Where Is My RV Water Pump Switch? Water Pump Switch Location

Usually, RVs get 2 pump switches. One is on the outside and one is on the inside. These switches allow you to operate the pump when you are either outside or inside. Both do not have to be on to turn the water pump on

The 2020 Redhawk should have pump switches in two locations. One on the outside near the city water inlet. Then one inside on the command center. Both locations are done for your convenience so you do not have to inside to turn on the water pump or you do you have to go outside to do the same thing.

To learn more about this topic just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can find and operate your pump switch with ease. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

What is The Pump Switch For in My RV?


The water pump switch is for you to operate your water pump at any time. If your RV has 2 pump switches that means you won’t have to go outside if you are inside to turn the pump on and vice versa.

It is a convenience some RV makers have added to more recent RV models. However, there are some RVs that only come with one switch. The owners then wire in a second switch to make it easier for their spouses and themselves when they need to pump water.

When you leave the campground though, you should set your switches to normal so that there is no problem when you are driving. The normal switch activates the inboard system so you do not have to worry about flipping the other switches.

It will be possible for you to forget to switch the system to normal once you have disconnected from the campground. That is normal and happens to a lot of RVers all the time.

Some people just turn their switches off just before they start on the road. It makes for an easier time of it and allows you to use the bathroom when on the road. But do what is comfortable to you and don’t be surprised if you forget to go to normal mode once in a while.

Where is The Water Pump Switch Located?


There should be only 2 locations for the water pump switch. The standard location will be outside near the inlet valves where you connect to city water lines. It is easy to see as it is probably the one that does not light up.

The second switch should be at the command center. This gives you easier access to the water pump operation when you do not want to go outside. Just go to your command center and look for the switch there.

However, we do not guarantee that all RVs and trailers will have their water pump switch in these two locations. Most likely, the one at the outside water inlet valve will be universal.

That is the location where you will need to turn on the water pump as you need to pump in water once you connect to the city water line.

The other location is a bonus and some RV makers may not put one inside as that would be an extra expense that they do not want to pay. The best thing to do is search your RV inside and see if there is a second one put somewhere.

We cannot guarantee that every RV maker will put one in their command centers. It may be near the kitchen sink.

How do I Turn on My RV Water Pump?


The first step in this operation will be to prime the water pump. It is an important step and you have to make sure the water is where it is supposed to be.

To prime the pump, make sure your freshwater tank is full. Then go around to all your faucets and turn them off or make sure they are off. Then turn the kitchen faucet back on.

Step three is to turn the water pump on and let it prime itself. It will take a little time for the water to make it through all the water lines and to your kitchen faucet.

You will see air spitting out of that faucet but leave it on till there is a continuous flow of water and no air spitting. Once that is done you move on to the last step.

Close the kitchen faucet and then do one tap at a time, repeat the process till all the air is purged from the water lines. If you are doing this after you have stored the RV for a while or you are de-winterizing, then make sure the bypass to the water heater is turned off.

If The Water is Not Running


After you prime the water lines and pump, and you still do not get any water from your taps, here is a list of things to check.

1. Your freshwater tank- the gauge may have been wrong and it was not full.

2. Check the water lines- look for loose connections or leaks. Tighten or repair what you find.

3. Check all valves- make sure they are in the right positions

4. Check the water pump fuse- make sure it hasn’t blown yet

5. Check the inlet strainer- make sure it is clean

6. Check the water pump- it may be broken or damaged

Some Final Words

The water pump switch is there to help you. The owner’s manual will give you more details on how to use it and when to use it. Just be happy if you get a second one inside. That will save you the trouble of going outside in your underwear to turn the pump on when you need it.

Also, don’t forget to do some proper maintenance on your water pump so when you flip the switch, it turns on and works normally every time.

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