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Onan 2500 LP Generator Oil Change (Frequency, Type, Filter)

When you have moving parts, you always need some type of lubrication. For many parts simple grease will do. But for other parts where heat is an issue, then oil is the go-to lubricant. Changing the oil

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Onan 2500 LP Generator Troubleshooting, Manual, Oil Change

If it has a motor and moving parts, then you can expect products to break down eventually. This event is usually the result of poor maintenance, user errors, or inferior parts installed. Thankfully what

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Finding Cummins Onan RV QG 2500 LP Parts (Muffler, Spark Plug)

Often in the RV world, you will find brand-name companies that will not sell to the public. It is just a matter of licensing and preference that keeps them from direct sales. But there are other sources

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Onan Generator Coil Wiring Diagram (How To Check a Coil)

The way to understand a wiring diagram is to understand all the symbols. If you do not know what the symbols mean, then you will not know how to repair the coil on this generator. The next key is to know

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Onan Generator Starter Solenoid Wiring, Location, Problems

It used to be that the starter and solenoid were two separate parts. But with modern technology leading the way, the parts makers have been able to combine the two and make it easier to fix or replace.

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Wen Generator Problems and Review (How Long Will It Last?)

When it comes to RV or portable generators, you have a lot of brands to choose from. Some brands are excellent while other brands are not so much. When you watch your bottom line, many RVers tend to buy

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Predator 3500 Watt Inverter Generator Review (Is It Good?)

It does pay to read reviews as you get information from other people’s experiences with the same product. These reviews are not written in stone and only reflect preferences, opinions, and some experiences.

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How Much Oil Does a Predator 3500 Generator Take? (Guide)

When it comes to mechanical devices, there are always moving parts. Those moving parts are usually metal on metal. To make these devices work, including generators, you need to add oil. Without it, those

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How To Break In a Generator Guide (Predator, Honda, Generac)

When you buy a new car you are told how to break in your new engine. You are not supposed to drive fast, carry heavy loads, and so on for the first few hundred miles. The same applies to generators. You

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Predator 3500 Fuel Capacity: How Much Gas Does It Hold?

Make sure you always get an owner’s manual when you buy generators or other mechanical or electric devices. These little booklets are a wealth of important information that will always help you when

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Champion vs Honda Generator: Are Champion Generators Any Good?

It seems that Champion generators are getting a boost in the generator rankings. Some owners place them at #2 behind Honda. Others may place them at #3. But Honda remains the gold standard and the generator

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Onan Marquis 5000 Generator Guide (Oil Type, Parts, Manual)

If you get a chance to buy an Onan generator at a fairly cheap price, do not ignore it. These are good machines and they hold their value. That is if you take care of them and do proper maintenance when

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Onan Generator Code 32: What Does It Mean And How To Fix It

You may have noticed over recent years more and more devices have been given fault codes. These codes are everywhere now and it would be a good idea to get a list of them so you can understand what is

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Generac Generator Fault Codes List (1902, 1904, 2800, P2601)

It is impossible to memorize and know all the fault codes for every brand of generator, engine, or appliance. There are just too many of them. But when you can’t remember or do not know what a fault

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Kohler Generator Fault Code List (Troubleshooting Manual)

Not all fault codes list come with a numerical listing. Some may just be abbreviated words from the actual problem. This can slow things down somewhat when you are trying to find out what is wrong with

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Download Onan Marquis 7000 Service Manual and Wiring Diagram

For some products, finding a good manual is a difficult task. They may be too old or their company has gone out of business and other legitimate reasons. But you shouldn’t have to worry about Onan, it

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Why Is My Generator Sputtering? (Tips To Run Smoother)

When you are boondocking, the last thing you will need in this situation is to have your generator sputter. It is not a good feeling as your electrical systems depend on that power supply. Having the lights

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Troubleshooting Predator 2000 Generator Problems (Won’t Start)

It is a discount generator. By that, we mean that you can get these top Predator generators for about half the price of a Honda or other top generator-making brand. That is a good deal especially since

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Finding a Generator Mount For Travel Trailer (5 Ideas)

When it comes to adding a generator to your camping time, you may not have the basement storage large enough to accommodate it. Generator mounts provide that extra storage in spaces left unused by most

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Onan 4000 Generator Oil Type, Oil Capacity, and Oil Filter

Lubrication is key. Whenever you are dealing with motors, of any type, you will need top lubrication to make them run right. Without it, those motors can seize up and cause you a lot of expensive repairs.

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How Far Away Should Generator Be From Camper? (Safety Guide)

It is not as far as you think. Many people may think you have to have the generator a great distance away from your trailer or RV. However, many of the more modern and larger models come with a built-in

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Honda EU2000i Oil Type and Capacity: How Much Oil Do I Need?

This is a case where the opinions of others do not count as much as the manufacturer’s recommendations. When it comes to generators, it is best to stick to what the owner’s manual says. That way you

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Fuel Per Hour: How Much Gas Does an Onan 5500 Generator Use?

When you use your generator, you do need to have some fuel on hand. Once you figure out how many gallons your generator burns per hour it is easy to know when you have to get more fuel. Some people use

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Cummins Onan 4500 Inverter Generator Reviews: P4500i vs Honda

What is in a name. This may be a question you will be asking once we are finished with this review. While the brand names may be different, the product can be exactly the same which makes anyone wonder

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The Homelite Lightnin Bug Generator HG600 (Specs, Manual)

RV life is almost a different world than traditional home living. There are so many different pieces of equipment and brand names to figure out and see which is best for your new RV. Generators are one

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Can You Parallel 3 Generators? (How To Parallel 3 Generators)

Getting more power. That is what it is all about as many newer RVs and trailers have more features that require more power. Sometimes 1 or 2 generators just won’t pick up the load and start to surge.

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Troubleshooting an Onan 5500 Generator That Won’t Start

Even good pieces of equipment breakdown. This possibility happens to the best of them. If not Onan, then a Rolls Royce or a Cadillac. Even Rolex has trouble from time to time. It is the nature of this

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What Oil Filter Does an Onan 5500 Generator Use? (Guide)

While some parts are not picky and you can use just about any similar model, parts like filters are specifically designed to do a specific job. That means you need to find the right oil filter or your

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Generator For Truck Bed: Mounting a Generator On a Truck Bed

Convenience is good. Placing a generator on the ground is okay. But finding a more convenient spot for it makes using the generator a little easier. There is no bending over to get it started or maintain

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Onan Generator Remote Start Switch Wiring Diagram (Guide)

You may find it confusing to convert an old RV with an old generator to a new generator. The wiring may not be set up the same and you will have a difficult time figuring everything out. It may take a

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Champion Generator Vs Westinghouse: Are They Good? (Reliable)

Generators and RVs go hand in hand like toast and butter. They are a must-have appliance when regular power is hard to find. However, it may not be easy to distinguish between the different brands as many

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Yamaha Onboard RV Generator: Is The Yamaha NPS 5500 Any Good?

There is a bit of misinformation going around about this generator. It is NOT made by Yamaha but powered by it. That means that this generator comes with a Yamaha motor with the rest of the components

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What Kind Of Oil For an Onan 5500 Generator? (Oil Capacity)

Every mechanical device needs lubrication. However, not every oil type or brand out there is designed to work with every mechanical device. When it comes to Onan generators, you can use regular oil or

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Generator Break In Load Or No Load? (How To Break In + Tips)

Generators work hard. They power a lot of different devices so you can cut electrical costs or camp out in nature. When they are new, it is a wise move to follow all break-in instructions. While not a

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Generator Box For RV: Where Should I Carry My Generator?

You will find that there are a lot of ideas concerning this topic. Some of those ideas are good and others are not so good. In the end, you have to filter out all those ideas that will not work for your

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Onan 4000 Generator Won’t Stay Running (Why and How To Fix)

When motors break down or refuse to run all the time, there is a myriad of problems that could be the actual source. The trick is to be able to get to the actual issue as quickly as possible. That way

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Generator-30-Amp-Outlet-How-to-Get-30 Amps-From-a-Generator

Generator 30 Amp Outlet: How to Get 30 Amps From a Generator

Not every generator can pump out the electricity at the levels you need. You may have to use some adapters or parallel generators to get the level of power for your RV. Or you simply have to upgrade to

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Harbor Freight 700 Watt Tailgator Generator Review (Problems)

The concept of paying a lot of money to get power is a myth. There are a lot of good generators out there that are affordable yet are an excellent power source. Harbor Freight Tailgator may be one of those

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Can You Replace an Onan Generator With Honda? (Helpful Guide)

When your Onan generator stops working it is tempting to find a replacement. Not with the same Onan model but with a different brand and different design. The cost may be cheaper which is why it is so

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How to Fix Honda EU2000i ECO Throttle Issues (When to Use)

As the technology becomes more advanced, the more money you could possibly save. For example, the ECO throttle on the Honda generator automatically adjusts the fuel draw depending on the appliance you

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5000 BTU Air Conditioner Watts: What Generator Do I Need?

No matter what appliance of the RV you are looking at, it is all about the power to run it. If your generator is too small, then your RV time may be a bit uncomfortable. If it is too large, you may be

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Predator 3500 Parallel Kit: How To Parallel a Generator

Sometimes one generator is just not enough for what you need to run. Instead of buying a more powerful generator and getting more power the simple way, they put one and one together and achieve the same

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Are Predator Generators Any Good? (Reliability and Review)

Having a good generator in your RV makes a lot of sense as there will be times you will need lots of power and no outlet will be nearby. The trick is finding one that is reliable, efficient, and doesn't

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Fixing Predator 3500 Generator Problems (Won’t Start)

It would be nice if this was a perfect world. Nothing would break down, nothing would need repairing and you could go about your day trouble-free. However, since it isn’t a perfect world, it is good

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Fixing Onan Generator Fault Code 33 (What Does It Mean?)

Blink and pause. It is a simple way to communicate with the owner of the generator. But the message will not be received if the owner does not understand the blink and pause system. Also, the message won’t

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How Many Watts Does a Pop-up Camper Use? Generator Size Tips 

When you use a pop-up camper for your camping vacations you are just one step away from nature. But that one step doesn’t mean you have to do without modern conveniences. Your pop-up can still have AC,

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How to Ground a Generator When Camping (11 Easy Tips)

Being grounded is being safe. People often describe others as being well-grounded. That means that they have a good head on their shoulders and can handle life quite well. When you ground your RV’s generator

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Onan Generator Starts Then Shuts Down (Fixing Code 36)

Generators come in handy. That is when they work like they are supposed to. They provide the power you need to run your RV when camping. But once in a while, your generator may act up and send out a code

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How-to-Charge-Dead-8-Volt-Golf-Cart-Batteries-10 Tips

How to Charge Dead 8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries (10 Tips)

Batteries drive the world, even for golf carts. Their batteries do go dead from time to time so it is a good idea to check them regularly to make sure they have some power. You never know when you need

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How to Read Onan Generator Fault Codes (Cummins Blink Code)

If you blink you may miss it. That may be a bad pun, but it is the truth when it comes to Onan generators. When something goes wrong, the generator will send out a code to tell you the problem. If you

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Fixing Onan Generator Fault Code 14 (OverFrequency Fault)

When you own an RV power is the one thing you must have. If you are not plugged into an external power source, you need to turn to a generator to produce that power to run your appliances. Generators are

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Installing a Generator in a 5th Wheel: Helpful Guide + Tips

You can’t be without power. Even if you are boondocking, you need a little power to run the essential appliances to heat your water, cool your food and run your air conditioner. Making sure you have

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Oil Type: What Oil Does my Onan Generator Use?

It's an independent life. That is what they say about life as an RV owner or user. One way to stay independent is to make sure you have your own power source. Then learning how to maintain that power source

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How Long Are RV Power Cords (Do I Need a Longer Cord?)

How Long Are RV Power Cords (Do I Need a Longer Cord?)

One of the most important pieces of equipment for an RV is the power cord. Without this you would not be able to run key appliances, have lights or more importantly, have air conditioning. Taking care

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