Onan Generator Remote Start Switch Wiring Diagram (Guide)

You may find it confusing to convert an old RV with an old generator to a new generator. The wiring may not be set up the same and you will have a difficult time figuring everything out. It may take a long time as well.

When you are trying to DIY wire your new generator into your RV, you may have a lot of difficulties. If the RV is old, the wiring pattern may be different from the new generator model. Having a wiring diagram should help you.

To get a wiring diagram and some more information on this task, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can do it yourself. Take a couple of minutes to see how this important information can help you wire your new generator.

Onan Generator Remote Start-Stop Switch Wiring Diagram


Many websites on the internet have this wiring diagram. You can look at them for free as the people behind those websites post the diagrams with a photo or drawings.

Looking at these diagrams should not be a problem if you understand how wiring diagrams work. One diagram can be found at this link, while another can be found at this one.

If these are not helpful, you can either talk to an electrician or get them to help you out. Or you can continue searching the internet until you find the right one. Doing this work on your own is not always an easy task especially if you do not understand wiring diagrams.

It is best to get some experienced help. That way you can cut down on your frustration and get the wiring task done quicker. If you do not like working with wires then you should defer to a person with experience in wiring. They will get the job done a lot quicker and better than you can do it.

Onan Generator Remote Start Wiring Harness


This part is easy to find as many RV parts and accessory stores have this part in stock. One option would be to contact RV Parts Country and see what they have in stock. The company’s prices seem reasonable for this part.

The harness from that company is said to work with all gas & LP Onan generators. Norwall Power Systems has a 30-ft option for remote starting. Its price is a lot more expensive than just the wire harness you can get at RV Parts.

Or you can get a 10’ length from RV Upgrades for about $20 less than Norwall’s 30-foot model. Your cost and length will depend on what you need and how long you want it.

Just do a good internet search to find an RV parts or generator parts outlet near you. It will be easier to do if you are camping near a big city. Amazon’s option is unavailable right now but you can always check back later to see if it is in stock

Remote Start Kit

Remote-Star- Kit

These do not seem to be very cheap at all. Expect to pay a couple to a few hundred dollars for a good remote start kit for a generator. The kit’s price will depend a lot on how long the cable will be.

Those may be the upper levels as we found quite a few inexpensive options on Amazon. Each model will come with a different range and price. We did not see any costing more than $50. The drawback is that they may not all work for generators.

Different generator brands do make their own remote starting kits for their brand of generator. If you do not see one for Onan on the store’s shelves or in advertisements, then contact the company to see what they have to offer.

Different generator stores should have something that is close to a universal match. All you need to do is contact them and talk to them about what kind of kit you want and what brand of generator you own.

Onan Generator Remote Start Not Working


This is a common problem and the reason many RV owners have this trouble is that RV and generator manufacturers do not use the same color codes for wires. The color code you may have will depend on who built the RV and the generator.

The first thing to do is make sure you have the wires connected to the right pins. Some connectors do not use colors but numbers. #1 is the common ground, and #2 is the stop wire. #3 is the start wire and #6 is the hour meter.

Once you have those wires connected properly, your generator should turn on, if that was the source of the problem. The colors that match the numbers are as follows: #1 = Brown; #2 = Green; #3 = Red; #4 = Blue and there are no wires for #5 and #6 pins.

You can get a wiring diagram and more specific instructions at this link. Or you can call Onan and ask them your questions. They should have tech people on hand to answer tough questions like this from their customers.

For other non-start issues, it could be that a fuse blew, no power, or there is no fuel in the tank. There are a lot of reasons why this generator won’t start.

Some Final Words

When it comes to electricity, old and new do not always match up. The reason for that discrepancy is that the codes change over time or different manufacturers change their wiring schemes and colors.

If you are not good with wiring, then even the wiring diagrams may not be of much help to you. Make sure to have someone who understands these diagrams help you. That will ensure a proper connection and operation. It will also make sure the connections are safe.

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