RV-Shower-Pan-Sizes-How -o-Measure-RV-Shower-Pan-(Guide)

RV Shower Pan Sizes: How To Measure RV Shower Pan (Guide)

When they have a shower pan problem, many RV and trailer owners repair their old shower pans. One method added 50 to 60 pounds to their trailer. It is a lot of work especially when you can buy and install a shower pan with a lot less effort.

It is not hard to measure your shower pan but there are 3 measurements to take. The two sides and the depth of the drain are all needing to be measured to get the right fit. Good thing there are lots of shower pans on sale for RVs.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It discusses this topic and gives you a few options to consider for your RV and trailer. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you replace your shower pan.

What Sizes do Shower Pans Come In?


There is good news here. RV and trailer shower pans come in all sizes. You just have to measure your current one and then go out to the different stores and shop around. You should not have any problem finding a shower pan for your RV, etc.

Places like Amazon will have quite a variety of shower pan sizes so you can peruse that marketplace and get an idea of what you want before you go out and buy.

Common RV Shower Pan Sizes


It is hard to say which shower pans are the common size as all RVs are made differently and the size of the bathroom will dictate the size of the shower pan. However, you can find many 19 by 21 inches in size.

You can also find them 31 by 31 inches or 24 by 26 inches in size. Floor plans may influence the size of your shower area so do not take one person’s word for your size and measure before you start your search.

RV Shower Pan 24 x 24

One of the first places to look will be Amazon. This marketplace sells a variety of shower pans of this size. All you have to do is find a style that fits your shower and then make your purchase. The installation will be another matter and you may need some help to do that part.

RV Shower Pan 32 x 32

One thing to remember is that no matter the size of the shower pan you need, you can find it at any of the links we will place here. In this case, RV Parts Country has this size in stock. Whether the price fits your budget or not is another matter.

RV Shower Pan 34 x 34

Next up is a website called RV Shower Pan and it has a variety of pan sizes for you to look at. It may take some searching to find a 34 by 34-inch RV shower pan but that company should have one. They have all the other sizes.

RV Shower Pan 24'' x 40 Left Drain

One of the tricky aspects of replacing your shower pan is finding the location of your drain. It is left, right, and center, and e-trailer has the left drain in this size.

RV Shower Pan 24'' x 36

Lippert has an online store where you can buy different shower pans. This size is found at the link in the name and will cost you about $300

RV Shower Pan 30 x 36

Trekwood RV Parts and Supply is another location for you to buy a shower pan in these dimensions.

How To Measure An RV Shower Pan


The best way to measure would be to use a tape measure. The side to side measurements are easy and It would be just like measuring any room, countertop, or box.

The hard part is measuring the depth. In this case, you need to hold the end of the tape measure on the drain and then extend the tape up till you reach level with the top of the sides.

That will get you the exact measurements you need to have your new shower pan fit. Measure twice to make sure before you go out and buy. Return policies are not always customer friendly.

Measure For An RV Diamond Shower Pan


The basic way to measure this design is to measure all the sides. Then you need to measure from the walls to the drain to get the right location of the drain. Always use a tape measure as that is the easiest tool to use.

A ruler will only give you approximations and that will not be good enough to find a replacement shower pan. Make sure you measure each side accurately to get the right fit.

How To Measure Hexagon RV Shower Pan


This is done in pretty much the same way as the diamond pan. You want to measure all the dies to make sure the replacement fits in the exact spot the old one did. There may be a small side which is important to measure as getting that too long or too short will mean another trip to the store.

The key is to take your time and write down your measurements. Draw a little diagram so when you go to buy, you can match up the diagram to the model on sale.

Some Final Words

Many RV owners tend to fix their current shower pan. It is just easier and there are some good tips out there that will help you keep the same dimensions and look.

If you want more information on RV and trailer bathrooms, read our article on this topic at this link. That article goes beyond the shower pan and helps you get the information you need when you are redoing your own.

Keep in mind that many RV makers may sell spare parts through their dealers so all you would need is the part number and your RV’s model number to get an exact match.

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