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Where Is My RV Water Pump Switch? Water Pump Switch Location

Usually, RVs get 2 pump switches. One is on the outside and one is on the inside. These switches allow you to operate the pump when you are either outside or inside. Both do not have to be on to turn the

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How To Fix a B&B Model 571 Check Valve Leaking (Alternative)

With a myriad of parts in an RV and trailer, you will always be doing some sort of maintenance to pass your golden years. One of those duties will be to fix a leaky B & B check valve. It may not be

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What Is The Maximum Water Pressure For RV? (Guide)

Most people consider their RV their home or at least their second home. However, that can get confusing as an RV is not built like a traditional home and what works for the latter may not work for the

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Magnesium vs Aluminum: Is Magnesium Anode Rod Better? (Guide)

When you need protection for your water heater, getting the more expensive anode rod option may be the best way to go. These may cost more but they work better and make sure you do not experience foul

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RV Fresh Water Tank Overflows When Connected To City Water

This is a common issue. Believe it or not, it can happen often. Not to one person but to many people who own RVs. There are simple explanations for this issue and they are not hard nor expensive to fix.

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Camco Water Bandit Alternative (Campground Spigot Adapters)

When you have no threads, the Camco Water bandit comes to the rescue. Designed to fit basically any water faucet this adapter makes sure you can hook up to an outdoor faucet no matter where you are. It

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Sealing RV Pipes: How Do You Fix a Leaking RV Plumbing?

No matter if it is a house, an RV, or a trailer, at some point in time, something will leak. Plumbing leaks can be difficult to find as they can be anywhere in your RV or trailer. You just have to follow

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What Size Is an RV Water Heater Drain Plug? (Atwood, Dometic)

When you like doing your own maintenance work on your RV or travel trailer, it is always good to know the sizes of nuts, bolts, and plug heads. That way you can reach for the right tool and get the task

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RV Hot Water Tank Plug Size (Dometic, Atwood)

Even small parts need to have the correct replacement size or you can end up in ‘hot water’. This fact goes for water heater drain plugs as the fit has to be exact or they will not stop any water from

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Jayco Water Filler Inlet: How Do You Fill an RV With Water?

RV makers have made it possible for you to enjoy every aspect of your country. They have built a fresh water tank and they have included plumbing to get water directly from the city. Either way, you should

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