RV Water Manifold Guide: What Is, Parts, Advantages

These can be a good idea. Water manifold systems may vary but one good aspect of these newer upgrades is it is easier to work on water problems. The different lines are connected to the water manifold and then labeled so you can keep water pressure on the other parts of your RV while fixing another problem.

The biggest advantage you will get from installing one of these devices is that it will clean up your separate water lines and get rid of the crisscrossing of water lines and other plumbing issues. These are called water distribution panels and they come in handy for most RV owners.

To learn more about this device and how it works, just continue to read our article. It has important information so you can decide if this is an upgrade you want to do with your RV. Some owners prefer to keep the black water flush off of these devices.

What is a Water Line Manifold?


This is a device that seems to be a common feature in many different RV models from Class B on up to the big Class A RVs or 5th wheel trailers. What this manifold does is help you manage your fresh water intake.

It provides an easy method for water transportation as well as water distribution. These water line manifolds come in a variety of designs and can be made of plastic or copper pipe.

Some designs sell for as low as $20 approx. While others can sell for as much as $300+. The price you pay will depend on which type of manifold system you want in your RVs basement.

Also, these manifolds help you organize your water lines in your basement, cleaning that up so you have more room inside as well as being able to add other components for other purposes in the same area.

Finally, these manifolds do have the ability, with the right parts, to shut off individual water lines for repair work.

What is The Advantage Of a Water Manifold?


There seem to be quite a few advantages to adding one of these water manifolds to your RV or trailer. The first one is that it can organize all your water lines and clean up the water line area in your basement.

The second advantage would be that it makes water line repair easier. Once installed, you can individually shut off the different water lines without having to cut the water to the entire RV.

Then a third advantage would be that you can raise the water lines up higher and protect them from the freezing temperatures. It is easier for the water lines to freeze when they are down low

A final advantage is that they are fairly compact and do not take up a lot of space. You can re-design the water lines to attach to the manifold and create extra needed space for whatever purpose you may have.

RV Water Manifold Options


Viega seems to be the premier water line manifold manufacturer. They make a variety of manifolds to suit the number of water lines you have in your RV or trailer. They have single-column water manifolds and double-column ones.

The latter has hot outlets on one side and cold on the other. The company does not use water distribution or water manifolds in its products’ names. They call them Manabloc or PureFlow crimp, etc and you can see their products at this link.

We have seen some copper water manifolds but you will have to add a lot of other parts to make those items work. You can see a variety of designs at this link. You can try Nautilus to see if they make any for public sale. They are installed in some Winnebago Class B RVs.

Each company will have its unique designs so you should be able to find something to meet your water line needs in your specific RV unit.

RV Water Manifold Parts


We took the following list from one of the website ads we came across selling the Viegra water manifold system: One (1) 12-port 3/8" Manabloc, installation manual, hot and cold supply valve labels, drill template, T-handle valve key and compression nuts, lock-in inserts, ferrules, and SS insert stiffeners for connecting tubing fixture supply lines.

For those wanting to go with copper water manifolds, the usual check valves, water shut-off valves, and other plumbing parts that go with any plumbing project will be needed.

You will need to pick up any wiring, adhesive, sealant, and tools individually as those items are not included in your purchases. The one thing we do need to say at this point is, to make sure the water manifold is compatible with your brand, make, and model of RV.

This is not a universal fit in some cases.

RV Water Manifold Valve


If you buy the Viegra water manifold, they include a key that manipulates the valves at the connection. The hose is inserted and secured, then the key turns the valve.

For other designs, you may need a check valve and if you are not sure what those are, these valves ensure a one-way flow of water. Just do not install it backward.

The problem with check valves is that they can break fairly easily or they have never worked and have arrived damaged because of poor shipping procedures. This article should help you understand check valves and how they work.

Plus, it tells you how to prevent check valve failure.

Some Additional Words

These water manifolds, no matter their design, should help you organize your water lines and make it easier to repair them if anything should go wrong. The key would be to find the design that will work best in your RV situation.

Some can be quite large because they hold about 8 to 10 hot and cold water connections. See what space you have and then check out the different water manifolds that are on sale in your area.

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