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Atwood Water Heater Will Not Stay Lit or Won’t Light (Fix It)

Being in hot water is only good if you are taking a bath or a shower. Also, hot water is good for cooking and making your favorite beverage. Other than that being in hot water is not a good thing. Having

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Expert RV Armor Reviews: How Much Does RV Armor Cost

Nothing lasts forever. RV roofs like house roofs take a beating for years. They last as long as they can but the time will come when you have to make repairs or replace it. It isn’t the materials so

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How Much Does an RV Washer and Dryer Weigh? (Cost and Size)

When you are looking at adding an RV washer and dryer to your rig, there is more to the issue than keeping your clothes clean. You need to factor in their weight before you purchase the unit you like the

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How to Install Heat Tape on an RV Water Line or Holding Tank

The cold can be fun or it can be your enemy. Cold weather has a way of freezing your pipes, holding tanks and other RV equipment making them hard to use. You want to be prepared when the cold strikes and

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How to Install an RV Washer and Dryer (7 Tips to Use It)

Some RVs may not be plumbed for a washer nor have the electrical outlet for a dryer. Yet those facts do not need to stop you from keeping your clothes nice and clean and avoiding local laundromats. You

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Where is and How to Open an RV Low Point Drain Valve

There is a valve for just about everything. When you go through your RV you will notice one thing. The manufacturers have placed a valve just about everywhere they could. This is done to make sure your

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How to Remove Dicor Lap Sealant (Leveling Caulk) from RV

You can’t have a good RV without top of the line sealant. But sometimes that sealant ages, cracks and lets the water inside. One of the ways to avoid this is to do regular checks on all your seals to

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Can You Use a Humidifier in an RV

It's a discussion that won't go away. The reason for that is because the weather patterns throughout the country are not the same. What will work in one part of the country will not work in another so

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How to Bleed Air From RV Water Lines: 5 Helpful Tips

When it comes to air in the water line you will need to bleed the air out. It is not a difficult task to do. It just takes a little time. Once you have the air out, your water pressure should be fine.How

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RV Water Pump Keeps Running All the Time (Cycling)

RV Water Pump Keeps Running All the Time (Cycling)

The water pump is vital to many of your RV activities. When it doesn’t work right, your vacation experience may suffer a little bit. You want the water pump to work when you turn the faucet on but you

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