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Buying-an-Older-Class-C-Motorhome-11-70s-80s-RV- to-Buy

Buying an Older Class C Motorhome (11 70s-80s RVs to Buy)

Old and used isn't bad. In fact, if you go through the used RV ads, you can find a gem of a vehicle and pay far less than if you bought a new one. The extra savings can go for other activities or food

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How to Build a Foamy Camper (Foamie Camper Weight and Guide)

A foamy trailer is something that may come in handy. They are cheap to build as well.These campers are easy to build. A bit time-consuming as you have to put layers of canvas over the foam boards, then

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Semi Truck RV Conversion: Can I Pull an RV With a Semi?

It might seem like overkill, but it can be done. You may not have considered using a big rig to tow an RV but many people have and they seem to have a lot of success at doing it. The major issue will be

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Van High Top Roof Conversion Guide, Installers, and Kits

Customizing can be fun. No matter what car, van, or truck you own altering its look, performance and power is always an option. Plus, it is a lot of fun as you get to make the selections of parts, colors,

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Ford Expedition Camper Conversion: Guide, Tips, Accessories

The design you pick will depend on the type of lifestyle you want to live. Not everyone can fit into a Ford Expedition conversion so you have to be careful in how you want yours to look. These vehicles

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How to Keep Your Face Warm While Sleeping (Head, Neck, Nose)

All you need is a good sleeping bag to wrap around you and you can stay nice and warm. However, the face is in an awkward position and holds your ability to breathe. That configuration makes it difficult

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Living in a PT Cruiser Camper: Making a Bed and Conversion

It is good to know that you can use your PT Cruiser as a nice bedroom and living quarters. A car is a car and they all can be used as beds at some point in time.This really is not a tough project to do.

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How to Build a DIY Trailer Tongue Box (Ideas & Helpful Guide)

The name may sound a bit weird but it has a very practical use. These boxes provide extra storage when you need them. Plus, they ride on the tongue so you are not losing any valuable trailer space anywhere

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Cargo Van vs Passenger Van – Conversion to Camper Guide

When you want to DIY, having a nice project helps fill in those spare weekend hours or retirement days when there is nothing to do. Converting a van into a camper is a very constructive project that can

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Is Jayco a Good Brand? (Jayco vs Forest River Comparison)

When you compare different manufacturers and products, there will never be a clear winner in the debate. That is because which one is best is more subjective than objective. But that won’t stop us from

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Travel Trailer with Washer and Dryer: Our Top 5 Ranking

Even going traveling in an RV does not give the wife a break from doing some of her normal duties. But with the built-in washers and dryers many TT have, you can help her out and make her vacation even

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RV Lease: How to Rent to Own an RV (Pros and Cons Explained)

RVs are just like houses. You can by one, sell one, you can even rent one. But that is not all, just like traditional homes, you can rent to own an RV and slide gracefully into that RV life you have always

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How to Buy a Used RV Tips: How Much, When, Best State, Sites

Personally, I love traveling. I like to allow myself to travel for miles on end, without having to stay in hotels too much. For this purpose, I began buying RVs prominently. Some of these were new, some

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How to Winterize an RV With Antifreeze (The Complete Guide)

If you own an RV, then you must know that this type of vehicle requires winterization. Now, there are several ways to winterize an RV, but the safest way to do it is with RV antifreeze.If you’re not

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