are not doing anything to solve the problem you face. You have

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2000-2023 Ford E450 Fuse Panel Diagrams (Fuse Box Location)

Let’s be clear, most modern vehicles come with 2 fuse boxes. There is one in the engine compartment and one down at your feet to the left of the pedals. Generally, the latter one is the one most E450

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Monaco RV Electrical Schematics and Wiring Diagram (Problems)

Wiring diagrams and schematics are not always easy to find. Some RV makers do not issue them because the wiring for each RV they make, even for the same model, is always different. It is also said that

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50 Amp 3 Prong Plug: How To Wire a 50 Amp Plug With 3 Wires

Not every camping situation is perfect. You will find over the course of your RV life, that certain camping situations do not meet with your current RV electrical wiring. The temptation to rewire a plug

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Heart Interface Inverter Freedom (Replacement and Repair)

When you own an RV you will soon learn that you have two different electrical systems. One is 12 volts and the other is 120. Even the type of current is different as the 12-volt system is DC and the 120

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Is Hughes Autoformer Out of Business? (Issues, Reviews, Fix)

This is always a good question when you have not heard about a company for some time. Those companies that make products for RVs and other applications come and go. Some go quietly and you simply never

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The Jaboni Solar Panel (Charge Controller Guide and Review)

Solar energy is improving. As the years go by those scientists using technology to help the world have made solar energy more than a passing fad. They have found new ways to capture the sun’s rays and

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Electrical Forest River RV Wiring Diagrams (Schematics)

If you expect the RV industry to be like every other industry, then you may be fooling yourself. The RV industry is more like the old wild west where every town, city, and county did its own thing. It

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Finding 1994-2007 Holiday Rambler Wiring Diagram Schematics

One thing about older RVs, finding information about them can be very difficult. Most people are interested n the most recent models so keeping information around for older models becomes a lesser priority.

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Coachmen Wiring Diagrams: Catalina, Clipper, Leprechaun…

With Coachman owned by Forest River, you may have a difficult time tracking down the different wiring diagrams for your coach. That may be because Coachman or Forest River do not want DIY owners to work

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What-Gauge-Wire-For-50-Amp-RV-Service-(63-Wire-For-50-Amp) (2)

What Gauge Wire For 50 Amp RV Service? (6/3 Wire For 50 Amp)

Home electrical projects can be interesting and fun. But they can also have you using the wrong type of wire for your connections. This is not a great idea as you have to worry about the length of the

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Are T&B Breakers Compatible With Siemens? Compatibility Guide

We are going to say this upfront. When it comes to circuit breakers, it is okay to go out and buy new ones BUT if you do not like working with electricity or are not properly trained to change circuit

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RV Lights Flickering When Plugged In (Why and How To Fix)

Flickering lights in your RV can really be annoying. Without a doubt, the source of the problem will be electrical. Whether it is a wiring or an electrical component remains to be seen. It may take some

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What Is a Hot Ground Reverse and How To Fix It (Guide)

Wiring mistakes happen all the time. Even professional electricians can and do make mistakes. When these mistakes happen, the results can be disastrous. That is why you need to double-check all wiring

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Replacing a CU-AL Circuit Breaker (Types Of Circuit Breakers)

Rewiring can be confusing. That is because of the different labels on the different components. While a breaker may be able to work with two different types of wires, you cannot connect those two wires.

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50 Amp RV Plug Wiring Schematic (4 Prong Plug Wiring Diagram)

It is simple wiring. Once you see a diagram you will see how simple it is to wire a 50-amp RV plug into a wall in your home. It is easier to do this when you are building a new home. If you have an existing

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Why RV Converter Fan Won’t Shut Off? (Helpful Guide and Tips)

If there is anything that shows one-mindedness, it is a cooling fan. Its job is simple, cool off any part that gets too hot. Unfortunately, the converter may not be getting enough air so the fan has to

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RV Fuse Box Location: Jayco, Keystone, Forest River, Keystone

It is all a game. At least some RV owners think so as they have to continually play hide and seek. Because of the lack of space RV makers have to be creative and not every component that goes into an RV

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Jayco Power Converter Not Working (Location, Wiring, Replace)

The power converter has a simple task. All it does is take your 110-volt power and change it into 12-volt power so you can run lights, etc. It is not a hard job to do but when something goes wrong, you

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How To Install a 30 Amp RV Plug At Home (Cost, Wiring Guide)

What many RV owners discover after they buy an RV or trailer, is that they cannot plug it in when they are at home. The reason for that is that homes are not wired for RVs. There usually is not a 30-amp

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How to Convert 30 Amp To 15 Amp (How To Make a Safe Adapter)

You may not have to make one. In this technological age, just about any electrical device or accessory has been adapted to meet different electrical needs. That means that you can easily find a commercial

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2000w vs 3000w: Should I get a 2000 or 3000W inverter? (Tips)

When you are comparing the two sizes, about the only difference is the number of appliances you can run at one time. Being larger, the 3000W should run cooler and give you a little bit more freedom as

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Finding a 50 Amp RV Cord Reel Guide (DIY RV Power Cord Reel)

Sometimes power cords just do not roll up right. Or they fall out of shape very easily when you try to store them away. Those are frustrating actions when you have little storage space to spare. It is

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EMS PT30C vs EMS-PT30X vs SSP-30XL (EMS and Surge Protector)

You never know when a surge of electricity will hit your RV. Campgrounds and RV Parks are not known to have the best electrical equipment or supplies thus electrical surges happen. With the right surge

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Finding a 30 Amp RV Extension Cord 100 Ft (Options + DIY)

It seems that there are rare occasions where you would need this size of the power cord. Some owners only use it 1% of the time they go camping and the power drop may not be worth the expense of buying

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How to Convert 30 Amp RV to 50 Amp – Conversion Kit Guide

The good news is that you are not stuck with the power rating your RV comes with. The bad news is the cost may be more than the convenience offers. It will be expensive to make this change but some people

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