Optima Battery For RV: Which Optima Battery Is Best For RVs?

There is always some controversy over which battery you should use in your RV or trailer. The controversy is usually over preference and not actual performance. Some batteries do work better in RVs, etc., but not always for everyone.

One of the better Optima batteries you can use is the blue top one. The company makes 3 different colored batteries and the Blue is the one that is recommended for RVs and boats. But not everyone will agree with that recommendation.

To learn more about this debate, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can select the right Optima battery for your RV life. The final choice is usually a matter of finances and preference.

Are Optima Batteries Good For RVs?


Yes, they are and you will find both the blue and the red colored batteries on different top best lists for RV batteries. Optima makes 3 batteries, red, blue, and yellow, and the yellow has not appeared on the top best lists yet.

In one list the red option is placed as the best overall and on another it is placed at #4 and the blue was given the #10 spot. The warning about the red battery was that it is best for medium to small sized RVs and may not be the best option for larger ones.

Generally, the red-colored battery is a starter battery for those times when you do not have or need a big electrical load. It may not be good for a winch or large light use.

The blue is the one that is designed more for marine and RV vehicles and boats. You can get the blue battery in two versions. There are the starting and the deep cycle models and pick the one that does the job for you.

While some people may disagree with RV owners using the Optima battery in their RVs, there are enough owners that counter that opinion and say this brand worked well for them

Which Optima Battery is Best For An RV?


This is what were were just talking about. The blue is said to be the one that is built for RV use. It can be used for marine applications as well and you can get them in two versions to meet any power needs you may have.

What makes this question confusing is that just about every reviewer has their own opinion on which battery is best for RVs. On a Field and Stream list, the reviewer picked the Yellow Optima battery as the best one for RVs.

His reasons for naming it the best overall were- Sealed, maintenance-free battery, Fast recharge rates, and over 300 recharges. The drawbacks he listed were not enough to overcome those positives.

He felt it was too expensive and does its best work when attached to a battery tender. In all of these review lists, you have the conclusion that no matter which Optima battery you buy, you are getting one of the best models possible.

We say one of the best because these lists compare a variety of battery models and brands. When it comes to deep cycling, another reviewer selected both the yellow and blue Optima batteries confirming what we just said.

Optima makes good batteries that are compatible and top-tier levels for RV use. However, not everyone agrees with that assessment and they prefer other brands.

Optima Deep Cycle Battery For RV


This would be the yellow and the blue options. The former color is a true deep-cycle battery that is made for heavy electrical loads, including winches and large lights. It is also good for high-powered stereo systems.

The blue, as we described earlier, is more of a starting battery that does not require a lot of power in the beginning. But Optima also makes this colored battery in the deep cycle version so it may just be on par with the yellow one.

The blue model is a multi-purpose battery that can handle both starting and deep cycle duties. Then since it I a sealed battery, you can mount it just about anywhere you have room and still get great performance.

On top of that versatility, it is a no maintenance battery that does not need any work. It will bring you power no matter what throughout its lifetime. That offers a bit of peace of mind when you do not want to buy a new battery any time soon.

The blue battery is said to be a very reasonably priced option. It should fit most budgets and last a long time. You are also supposed to get up to a 36-month warranty but that remains to be seen as your warranty claim process can be complicated.

Are AGM Batteries Worth it For RV?


The letters AGM stand for Absorbed Glass Mat and those words tell you that if you took the battery apart you would find fiberglass matting inside. This matting is supposed to help stop leaks and make the battery a little more durable.

Also, the other construction materials are supposed to be hydrogen and oxygen which is designed to stop corrosion. Since AGM batteries are usually sealed, you should not have to do very much maintenance over their lifespan.

The benefits you get from using this battery type are that it is virtually vibration proof, durable, spill proof, and can be recharged very quickly. Those are key characteristics most RV owners like to see.

Two additional features that make the AGM battery popular are, one, this battery is not supposed to produce gas. This means you can use it inside your RV without too much risk. Then, two, it has the ability to work in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Of course, your experience may not produce those benefits but this is what you are supposed to experience. Not all AGM batteries are made to the best quality standards and you may pick up one that does not meet expectations due to its inferior construction.

Pick a reputable brand, like Optima, to make sure you are getting the battery that is worth using in your RV.

What is the difference between a red top and a Yellow Top OPTIMA Battery?


The biggest difference you will see is that the red top battery is a starter battery and the yellow top model is a deep cycle option. The next difference is that the red battery, like the blue one, needs a functioning alternator and no heavy electrical loads at start-up.

The yellow battery can work with or without an alternator and it does not matter if there is a heavy electrical load or not. It should start everything as it should be and you can go about your day.

If you are not sure what a starter battery does, just think of your car. You get in, place the key in the ignition, turn it on, and drive to work, then turn the engine off.

The only electrical load on the battery is the starting system in your engine. Then the alternator recharges the battery while you drive. The starter battery is designed to work for only a few seconds, just long enough to start your vehicle.

The deep cycle battery has more power to it and is designed to operate for minutes not seconds. This battery model is designed to power those devices, like a winch, that need the power till they have done their work.

Another name for this type of situation is deep drain and these deep drains are usually too powerful for starter batteries. However, the deep cycle battery can handle both its deep drain duty and starter duty making it the better option in most cases.

When To Use an Optima battery


The red battery is a starter model and it is for those moments you start your vehicle. It is also good for those electrical loads that can be handled by the alternator, and just about any electrical situation that does not demand lots of power to work.

The yellow battery is to be used for all electrical starting and operating situations that require a lot of power for more than a few seconds. It does double duty and removes the need for the red starting battery.

The blue battery handles both jobs but you need the right colored top as they are different models. The light grayish top is the deep cycle option and the dark grayish top is the starter version.

Some Additional Words

It is okay to buy and use an Optima battery in your RV. Doesn’t matter if other people do not like it, this is a good battery brand that should work well for you.

As explained, you have 3 Optima battery options so all you have to do is figure out what you need the battery for and select the right color to fill that purpose. All you have to do then is check the price to see if it is reasonable or not.

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