RV Hidden Gun Safes and Gun Storage Ideas (Helpful Guide)

It is a controversial topic. But it is an important one as RV owners need to be legal when they travel to different states. Owning a gun is not wrong nor is having one in your RV or trailer. What is wrong may be in how you store your guns in your RV or trailer.

Having a gun safe in your RV is a smart move. Not only will they be secure from unauthorized hands but you can have protection when trouble hits. The key is to put that gun safe in the right spot where it is both hidden from view and accessible to you.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the best information when it comes to RV gun safes. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you keep your guns secure as well as out of the wrong hands.

Can You Store a Gun in An RV?


Yes, you can but there are a few restrictions that you need to be aware of. If you fall into one of the following groups of people, you will not be allowed to own a gun, let alone have one in your RV:

- convicted felons,

- persons under indictment for felonies,

- mental incompetents and those who have been admitted to a mental institution,

- illegal users of controlled drugs (including marijuana, even if your use is considered legal by your state government),

- illegal aliens,

- veterans dishonorably discharged,

- those who have renounced their U.S. citizenship,

- fugitives from justice,

- persons convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, and

- persons subject to domestic violence restraining orders.

** taken from this website https://www.pewpewtactical.com/rving-with-guns/

The problem comes in when you travel to different states. Each state has its own laws and you should be aware of those laws when you are planning your next journey.

Federal law (Gun Control Act 1968) allows citizens who have legally bought their weapons to carry their guns across state lines. You are not going to have a problem with the FBI etc. when you do. It will be the local LEOs that will give you a problem if you are in violation of their state gun laws.

Make sure you are aware of those individual laws so you do not get arrested. Some states (New York) do not care if you are legally able to own a gun in your home state, if you have a gun with you and spend the night in their state, you can be arrested for violating their gun laws.

The same federal law states that as long as you are on a peaceful journey you should not have any problems but make sure to store them correctly, including the ammunition.

RV Handgun Safe Options


First off, it is legal to install a gun safe in your RV or trailer. Individual states may have laws telling you where those safes can be located. Second, there are plenty of small handgun safes that will work in your RV or trailer.

Third, while some states allow you to have a gun in the glove box, it is not always the best location. You may have small children riding in your car and the glove box gives them easy access to that gun. Here are some gun safe options:

1. The SnapSafe Treklite XL- is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate. It is TSA approved for checked baggage and can fit under your car seat easily. It also comes with a 4-digit combination to access the contents.

2. The Bulldog BD 1150- this handgun safe needs a key to open it. It has a mounting bracket to secure the gun safe to a nice hidden location. The case is made of steel for better security.

3. The Sentry Safe QAP2EL- is designed to hold 2 guns or one gun and some extra ammunition. Once you enter the code, the gas-powered hinges make sure the lid pops up quickly. An LED light inside lets you see what you are doing.

4. The Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe- this is high tech answer for quick access when you are in a hurry. If you have time you can use the key but if not, a slight tap from a wristband or key fob will open the safe quickly. Powered by a 12-volt battery or 4 AAA batteries.

5. The Vaultek Barikade Series 2- this gun safe is designed with biometrics. You become the combination. All you need is your fingerprint to open this strong safe. It will hold up to 2 guns along with cash, cards, or other documents.

RV hidden Gun Safes


The size of the gun safe will help you hide your guns in a safe out of the way location. Actual hidden gun safes may have to be custom-built to fit your RV’s floor plan, etc.

The ones listed below can be hidden in normal ways and be stored where you need them most:

1. Fort Knox FTK-PB-- The simplex lock design makes sure you have quick access to the guns stored inside. Once you hit the right buttons, the gas-powered lid pops up in less than 2 seconds. It comes with a lifetime warranty as well as 4 pre-drilled holes for better mounting.

2. GunVault SV500- this is a stealth gun safe that is meant to be mounted in any spot you want. Under a table, chair, or on the wall, its location is up to you. Plus, it is designed to give you instant access to your gun. It will need batteries to operate correctly.

3. Awesafe Gun Safe Box- You get 3 ways to open this safe. One is through authorized fingerprints, the second is through a code, and the third is through the key. It is small so you can hide it in some unique places without losing access.

4. Barska’s AX11620 Biometric Safe - it is 8 by 12 by 8-inch size and allows you to store this gun safe in many good hiding spots. Don’t let the size fool you as it can store 2 handguns or one with ammunition.

5. AmazonBasics Steel, Security Safe Lock Box- the lock is operated by pressing the code. Or if you have forgotten the code two over-ride keys come with this gun safe. Its claim to fame is that it comes in different sizes to meet your gun and ammunition needs.

Other RV Gun Storage Ideas

Everyone knows that they will need a gun safe if they do not want to violate certain State gun laws. But where do you put those gun safes in an RV or trailer?

One location would be under your bed. Many RVs have a tilt up bed system that provides ample storage space. You can secure the safe to one of the cross members to keep it from moving about.

Another location would be in one of the many storage cabinets inside your RV, etc., While storage space is at a premium if you want to keep your gun out of unauthorized hands, one small one may be dedicated to holding the fun safe for you.

Or a third option would be in one of your outside storage bays. It is a little inconvenient if you want a gun for personal and family safety. But it is an ideal spot if you own a gun for hunting or target practice.

If you have room, a gun locker would work. Unfortunately, the thief that enters your RV will find those easy to break into. These few ideas should get you on the right track to finding a great hiding spot for your guns and or gun safes.

Where Not To Store Your Guns


There are some people who think the rear bumper is an ideal spot for their guns. Usually, most Rvers use the rear bumper to hold their sewer pipes when they are not in use.

That is an ideal use for that part of the RV, etc., but it is not an ideal spot for a gun. The reasons why that is so are as follows:

1. Can easily be stolen- the bumper caps are not secured and anyone can pry them off.

2. Can get easily damaged- the vibration and the bumps in the road can easily move the gun and have it bang against the metal bumper

3. Can easily harm someone- if someone finds it and starts playing with the gun, they could get hurt or someone else could get hurt

Some Final Words

While it is legal to carry guns across state lines for peaceful travel, just learn the gun laws in those states you will be traveling. Some of those laws can be very sneaky and you could end up in jail when you are thinking you did nothing wrong.

Be aware of all gun laws so you can transport your gun or stay overnight safely.

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