Jupiter 2000 Watt Inverter Guide (Manual, Fuse, Not Working)

When you are having problems with your Jupiter 2000 Watt Inverter, look in the manual. As with many manuals for different products, Harbor Freight has put a troubleshooting section on its last pages. This section may be a lot of help to you

When it comes to troubleshooting just about any device, start with the easy sources first. That way you do not have to do a lot of work and can solve the problem without taking up a lot of your valuable time. Fuses can be replaced very quickly.

To learn more about this topic just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about if you own this model of inverter or even other models. Some of the problems are the same across the inverter brands.

Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter Not Working


This has been a problem for many owners. Onbe said it simply quit on him and that is a possibility with every electric device. It just may wear out faster than you thought it would.

But, according to the troubleshooting section at the back of the manual, you may have several other problems that need correcting. One of those will be the fuses. There should be a fuse on the battery bank and some internal fuses that may be open or have burnt out.

While the manual says to let the technician open the housing, a simple fuse replacement will solve that problem. Another source for this issue would be the power cord.

It can be loose, corroded, or not connected properly and when that is the situation, your inverter will not work. The solution would be to check your connections to make sure they are secure and clean up any corrosion you may find.

Also, you may have a high input voltage. This is due to the incorrect battery being used in your electrical system or the connection is bad. To rectify this problem, change the battery to the correct model and then make sure all connections are done right and secure.

Other sources for this problem could be the power switch is damaged in some way or just not working or the inverter needing to be reset. This can be done by pushing a button if your Jupiter has a reset button.

Finally, your battery may not be connected, the terminals may be rusted or corroded, and the battery is weak, faulty, or has been completely discharged. These sources will apply to a wide variety of inverters, not just the Jupiter 2000.

Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter Beeping

The troubleshooting page for this inverter model does not mention any beeping sound. But that does not mean that this unit will not beep on you. There are common sources that would indicate an electrical problem when you hear the beeping noise. Those sources are:

1. Battery cable size is wrong- the wrong size will lead to a voltage drop which in turn activates the beeping alarm. Check your cable and change it if it is the wrong size.

2. The battery is losing its charge- a depleting battery will set off this alarm and to fix this problem and shut off the noise, recharge your battery.

3. Overloading the device- when you connect too many electrical devices to your inverter, then the alarm will sound. Just unplug unnecessary devices until the beeping stops. If it does not stop, then call a technician to repair the inverter.

4. A failed self-test- most inverters have this ability to check the integrity of the battery. If the battery fails the test you should hear a minute of beeping every 4 hours or so. The solution is to replace your battery as the current one is dead.

5. Mode operation has changed- the 4 beeps every 30 seconds indicate that the inverter is operating on battery mode. Nothing to resolve here.

6. Low voltage- simply reduce the amount of load to solve this problem.

One thing to note, each beeping style may be slightly different. Get used to hearing a different beeping sound for different problems. Also, check with Harbor Freight for more troubleshooting information that can be found in their manual.

Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter Fuse Location


Unfortunately, the manual does not provide a detailed diagram of all the parts or wiring diagrams. But in the troubleshooting section, the company does say where to find the internal fuses.

The internal fuses are located in the housing. However, the manual does state that only qualified technicians should open the housing. This is probably why the manual does not include a parts or wiring diagram. They do not want unskilled people working on their electronics.

We checked for images online but they were not posted. The best you got were some very clear pictures of the outside of the inverter. But if you do decide to work on this inverter, make sure to have a pair of tweezers to help you pull the fuse or fuses out.

There may be a tight fit and using your fingers may cause some other damage to the system. It is best to let the technicians handle the repair especially if the inverter is still under warranty.

One reason for saying that is that they may be able to spot the cause of the burnt fuse and fix that at the same time.

Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter Installation

The manual, which we will link to later, has very clear instructions for installation. Those instructions cover two pages with the most guidelines for the battery connection.

The first instruction has some very important information that you should not ignore:

Place the Inverter on a dry, level, non-flammable, stable surface. Make sure the Inverter has adequate ventilation and is not in direct sunlight.”

It is vital that you follow this instruction before doing the remaining 6 steps to complete the installation. If you fail here, then you can expect to have problems later on with the inverter.

Instruction number three instruction tells you about the correct battery to use:

Use only deep-cycle lead-acid batteries with this Inverter, such as 12-volt marine/RV deep-cycle batteries. Do not use automotive, engine starting

(SLI), or maintenance-free wet cell batteries with this Inverter; they are designed for repeated, shallow discharge and will wear out quickly.

Gel and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries can be used with this Inverter,

but they require special charging procedures. Refer to the battery supplier’s instructions”

If you are using a battery bank, here is a diagram of how you should connect those batteries and then connect them to the inverter:


Make sure to use the upcoming link to the manual to read the rest of the instructions. Once you follow them correctly, you should enjoy years of inverter service.

How To Hook Up a Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter


The diagram above will show you how to hook the inverter to your batteries. When you are attaching your electrical devices to the inverter, the manual has you covered for that activity. Here are a couple of important instructions to follow:

Plug 120 VAC device(s) into the receptacles. Switch all devices off. The devices must not use more than the rated wattage during continuous

operation, otherwise they may overload the Inverter.”

Turn the device(s) on, one at a time. If the alarm sounds, turn off the device(s). Unplug the device(s) from the Inverter. Check the wattage of the devices, if there are multiple devices plugged in, discontinue use of one or more. If a single device sets the alarm off, it is not appropriate for use with the Inverter.”

Also, watch your use of the inverter. If it drains the battery or batteries to a point where they can no longer be used, then you need to replace those batteries.

This instruction applies especially if you are connecting the inverter to your vehicle’s start battery. As with all electrical devices connected to your RV’s batteries, you have to watch how fast they deplete.

If your battery gets too low then they are ruined and you have to replace them. Make sure to turn the inverter off when not in use. If you don’t the inverter will continue to draw power and deplete the battery if you are not careful.

Where is The Reset Button On a Jupiter Inverter?

The manual does not state where the reset button is located. But look at the back of your unit to see if one is placed there. Or it may be placed at the front where the AC outlets are located.

We checked several diagrams for both the front and back of this device and did not see a reset button in either location. There may be one on the 2000 Pure Sine Wave model but the image was not clear enough to tell.

The instructions to reset this device are both simple and clear:

If your inverter is overloaded, you can reset it by following these steps:

1. Unplug the inverter from the power source.

2. Remove the inverter’s overload protection device, if it has one.

3. Wait for one minute, then plug the inverter back in and turn it on.

If those instructions do not work or you cannot find a reset button, then it is best to talk to a technician. Call them up and ask them and hopefully, they will tell you over the phone how to do the resetting process or if the reset button is located inside the housing.

Download The Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter Manual


The best place to go to get a download version of the manual will be Harbor Freight. For some reason, our go-to manual website does not have this booklet and did not pop up in any of our searches.

Two other sites popped up but one only listed the manual for the 5000 model and the other website did not load. This link takes you directly to the manual on Harbor Freight’s website.

It has a download feature and hopefully, it is a free option. If not, you can still save the page and refer to it when you need to. During our search for manual websites, we did come across this interesting website.

It lists 2 schematics for two Jupiter 2000 inverters. The problem with this website is that you have to become a member to get access to those drawings. The diagrams are listed as harbor Freight so hopefully they apply to the Jupiter models.

How To Test An Inverter

Step one- first make sure the inverter is turned off and no power is making its way to the device.

Step two- if the inverter is connected to a battery bank, check the batteries to see if they have power and if there is no rust or corrosion on the connections.

Step three- tug on the cable connecting the inverter to the battery or batteries. This will tell you if the connection is secure or loose

Step four- clean the batteries if needed

Step five- disconnect all appliances or electrical devices from the inverter

Step six- check the appliance wattage for each device you connect to the inverter. This is to make sure those devices or appliances are within the range of the inverter

Step seven- turn the inverter back on. If it still indicates an overload, press the rest button or follow the manual reset instructions

Step eight- if the problem continues after resetting then the problem is with the inverter

Some Additional Words

Troubleshooting the Jupiter 2000 Watt Inverter is restricted to only a few activities. If the solutions in the manual do not work, do not assume the inverter is bad. Call in a technician to make sure it is bad or to repair the device.

Let the technician make the final call so you do not make a mistake and spend more money on a replacement when it is not needed. Be sure the inverter can’t be fixed before taking that replacement step.

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