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The Homelite Lightnin Bug Generator HG600 (Specs, Manual)

RV life is almost a different world than traditional home living. There are so many different pieces of equipment and brand names to figure out and see which is best for your new RV. Generators are one

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Can You Parallel 3 Generators? (How To Parallel 3 Generators)

Getting more power. That is what it is all about as many newer RVs and trailers have more features that require more power. Sometimes 1 or 2 generators just won’t pick up the load and start to surge.

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Troubleshooting an Onan 5500 Generator That Won’t Start

Even good pieces of equipment breakdown. This possibility happens to the best of them. If not Onan, then a Rolls Royce or a Cadillac. Even Rolex has trouble from time to time. It is the nature of this

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What Oil Filter Does an Onan 5500 Generator Use? (Guide)

While some parts are not picky and you can use just about any similar model, parts like filters are specifically designed to do a specific job. That means you need to find the right oil filter or your

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Generator For Truck Bed: Mounting a Generator On a Truck Bed

Convenience is good. Placing a generator on the ground is okay. But finding a more convenient spot for it makes using the generator a little easier. There is no bending over to get it started or maintain

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Onan Generator Remote Start Switch Wiring Diagram (Guide)

You may find it confusing to convert an old RV with an old generator to a new generator. The wiring may not be set up the same and you will have a difficult time figuring everything out. It may take a

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Champion Generator Vs Westinghouse: Are They Good? (Reliable)

Generators and RVs go hand in hand like toast and butter. They are a must-have appliance when regular power is hard to find. However, it may not be easy to distinguish between the different brands as many

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Yamaha Onboard RV Generator: Is The Yamaha NPS 5500 Any Good?

There is a bit of misinformation going around about this generator. It is NOT made by Yamaha but powered by it. That means that this generator comes with a Yamaha motor with the rest of the components

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What Kind Of Oil For an Onan 5500 Generator? (Oil Capacity)

Every mechanical device needs lubrication. However, not every oil type or brand out there is designed to work with every mechanical device. When it comes to Onan generators, you can use regular oil or

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Generator Break In Load Or No Load? (How To Break In + Tips)

Generators work hard. They power a lot of different devices so you can cut electrical costs or camp out in nature. When they are new, it is a wise move to follow all break-in instructions. While not a

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