Does CarMax Buy RVs? (CarMax RV Trade-In Guide)

When it is time to sell your older RV, your choices to go to may be limited. Not everyone wants a high-mileage RV or one that needs extensive work. Even the national auto companies have their restrictions on the vehicles they buy.

Yes, CarMax is said to buy used RVs. Some people get a great deal and others do not. It depends on many factors that CarMax uses to determine what they will pay for individual RVs, etc. One factor will be mileage, the lower the better for you.

To learn more on this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make a good trade-in decision and hopefully, not lose money while doing so.

Does CarMax Buy RVs? (Motorhomes Or Travel Trailers)


While the company is known for buying or taking a used RV in trade, there is nothing out there that says this company buys used travel trailers. The company does not sell motorhomes or RVs.

Those options are too large for their business model but they seem to have a network of dealers who take those trade-ins off of CarMax’s hands. The company does have specific criteria they use to determine how much they will pay or how much they will allow on a trade-in.

Do not expect to see an offer too much higher than what the Blue Books claim the value is. Some people do get higher than blue book value offers but that means that CarMax was impressed by the condition and lack of mileage on the RV.

As for travel trailers, the best advice that can be offered is to call the company and ask. There is nothing on their website or any other website talking about this topic that says they will buy travel trailers.

The company will gladly take your car in trade or buy it but the same criteria apply to that transaction as it would to an RV transaction.

Does CarMax Sell RVs?


The answer to this question is no it doesn’t. CarMax is a used car selling company that is a nationwide network of dealerships that deal in regular vehicles. Their stock is comprised of trucks, SUVs, cars, and crossovers of all makes and models no matter the engine type.

You may be able to outright sell your RV to the company or you may trade it in but do not expect to see an RV on any of their lots. The company has dealerships across the country and you can easily find one and check with them as to how they go about this type of transaction.

One reason they may not sell RVs or take them in trade is that they do not have the correct license for that end of the vehicle industry. That is an important factor when it comes to being in business.

The type of licenses CarMax has will determine the type of business it can offer to potential customers. Another problem with accepting RVs in trade is that there may be hidden problems the company did not know about and that can kill just about any possible sale to an RV dealer.

There is a risk to CarMax and other car dealers when they take RVs in trade.

CarMax RV Trade-In


There are some steps you have to take to do a trade-in with this company. The first thing is to check your odometer. If it is under 70,000 (double-check with the company) then that is one of the steps completed.

Next, you have to have a clean title and no liens against the vehicle. That is step two and step three is to compile a service history as Carmax may want that.

Another thing you should do is check everything in your RV. From the battery to cabinets, to the roof, to flooring, and do not leave anything out. Then determine if you will fix those items or accept a lower trade-in value.

The condition of the RV is everything in this situation. Once you made that decision, you can check the online websites that place a value on your vehicle. Keep in mind that those websites only determine an approx. value.

They do not cover all the criteria CarMax may use to determine how much they will pay for your RV. Sometimes, CarMax will offer more than those blue book websites and sometimes they will offer less. It all depends on CarMax.

CarMax Used RVs For Sale


You will not find them on any of the CarMax lots around the nation. While there may be exceptions to the rule, the website does not offer any RVs for sale nor do they advertise that their lots have any for sale.

You would have to go to a new and used RV dealer to find anything within your price range. That is just the way CarMax does business. As we explained earlier it is possible that CarMax decided not to get a license to sell RVs or travel trailers.

Their business model focuses on passenger vehicles from pick-up trucks down to sports cars, and cars in between. On a funny note, about 8 years ago an owner on one RV discussion forum stated he needed an RVMax.

Well, he got his wish but it is not a national dealer like CarMax. It is a locally owned RV dealership with two locations in California. It is called RVMax and it does make some offers that may be attractive to those RV owners ready to sell or upgrade.

Some Additional Words

While you can trade your RV in or sell it to CarMax, do not go to their lots expecting to buy one. The company is in the car and pick-up business and may not be able to accommodate you beyond the trade-in or purchase of your RV.

But that should be okay as there are plenty of dedicated RV dealers there and close to you that should provide a better deal for you.

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