No Power In Camper Except Microwave (Plugged In But No Power)

Electrical problems have the same sources. If there is anything that is consistent in the RV life, it is that all electrical problems have the same sources. You only have to make one checklist to cover every electrical item in your RV or trailer. That one checklist simplifies your source search.

One of those consistent problems will be the fuses. It is possible to blow one or a few fuses and still have your microwave work. Check all your fuses to make sure they are in top shape and working like they should. Use a multimeter and not a visual search.

To learn more about this problem, just continue to read our article. It looks into the topic to make sure you have the information to know what to do. Some of this information will help you avoid embarrassing situations.

The Travel Trailer Has no Power When Plugged In


There is a laundry list of sources for this problem. Right at the top of that list, check to see if the power is still on and if there is a blackout in the area. Being plugged in does not guarantee you will have power.

After that, check the shore power pole to make sure the breaker is switched on. You never know when the camp[ground manager or owner will turn the breakers off when the campsite is not being used.

If it is off, then flip it back on, and if there is a blackout in the area, then be patient. The power will return eventually. This is outside the RV, trailer, or camper. The inside has a few other parts to be worried about.

One of those parts may be that you forgot to flip the battery disconnect to the proper position. If it is still engaged, then very few electrical items will work in your RV.

If the battery disconnect is okay, check the power in the battery and see if the cables and terminals are corroded. Clean them up and recharge the battery to solve this problem. If the battery is bad, then you will have to replace it.

Now, if the battery is okay, move on to your converter or inverter. You may have one or both of these devices, and if they have become faulty, you should not have power in your camper, etc.

Check your fuses to see if they are fine, and we saved the most embarrassing to the last. One owner complained about this problem, and after receiving solid advice from fellow discussion forum members, he decided to check his breakers.

It turns out he forgot that he turned them all off when he was working on another electrical problem, then he forgot to turn them back on. Check your breakers to make sure they are on before asking for any advice.

No Power in The Camper Except Microwave


One would think that this would present a very unique situation, but when it comes to electrical devices, appearances can be deceiving. The common sources listed in the previous section will be the culprits in this situation.

Check them all first before you go to a professional or your fellow RV discussion forum members for advice. One item we did not mention in the previous section is the GFCI outlets.

Your microwave may not be on the same circuit when one or more of these outlets trip. The result will be that you will have no power throughout your RV, etc. Except for the outlet your microwave is plugged into.

Resetting the GFCI outlet is simple. Just press the reset button in the middle of the outlet and release. Before releasing, listen for the clicking sound telling you it is reset.

One other source we did not mention earlier, and that is that there may be a short in the circuits not attached to your microwave. You will know there is a short because the fuses will blow repeatedly or the breakers trip continuously after replacing or resetting.

Use a multimeter to track down the source of the short and repair it. Then everything should work fine in your RV, etc.

AC And Microwave Not Working in RV


The first thing to do to avoid any embarrassing moments is to check to see if both devices are plugged in. It can be very embarrassing to call for help, and all the technician does is plug the power cords in.

Also, for the AC unit, make sure the thermostat is set to a cold enough temperature level to ensure that it is warm enough for the AC unit to turn on. Simple sources need to be checked first before you do anything else.

If both units are off at the same time, then check all the common sources we listed already. They have to be checked no matter which electrical device is not functioning.

Individually, and these can happen at the same time, make sure your microwave is properly vented and your AC unit’s filters are not clogged. Those issues will stop the devices from working.

One other thing that should be mentioned when you are plugged into shore power is to make sure you are plugged into the right outlet. If you are plugged into an underpowered outlet, these two devices may not receive enough power to work.

If you are plugged into a too-powerful outlet, for example, a 50-amp outlet, when you only need 30 amps, use an adapter to control the power. In the end, it could be that the AC and microwave failed on you at the same time and need to be replaced.

Some Additional Words

Working with non-functioning electrical sources is easy. You have a limited number of sources to check. If they are all good, then you know one of your electrical devices needs to be replaced.

Knowing the above information should help you avoid those moments you wished you were an inch high and could hide very easily. It is never fun being embarrassed for failing to check the simple solutions first.

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