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DIY Wooden Battery Box: How To Make a Wooden Battery Box

Innovation can be old-school. When doing projects yourself, it is okay to go old-school. Too many people are looking for that better mousetrap when they build their own items. However, that better mousetrap

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Can I Charge My RV Battery While It Is Connected? (Trickle)

Batteries do not always last as long as you want them to. Eventually, you will have to recharge them so they can do their work. Charging batteries is a simple chore but is it okay to recharge the battery

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Optima Battery For RV: Which Optima Battery Is Best For RVs?

There is always some controversy over which battery you should use in your RV or trailer. The controversy is usually over preference and not actual performance. Some batteries do work better in RVs, etc.,

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F04, F05, F02, F03 Battery Charger Codes: What Does F03 Mean?

Different brands of battery chargers may not use the same codes or definitions. Error codes are up to the discretion of the company making the battery chargers or other devices sometimes they are the same

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Duralast vs Interstate: Is Duralast or Interstate Better?

In most comparisons, you will find that the end result is always a matter of preference. Whether one battery is actually better than another is not the deciding factor. It is the experience one has with

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Fleetwood RV Battery Wiring: How Should RV Batteries Be Wired?

When it comes to RV life making sure you have power is essential. That means that you do need to know how to wire your RV batteries correctly. It is not hard and basic electronics but you would be surprised

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Finding a DC24MF Battery Replacement (Centennial Deep Cycle)

Batteries go by groups. This is the set-up for battery production and sales. When you are looking for a new battery, the group number is very important. It tells you a lot about the construction of the

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123 vs 123A Batteries: Are 123 And 123A Batteries The Same?

Whenever you see a name change for the same product, it is easy to assume that there must be a difference. However, that difference may be so minuscule you wonder why they changed the name in the first

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Does Leaving Keys In the Ignition Drain Battery? (Guide)

It depends on the type of ignition system you have. With older cars, the ones without electronic key fobs, leaving the key in the ignition did nothing but prove you have a bad memory. As long as the key

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Are Chins Batteries Any Good? (Chins 300ah Battery Reviews)

There are many RV owners that have found Chins Batteries to be very good. Of course, they are taking the word of Will Prowse for the level of quality of this battery (watch the video at the end of

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GC2-XHD-UTL Replacement: Is The Interstate GC2-XHD-UTL Good?

Do you believe the salesman or not? It is a fair question as the salesman may know a thing or two about the different products they sell. However, when they are saying the product they are selling is better

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12v vs 6v For RV House: Why Use 6-Volt Batteries in RVs?

The same voltage but other advantages. You will come across many RV owners that swear by using 2 6-volt batteries over 1 12-volt model. They may be correct as using two smaller batteries can have advantages

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How To Add a Second Battery To My RV (Wiring and Setup Guide)

It can be done. If your RV or travel trailer needs more power, then you can get a second battery to give it a boost. The key will be to wire the batteries properly so you do not have a short . Wiring correctly

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27 vs 31: Difference Between Group 27 And Group 31 Batteries

Battery makers have made buying a battery for a car, RV, or trailer more of an adventure. Not only do you need the right voltage to get everything to work but you also need the right group size. 27 and

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