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Why Is My Generator Sputtering? (Tips To Run Smoother)

When you are boondocking, the last thing you will need in this situation is to have your generator sputter. It is not a good feeling as your electrical systems depend on that power supply. Having the lights

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Troubleshooting Predator 2000 Generator Problems (Won’t Start)

It is a discount generator. By that, we mean that you can get these top Predator generators for about half the price of a Honda or other top generator-making brand. That is a good deal especially since

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Finding a Generator Mount For Travel Trailer (5 Ideas)

When it comes to adding a generator to your camping time, you may not have the basement storage large enough to accommodate it. Generator mounts provide that extra storage in spaces left unused by most

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Onan 4000 Generator Oil Type, Oil Capacity, and Oil Filter

Lubrication is key. Whenever you are dealing with motors, of any type, you will need top lubrication to make them run right. Without it, those motors can seize up and cause you a lot of expensive repairs.

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How Far Away Should Generator Be From Camper? (Safety Guide)

It is not as far as you think. Many people may think you have to have the generator a great distance away from your trailer or RV. However, many of the more modern and larger models come with a built-in

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Honda EU2000i Oil Type and Capacity: How Much Oil Do I Need?

This is a case where the opinions of others do not count as much as the manufacturer’s recommendations. When it comes to generators, it is best to stick to what the owner’s manual says. That way you

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Fuel Per Hour: How Much Gas Does an Onan 5500 Generator Use?

When you use your generator, you do need to have some fuel on hand. Once you figure out how many gallons your generator burns per hour it is easy to know when you have to get more fuel. Some people use

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Cummins Onan 4500 Inverter Generator Reviews: P4500i vs Honda

What is in a name. This may be a question you will be asking once we are finished with this review. While the brand names may be different, the product can be exactly the same which makes anyone wonder

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The Homelite Lightnin Bug Generator HG600 (Specs, Manual)

RV life is almost a different world than traditional home living. There are so many different pieces of equipment and brand names to figure out and see which is best for your new RV. Generators are one

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Can You Parallel 3 Generators? (How To Parallel 3 Generators)

Getting more power. That is what it is all about as many newer RVs and trailers have more features that require more power. Sometimes 1 or 2 generators just won’t pick up the load and start to surge.

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