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DIY Homemade Truck Camper Tie Downs (How To Tie Down)

There will be those times when the commercially made tie downs just won’t work for your camper set up. Or they are just too expensive to buy. That is where being a DIY expert comes in handy. Improvising

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Parking Brake Valve Leaking Air (Won’t Pop or Not Holding)

Even modern systems break down. It happens and it will continue to happen. The key is to know what needs to be fixed and where to get the right parts to make the repair.Some amount of air leakage is to

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Front Hitch Motorcycle Carrier Options (Helpful Guide)

Having the air flow through your hair that makes motorcycle riding romantic and adventurous. These 2-wheeled vehicles are great for fun as well as going into town for errands. They also save on fuel as

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Schematic Air Parking Brake Valve Diagram (Bendix, Sealco)

There are different types of brakes for different vehicles. Air brakes are usually found in heavy-duty vehicles because they are better than brake pads. These air brakes work with compressed air which

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Which FICO Score Is Used For RV Loans? Can I Get An RV Loan?

It is a credit score world. When you are looking to finance anything, your credit score contributes to the final decision. Every major purchase will be influenced by your credit score and the bank’s

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Finding a 1988 Cadillac Starstreak Motorhome For Sale (Value)

If you ever look at the history of RVs, you will find a lot of creativity in the design and features used over the years. The word unique is the best word to use for the 1988 Cadillac Starstreak.When it

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ISO 46 vs AW 46 Hydraulic Oil: Are ISO And AW Oil The Same?

When you are looking at buying this type of oil, you will run into these two types. While they both do a good job of lubricating machine and heavy equipment parts, they are not necessarily the same. There

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1985 Chevy Winnebago Minnie E350 Guide (Minnie Winnie Value)

These vehicles may be old but they still have value. Generally, they are smaller RVs so they are easier to drive. The two drawbacks to owning a vintage RV is there may be a lot of repair work and many

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What Is Fault Code SPN 1067 FMI 7? (Brake Signal Sensor 1)

One thing about modern technology is that it develops special equipment for different vehicles. In this case, the special equipment will be for medium and heavy-duty trucks. You may not have to worry about

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ABS Bendix Fault Code List (Troubleshooting and Reset Guide)

When it comes to fault code lists, there are many manufacturers that have created their own. While they relate to the standard SPN and FMI codes, some of these lists can be confusing if you are not paying

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Suing RV Manufacturer: Smith vs Nexus RV Lawsuit (Guide)

One of the biggest mistakes consumers make is taking the manufacturer’s word for their product. In the case of RVs and trailers, this is a big mistake because the lack of quality in their construction

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Is Rexhall Motorhomes Still In Business? (What Happened)

It is a dog-eat-dog world. You may run across many RV companies that seem to appear for only a short time in the RV industry and then disappear over the horizon. It is a very competitive industry when

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RV Shocks Koni vs Bilstein: Best Shocks For Class A Motorhome

You get what you paid for. That has been the go-to mantra whenever someone compares two products. In this case, it may hold true as the more expensive shocks seem to be better than the cheaper ones. But

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How Long Do RV Shocks Last? (When To Replace RV Shocks)

It may not be the road that is causing all the rough and bumpy ride. It could be that your old shocks need to be replaced. You can tell when they need replacing by the continual up-and-down motion after

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Trailer Brake Replacement Cost: How Often and The Fair Price

When you own an RV or trailer, be prepared to be quoted higher than usual brake and other repair prices. It seems that the people doing the work go very high on their services because they feel you can

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How To Open Pop-Up Camper Without Crank (Raise Broken Pop-Up)

You are out at your camping spot and you are going through your tools and you suddenly realize, you forgot the crank. Don’t feel bad, many pop-up camper owners have done the same thing. When you realize

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3.31 vs 3.55 Axle Ratio: Difference Between 3.31 And 3.55

It’s a matter of numbers and purpose. When your truck is empty and you are not towing, there is little difference between these two axle ratios. But when you are towing, you will see a slight difference

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What Is the ACTIVE Network Credit Card Charge? (Refund)

It may be deceptive marketing. The different retail and credit card companies have many tricks they can use to make money off of you. That is if you do not notice or read the fine print when you sign up

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Tesla Towing a Generator? (Tesla With a Generator On Back)

If you are going to do this, be prepared to face a lot of ridicule and taunts. These will take place even though it is a good idea to use the generator for warming up the engine and interior. But the conflicting

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Leer Locker Price, Dimensions, Capacity, Review (Guide)

Everyone needs more storage. One of the biggest problems when it comes to the RV lifestyle is finding enough storage. It has been a problem for about 100 years now. But there is only so much room you have

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Does Anyone Make a 3/4-Ton SUV? (3/4 Ton Suburban or Yukon)

It seems that GM ventured into this market area with two models from 2003 to 2013. The models they chose to build were the Full sized Suburban and Yukon XL. While the Suburban is still around, it may not

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Washing Machine Fire Pit Danger: Is It Safe To Use?

It is a logical move to make. It turns out that many RV owners have improvised and used a washing machine drum as a nice fire pit. Why not? It is made of stainless steel and won’t burn and it is a nice

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List of Toy Haulers With a 22-Foot Garage For Sale

It may be an impossible search. There are some people who need more than the standard 10 to 14-foot garage space many production toy haulers come with. While the toy haulers with larger garages are called

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Finding a 12 Volt Heat Tape For RV (How To Make a Heat Tape)

The product may not be called heat tape. While everyone uses those two words to describe the product they are looking for. The real name seems to be heat cable or some form of the term heat in their name.

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Finding HyperVent Alternative Options (Mattress Underlay)

You may not have heard of Hypervent materials before but it is a type of vapor barrier that blocks condensation. This material prevents condensation from forming and in turn prevents mold and mildew from

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Will Brake Cleaner Kill Wasps? (Carb Cleaner To Kill Wasps)

Wasps like to build nests where it is safe for them and not convenient for you. When that happens you need a self-defense weapon to get rid of those wasps. This weapon can come from an unlikely source,

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Does Lysol Kill Wasps? (Household Cleaners to Kill Wasps)

When you have a wasp problem, you are not limited to using just bug spray. After all, that bug spray may not be as effective as the can says. Many commercial products are not as strong as they once were

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Can I Reuse Antifreeze? (How Many Times and How To Guide)

Anti-freeze costs add up. If you like to pinch pennies, then reusing your anti-freeze may be an idea you have mulled over. It may seem like a waste to use the liquid only once and then toss it out. But

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Axle Serial Number Lookup: Reading Dexter Axle Serial Numbers

There does not seem to be a standard place for these serial numbers as some owners can find them and other owners cannot. You can look for the laser-etched serial number on the square cross tube but that

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Where Is The Air Governor Located? (Freightliner, Cummins)

Air brakes need monitors. That is what the air governor does. It monitors the air pressure inside the air brake system. When there is enough pressure, it shuts the system down. When there is too little

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Spartan Mower Electric Fault Code List and Guide (12, 39, 44)

If your RV or motorhome is permanently located, you may have a nice lawn surrounding it. That lawn requires that you keep it trimmed all the time. That duty means you need a top lawn mower and Spartan

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Can You Bring Bear Spray Into Canada? (Helpful Guide)

There is no such thing as a dumb question. Many people have not traveled to Canada, and if they have in the past, it may be decades earlier. Rules change and you need to know the answers before you get

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Does RV Antifreeze Go Bad? (Expiration Date and Shelf Life)

It is all about proper storage. This is something you know about due to other products that can last a long time when stored properly. While it is hard for antifreeze to go bad, proper storage can help

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Symptoms Of Bad Air Governor: Is My Air Governor Bad? (Guide)

Not all air compressors have governors. You will find that a normal air compressor used to power tools does not have one. But your vehicle or RV will have one when you have air brakes. It is an important

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Is RV Antifreeze Safe To Drink? (For Pets, and Septic System)

Have a little common sense. We are not going to get preachy but with all the weird trends and fads inspired by different social media outlets, we will say it is not a good thing to drink RV antifreeze.

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Homemade DIY RV Antifreeze Recipes (Helpful Guide and Tips)

Just about every commercial product you need is going to cost you some big dollars. Even the smaller amounts tend to add up if you buy enough of them. The way to save money is to start making your own

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RV Antifreeze Ingredients: What Is RV Antifreeze Made Of?

On the commercial market, you do not have much of a selection to choose from. The ingredients for each of the three are very basic. Of course, different brands may add their own ingredients but generally,

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Is There a Carfax For RVs? (How To Check RV History)

Getting a used vehicle’s history. This is important when you want to avoid paying more money for repairs or title and other problems. Getting a history of the used vehicle makes sure you know what is

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Finding Thor Parts Catalog List (Where To Buy Online)

You won’t find it at Thor. The company is said to be not a factory direct retailer. We checked their website and they do not offer any parts for sale to the public. To get Thor parts you need to go through

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Jayco Camper Sink Cover: Finding RV Sink Covers For Sale

It is extra counter space. When you cover your RV’ or trailer’s sink, you get a little more space to work on. It may not be much but even that little bit helps. When you need the sink, you can easily

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Travel Trailer Abbreviation Codes: What Does BHWE Stand For?

RVers talk in code. It is the same for many different industries and you may be familiar with this setup if you use a computer and social media a lot. Just like computer geeks, RVers have developed their

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Under RV Heater Options: Can I Put a Heater Under My RV?

Every owner will have a different idea. There are many heating options you can choose from. Some are very good and others not so good. But be forewarned, when you pick an option expect other owners to

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DIY RV Sink Cover: How To Make RV Sink Cover (Helpful Guide)

RV kitchens are small. If you have ever owned or been in one you know how small they can be. That means you need to come up with some creative ideas to expand that counter space. One idea would be to make

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Hitch Weight vs Dry Weight: What Does Dry Hitch Weight Mean?

One of the more frustrating things about towing a trailer is all the abbreviations and the many weight limits you have to be concerned about. Fortunately, the dry and hitch weights do not have abbreviations

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Finding an RV Stove Cover (Jayco, Atwood, Dometic, Homemade)

You will find, if you do your own search, an endless supply of stove covers for RVs. They come in different shapes and different ways to cover your burners. The hardest part of this project is deciding

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RV Hidden Gun Safes and Gun Storage Ideas (Helpful Guide)

It is a controversial topic. But it is an important one as RV owners need to be legal when they travel to different states. Owning a gun is not wrong nor is having one in your RV or trailer. What is wrong

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How Often To Grease Dexter EZ Lube Axles (How To Guide)

When you forget to grease your bearings, you will find that the smooth operation of your RV or travel trailer does not take place. Keep a maintenance schedule so you can check the grease levels regularly

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Dexter EZ Lube Axle Reviews: Are Dexter Trailer Axles Good?

Whenever anyone asks if a company’s products are any good, the answer depends on the experience of the person being asked. Dexter Axles have been in business for over 50 years. They would not last that

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What Is Quiet Time at a Campground? (Generator Noise Limit)

Quiet time is a rule. At most campgrounds, you will find that they have instituted a mandatory quiet time for all campers. The reason they do this is that many of their guests shave to get up early the

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Is Super Tech RV Antifreeze Good? (Supertech Reviews)

To some antifreeze is antifreeze. Just as long as it works, the average RV owner is happy. Some prefer the Walmart Super Tech because it is cheaper and comes in a 2.5-gallon jug. To them, that is the perfect

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Forest River RV Replacement Windows: How To Measure & Replace

Window replacement may not be cheap. That is because RV companies may have strict policies on what happens in these situations. If you are not still under warranty,k the cost can get extremely high. Check

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Inside Bike Camper: Carrying Bikes Inside a Travel Trailer

Depending on your travel trailer, you may not have a lot of space to put your bikes. This means you may have to get a little innovative and find unique spots for those bikes. Of course, the number of bikes

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Helpful Guide: Sales Tax on RV in California (Luxury Tax)

Whether you like it or not, there is a tax somewhere in every state. The problem is that these tax assessments are never fair. Even in the state of California, the sales tax is not really that fair. It

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RV Sales Tax By State (How Do You Avoid Sales Tax On an RV?)

The dreaded sales tax. Some countries in the world hide the sales tax in the purchase price. That way you see one price and pay that price. However, in America & Canada, the sales tax is added afterward.

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What Is The Smallest 5th Wheel With Front Living Room?

The smallest 5th Wheel trailer would be the Scamp 19-foot Deluxe model. However, in that small space do not expect to see a front living room. Despite its small size, it will sleep 6 people. But when you

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RV U-Shaped Dinette Guide (Replacement For Sale, Dimensions)

The U-shaped dinette table is a staple of the RV industry. It is a way to save space while serving a maximum number of people. The problem is that it is not the most comfortable seating option or the most

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What Size Socket For Water Heater Element? (Element Tool)

Tools are required. Not just any tool but the right one at the right size for the job. It is important to go with the right size as some RV parts are slightly smaller than similar parts on the same appliance.

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How To Remove Water Heater Element Without Element Wrench

It is not the end of the world. If you do not have an RV water heater element wrench, all is not lost. You can still remove the bad element by using other tools in your tool box. It just might take a little

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Does Tractor Supply Have a Dog Washing Station? (How To Use)

Keeping your dog clean. It can be a chore when you are on the road, especially when your dog is larger than the shower. You could bathe him or her outside but why not treat your pet to a great bath by

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No Water Pressure in RV Kitchen Sink (Why and How To Solve)

Turning your kitchen tap on when you are ready to do some clean-up and no water comes out. Not a great feeling especially when you like everything neat and clean. But the fix may not be as difficult as

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RV Furrion Backup Camera Alternative (Furrion Compatible)

When you are on a tight budget, you can’t always go with a name brand no matter how good their products are. The good news here is that there are plenty of inexpensive backup camera alternatives that

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Hydraulic Arms For RV Bed: What Size RV Bed Lift Struts?

RV beds are extra storage space. That is the unique thing about beds in trailers and RVs. You can just lift them up and pack some extra clothing or other items inside the frame. It is a handy storage area

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Full Glass RV Door Pros and Cons (Where To Find a Glass Door)

There are RVs out there that now come with a full glass door. But there is a regular RV door behind it. The glass does not show anything as the view is blocked by the regular door. You can just see through

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KOA 10 Year Rule: KOA RV Age Limit Restrictions

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You will find this statement true when it comes to RVs. You may like the look of your RV or trailer but others may see them as a blight on the landscape. You should

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Suburban SF-35 Furnace Troubleshooting (Won’t Ignite)

Trying to stay warm can be an ongoing battle when you are camping at higher altitudes. It doesn’t help your sleep when your furnace decides to quit working at that time. But if you know how to do the

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Acetone On RV Rubber Roof: Is Acetone Safe For Rubber Roof?

The first impression you may get when RV owners say do not use acetone on rubber is that it will dissolve the latter like acid. Won’t happen but it is also not the right product to use when you want

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What Does Dry Weight Mean? Dry Weight And GVWR Difference

This is one thing you will notice when you buy an RV. You will find that there are GVWR, curb weight, dry weight, and other weight scales you need to know about. Sometimes it is very hard to keep them

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Finding a Bike Rack For Front of Truck (Is It Legal? Guide)

It s easier on the joints and you get a good cardio workout. Biking when you are on the road is a great way to get rid of any cobwebs after hours of driving. The good part is that it is free to do and

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How To Maintain TPO RV Roof (Repair, Clean – Helpful Guide)

You have to read the different web pages with a critical mind. Especially when it comes to TPO and rubber roofs on your RVs or trailers. There are a lot of differing opinions and not all are accurate or

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Sink Faucet Handle Exploded (Blew Off): Why and How To Fix It

There are reports of faucets exploding. By exploding, it is meant that they come apart due to the water pressure in your RV water lines. If it happens to you, make sure to shut the water off first before

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What-Does-Solar-On-The -ide-Mean

Jayco – Forest River Solar On The Side Kit (Install Guide)

Technology keeps upgrading RV features. That is what is happening with this new attachment to your RV. When it says it is solar ready, you already have the wiring installed to connect to a plug and play

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Sleep Number RV Bed: Can I Put My Sleep Number Bed In an RV?

Getting rest is one thing that can be hard to do in an RV or trailer. The mattresses that are original are not always the best quality and it pays to upgrade to one that you prefer. Sleep Number may be

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RV Water Hookup at Home: Can You Hook an RV Up to a House?

You can as long as city officials do not know about it. But once they find out, you may be facing a lot of fines. A lot of owners have various reasons why they want to do this project and one is to make

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Tri-Fold Sofa Bed For RV (Comfort, How Does It Work, Tips)

RVs are not known for having the best sleeping accommodations. Their sofa beds, etc., can be quite uncomfortable even if they are a tri-fold model. The best thing to do is add your own adding if you want

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12V RV 3 Way Switch Diagram: How to Wire a 12V 3 Way Switch

It is said that when you are hooking up switches, the wiring is the same for DC power as it is for AC power. That means that if you know how to wire AC switches and lights, you can wire DC lights and switches.To

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Who Makes a Front Deck Toy Hauler? (Wolf Pack, Crossroads)

Bringing the toys... One group of RVers think they need lots of toys along with them when they go on holiday. For them, different RV makers have built toy haulers. Some even go to the length of putting

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Finding a Low Pressure RV Grill With Quick Connect: 8 Options

You may get one or the other. The grill industry is very popular and the different camping companies make many different models. However, you may get models that are low pressure only or ones that have

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Splicing 10 Gauge Wire (How to Splice 10 Gauge Stranded Wire)

When you are looking at doing this task, there are a lot of electrical DIY RVers who can provide you with great advice and techniques. You just have to pick the one that will work the best in your RV situationOne

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Can You Use a Household GFCI Outlet In an RV? How to Replace

This is true in most circumstances including electrical needs you may have. What you can buy to solve an electrical problem in your home, can also be bought for your RV and solve its electrical problems.Yes,

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Living In a Camper Inside a Pole Barn (Helpful Guide + Tips)

People come up with some innovative ideas when they own an RV. One is building a pole barn to house them and their vehicles instead of just buying a traditional home. This may work for some people but

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WD-40: Should I Grease My Trailer Plug? (How to Clean Guide)

Even trailer plugs corrode. When it comes to maintenance work, you need to add your trailer plug to your checklist. It is an easy to forget part but it needs to be maintained correctly. That is if you

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Cheap Monthly Parks: RV Parks Under $500 a Month in Florida

Florida has it all. That is why so many RVers flock to this state. They get great food, warm days, lots of sunshine, great beaches, and more. Because this state is so popular, the prices for RV parks can

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What Is a Rebuilt RV Title? (What Are The Cons? Who Insures?)

When you buy any vehicle you know you will get a legal title to that vehicle that states you are the true owner. But did you know that there is more than one title you can get for a vehicle? It is important

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Water Heater Backfire When Lighting: Causes and How To Fix

You may not have seen it, but it can happen. Water heaters can backfire even though they do not have an engine. This is always a possibility when you have gas-powered appliances. It is just not fun to

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Can You License a Camper With a Salvage Title? (Buy or Sell)

This can be a complicated issue. Since States get to set many of their own rules, there is no one set of rules governing this issue. What is required in one state may not be required in another and vice

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Atwood – Dometic RV Furnace Red Light Flashing (Meaning)

The codes are not universal. This is one aspect of RV life you need to get used to. When different models come out they are given different codes. This can confuse people even though all the 8500 series

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Why Is My RV Battery Boiling? (Causes and What To Do)

Did you forget something? This is often the case with the fun-filled days of RV living. Many owners tend to forget to check the levels of their batteries if they are not maintenance-free devices. This

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Finding RV Salvage Yards Florida (RV Junkyards in Florida)

If you do not want to pay the high cost for new parts, the salvage yards may be the way to go. Often those parts are near new as people have unforeseen accidents that total their RVs or trailers. At least

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Air Shocks Vs Air Bags For Towing: Which Is Better? (Guide)

Some people may get airbags confused with air shocks as the word air is in both names. Plus, they have the same purpose. These two products help make your ride a little smoother but one is not as good

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VRBO Vs RV: Should You Buy an RV or Stay in VRBOs or Hotels?

It may just be preferences. When you are considering buying an RV vs. Staying in a hotel or VRBO rental situation, your decision may boil down to if you want to sleep in your own bed or not. There are

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Credit Union Repo RV: Where to Buy Repossessed Motorhomes

One good place to search for cheaper motor homes is financial institutions. They have financed the purchase of these RVs, etc., and now they only want their money back. But that does not mean the repos

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Aluminum Trailer Roof Sealant Repair: How to Seal or Patch

Even aluminum doesn’t last forever. This is a good metal hat that does last a long time. However, even its light frame will get pin holes and other issues after some time in the sun. If you can’t afford

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RV Steps For Elderly: How Do You Make RV Steps Safer? (Ramp)

It is the way of life. As you age, you will find it harder to navigate simple things like steps. Your body just can’t lift your feet as high as you used to and that can cause problems when you are trying

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Crossing State Lines With Firewood (Is It Legal? TX, MA, CA)

Everyone may think it is okay. When campgrounds and governments place restrictions on simple things like firewood, it may not seem like a logical step. But they are more aware of the potential problems

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RV Power Pole With Meter (Installation Requirements, Cost)

Getting power to your RV or trailer is a challenge, when not staying in a campground or RV park. But it can be done if you have enough money to get the electric company to work with you, Besides money,

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Boondocking in Florida Keys: Can You Boondock in Key West?

There are many popular spots that almost every RVer wants to visit and camp at. However, over the decades, laws have changed, the property has been bought and there is no room for those who want to boondock

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Fuse For Trailer Hitch (Trailer Fuse Box Location and Tips)

While RV makers think their placement of the fuse box is a logical choice, it may not seem so to RV owners. Hunting these fuse box locations can be more of a guessing game as many owners can’t find theirs.For

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How Much Is an RV Inspection In Texas? (Checklist and How To)

It is possible for the state trooper or city police to notice if you have an inspection sticker or not. When you are caught without one, that just adds to your list of troubles. The cost is not expensive

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USB Wifi Antenna For Smart TV: What Antenna Do I Need?

The world can be very large and lonely. What wifi and the internet have done is make the world smaller and friendlier. You can stay connected to family and friends but you need the right equipment to do

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Which Post Offices Accept General Delivery? (Helpful Guide)

It is a tougher task than you may think. In the modern age, snail mail is taking a back seat to other forms of digital communication. However, there are still people who need snail mail. They rely on general

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