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6L90 MYD Transmission Guide (Meaning, Fails, Buying Used)

Transmissions are not all the same. Some car making companies know how to build transmissions. GM is one of those companies. It owned Allison before selling it, but before then it turned that company into

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Allison Transmission Speed Sensor Location and Problems

One of the drawbacks to modern transmissions, as well as engines, is that they are not built with too many components. It is hard to find them all when you are having a problem with your speedometer or

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Allison 4000 Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, Interval

Manuals may say something different. It seems that the 2014 4000 manual has a lower fluid capacity than the 2010 manual says for the same transmission. All this is telling you is that there have been some

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Allison 3000 Transmission Problems and Troubleshooting Manual

With all the technological upgrades to modern transmissions, it may be best to leave the repairs in the hands of professionals. It is easy to get confused as to what needs to be done especially when the

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Allison 4500 RDS Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, Interval

In many cases, you may not get a specific web page talking about the 4500 transmission. Often, you will find that the company will use the word series to indicate the requirements for all transmissions

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P0880 Allison Transmission Code: What Is Code P0880?

One of the better aspects of error codes is that they do tend to help more than they frustrate. Once you know what and where the problem is, the issue is easier to fix and sometimes faster to get it done.The

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Allison Transmission Fault Code List (How To Read Codes)

To make work easier auto component makers have relied on the fault code system. These fault codes are supposed to cu the guesswork out of doing car repairs. However, like Allison, many companies have their

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700R4 Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, and Change Interval

Fuel efficiency is an objective most vehicle owners have. When you need to save on fuel, look for a vehicle that comes with the 700R4 transmission. If you keep it full of transmission fluid, you should

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4L60e Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, and Change Interval

Technically, this transmission was the TH700RA replacement. However, it was actually the 4L60 that was the replacement in 1993. The ‘e’ stands for electronic and this model did not make its appearance

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TH350 Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, and Change Interval

First put into production in 1969, the TH350 was hailed as one of the best transmissions to be designed. That status did not last long as it was phased out by 1982 and possibly 1984. No matter the short

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4L80E Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, and Change Interval

The forgotten device. Everyone knows that they need to put oil in the crankcase, coolant in the radiator, power steering fluid in the power steering reservoir, and water in the window washer container.

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68RFE Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, and Change Interval

Everything is specialized these days. In the old days of the mid-20th century fluids were fluids and engines and transmission could run on just about any type of fluid you could buy. But in today’s modern

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Allison 1000 Transmission Diagrams (Parts, Solenoid, Wiring)

Allison 1000 Transmission Diagrams (Parts, Solenoid, Wiring)

While diagrams are very helpful, sometimes they are drawn in such a way they are hard to follow and understand. But when you are doing a DIY repair, diagrams are your best tool and guide.Throughout this

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Best Transmission Fluid For 4R100 (Type, Capacity, Guide)

One of the problems you may have is when you want to change the transmission fluid in this model of transmission. The dealers may not know which type you should use. Avoid Mercon LV at all costs according

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Allison MD3060 Transmission: Specs, Manual, Oil, Codes, Cost

One of the things you will find out is that the longer you own a vehicle, the harder it is to get parts. That is because manufacturers stop making parts after so many years. When they do that, parts are

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oL-70 Allison: What Does oL-70 Mean on Allison Transmission?

The old engines of the 20th century did not have error codes till later in the century. They were never needed as transmissions and engines were easier to fix and spot the problem. Sometimes one wishes

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What Does Transmission Fluid Smell Like? (Gas, Fish, Burnt)

When it comes to transmission fluid, you can find it only in two formats. One is the original where oil hydrocarbons are manipulated and the other is synthetic. The latter is made through chemical reactions.

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Transmission Fluid Color Chart: What Color Should It Be?

The color of your transmission fluid will tell you a lot about your transmission but only one color is good.When you look at your transmission fluid, the best color to see is a light red that is translucent

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Does ATF Go Bad? (Transmission Fluid Shelf Life Guide)

You will find that when it comes to automatic transmission fluid, you are going to get a variety of opinions if it is still good or not. Some may or may not last a long time, depending on who made them

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