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Magnesium vs Aluminum: Is Magnesium Anode Rod Better? (Guide)

When you need protection for your water heater, getting the more expensive anode rod option may be the best way to go. These may cost more but they work better and make sure you do not experience foul

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Class C RV With Bathtub: Can You Get an RV With a Bathtub?

It is not hard to stay clean when you own an RV. Most models come with a built-in shower, water heater, and sinks. If the smaller ones don’t, they may come with a built-in outdoor shower to make sure

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RV Shower Caulking: How to Waterproof RV Shower Walls

While there are many similarities between a traditional home and an RV or travel trailer, there are differences as well. You need to not assume that everything will be the same because different circumstances

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Installing a Shower In a Pop-Up Camper (Shower Toilet Combo)

With the right tools & parts just about anything is possible. Add in a little skill and knowledge and it is possible to add alterations to your pop-up camper. The question will be is ‘do you have

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Finding a Pop-Up Camper Shower Curtain (DIY, Coleman, Jayco)

Privacy is important. That is especially so when you are trying to use the shower inside a pop-up camper. You need a good shower curtain to make sure you have some ‘walls’ between you and the rest

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Complete RV Bathroom Dimensions: Shower, Door, Drain, Curtain

You may complain that your built-in bathroom is tiny, but there are some RV models out there that do not include a bathroom in their floor plans. Everything is done outside or in a shared setting. That

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Where is and How to Open an RV Low Point Drain Valve

There is a valve for just about everything. When you go through your RV you will notice one thing. The manufacturers have placed a valve just about everywhere they could. This is done to make sure your

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How to Fix an RV Shower Leak (Hose, Faucet, Head, and More)

Having an RV is a great way to bring your home on the road with you. You can avoid messy public bathrooms and showers and stay more relaxed. Even if leaks occur in your bathroom shower, you still have

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How Long Does RV Shower Last? (The Ultimate Guide)

Hot showers are relaxing. They are a luxury of life that few can do without. When you take a good long hot shower, you feel better, your body feels better and you can enjoy the rest of the day. You can

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How to Repair RV Shower Walls (Cracked, Loose, Leaking)

You have spent a lot of money purchasing your RV. Over the years you got a lot of good use out of it. Now to continue to get great use, you need to do a few repairs to make sure it remains in top condition.How

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