Living in a PT Cruiser Camper: Making a Bed and Conversion

It is good to know that you can use your PT Cruiser as a nice bedroom and living quarters. A car is a car and they all can be used as beds at some point in time.

This really is not a tough project to do. The first step is deciding on the design. You will want to make the most use out of the small amount of room you have. Then you need to pick the best materials to have the conversion last you a long time.

To learn more about converting your PT Cruiser into a nice camper, just continue to read our article. It has the information to help you get off on the right foot and plan the best conversion possible.

Sleeping in a PT Cruiser


If you are tall, this may not be the most comfortable option but at least you will have a nice place to sleep. The key will be in blocking out the light at night. You will also need to worry about a little privacy as anyone can see inside if you do not cover those windows.

The good news is that sleeping in your PT Cruiser can be done if you have a little imagination. You will have to plan every detail and make sure you can fit in any extras. The biggest problem will be storage compartments. You may be lacking in those items when you want to rest for a while.

How to Make a Bed in a PT Cruiser


If you are not married to the back seats, those are the first items that need to be removed from your car. Removing the back seats, not folding them down, will give you a lot more space to work with and help you get better design ideas.

After removing the seats, you have to deal with any dips on the floor. You can do this by adding in extra foam to fill up those dips or make a platform out of 3/4 inch plywood.

The latter is best as you can raise the platform up and solve your storage issue at the same time. Once you have the platform, you just pick the foam padding or mattress you want and lay it on top.

Add a couple of pillows and you are done. The difficult part will be cutting the plywood to fit the interior design of the Cruiser.

PT Cruiser Camper Conversion Ideas


The problem you will run into will be your height. PT Cruisers are not exactly known to be long vehicles. It is possible that no matter which design you use, you will be cramped inside.

One idea would be to remove the back seat. This is an idea that all conversions will have. There is no getting around this option. Next, you can lay out enough foam along the floor of the vehicle to level the bed out, but this only works if you do not need other items inside the back half of the car.

If you are alone then you have a little more room to work with. You would have half the back to use for important camping items. The next best idea would be to build a platform bed as that will increase your storage space and allow you to have those important items nearby.

Making a PT Cruiser Into a Camper


As you can see, there are limited options at your disposal. The best conversion idea would be to build a platform bed as that would double your usable space. When turning your PT Cruiser into a camper, you are going to have to make some hard decisions.

Those decisions revolve around what are you going to leave out? The space issue will be your toughest challenge and you will need to make accommodations to handle where you put all the items you leave in.

One idea that will get you the most space is to turn the vehicle into a trailer. That way you have the front area to use. All you have to do is cut off the engine compartment and attach a solid trailer hook.

Living in a PT Cruiser


This is not going to be easy. The biggest problem after making the conversion is where are you going to park. 50 years ago, it may have been safe to camp out in your car and park anywhere you want.

That is not the case anymore. Plus, you have to factor in issues like what facilities will you use and where. How are you going to cook your food and so on. If you use the platform bed idea, you have places to store needed items like camp stoves, propane tanks, and cooking fear.

PT Cruiser Tent Attachment


This would be a good investment to make. Not only do you get more room to sleep, but you also do not have to convert the interior of your car. These tents are large enough to sleep up to 2 or 4 people and they attach to your hatchback so you have easy access to your supplies.

In addition to those benefits, you get extra doors to use, large windows for airflow as well as privacy. If you want even more space, just buy an awning that will attach to the roof of your car.

These are very practical and provide you with more comfort and living space.

Some Final Words

It is a shame to have to destroy a nice car like the PT Cruiser but some situations demand that it be done. The key is to use your head and make a plan so you can utilize the space you have available. It will be a tight fit and options are limited.

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