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DIY Pop Up Camper Canvas Replacement (Cost, How To Replace)

Canvas is a heavy and thick fabric. This is the first factor you need to consider when attempting this DIY project. It is not a material you can easily sew by hand and you may end up quitting before you

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How to Set Up Awning On Pop Up Camper (Starcraft, Viking…)

Extra living space is what awnings provide when you have a smaller camper. Those extra square feet come in handy when you want to sit back relax and just enjoy the area you are camping in. But setting

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Best Pop Up Camper Sheets: What Size Sheets For Pop Up Camper?

Part of a good night’s sleep is having the right bed sheets on your mattress. This is an easy task to do when you own a traditional bed. It's not so easy when you have a 4-inch foam mattress and a pop-up

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Pop-Up Camper Roof? (Tips)

They say that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. But that is not always the case. Pop-up trailers are small and do not have large roofs so you should be able to afford to repair the one on your

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Finding a Pop-Up Camper Mattress Replacement (How To Change)

Soft or firm. How you like your mattress to be is totally up to you. Some like the mattress soft and others like them more firm. No matter what type of mattress you like to sleep on, everyone agrees that

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40 Watt Solar For RV: What Can a 40-Watt Solar Panel Power?

Alternative power sources come in handy. When you want to run smaller electrical items, having a secondary power source will help. The key is to make sure that the power source will provide enough energy

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Pop Up Camper Electric Lift Conversion Vs Buying New

Everyone eventually reaches that age where having a little extra help is essential. They just don't have the strength to lift their pop-up camper to full height and there is no one else around to help.

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What Body Filler to Use on Fiberglass (14 Options and Guide)

Getting the trailer fixed. Many RV and trailer owners become DIY experts. Instead of paying the professional, they do the work themselves. This includes working with fiberglass. It is not a difficult project

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Fixing Tail Lights Not Working: RV Tail Light Wiring Diagram

When you are going to be towing a nice, expensive trailer, one thing you will need is working tail lights. You need to get that connection put together just right or you may find that your tail lights

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Does The Length of a Travel Trailer Include The Hitch?

This is an ongoing debate. What adds to the debate is that many manufacturers measure their own way. If you do not know this, you may be confused when you do some comparison shopping. The length of the

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