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GC2-XHD-UTL Replacement: Is The Interstate GC2-XHD-UTL Good?

Do you believe the salesman or not? It is a fair question as the salesman may know a thing or two about the different products they sell. However, when they are saying the product they are selling is better

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12v vs 6v For RV House: Why Use 6-Volt Batteries in RVs?

The same voltage but other advantages. You will come across many RV owners that swear by using 2 6-volt batteries over 1 12-volt model. They may be correct as using two smaller batteries can have advantages

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How To Add a Second Battery To My RV (Wiring and Setup Guide)

It can be done. If your RV or travel trailer needs more power, then you can get a second battery to give it a boost. The key will be to wire the batteries properly so you do not have a short . Wiring correctly

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27 vs 31: Difference Between Group 27 And Group 31 Batteries

Battery makers have made buying a battery for a car, RV, or trailer more of an adventure. Not only do you need the right voltage to get everything to work but you also need the right group size. 27 and

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