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Best Transmission Fluid For 4R100 (Type, Capacity, Guide)

One of the problems you may have is when you want to change the transmission fluid in this model of transmission. The dealers may not know which type you should use. Avoid Mercon LV at all costs according

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Allison MD3060 Transmission: Specs, Manual, Oil, Codes, Cost

One of the things you will find out is that the longer you own a vehicle, the harder it is to get parts. That is because manufacturers stop making parts after so many years. When they do that, parts are

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oL-70 Allison: What Does oL-70 Mean on Allison Transmission?

The old engines of the 20th century did not have error codes till later in the century. They were never needed as transmissions and engines were easier to fix and spot the problem. Sometimes one wishes

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What Does Transmission Fluid Smell Like? (Gas, Fish, Burnt)

When it comes to transmission fluid, you can find it only in two formats. One is the original where oil hydrocarbons are manipulated and the other is synthetic. The latter is made through chemical reactions.

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Transmission Fluid Color Chart: What Color Should It Be?

The color of your transmission fluid will tell you a lot about your transmission but only one color is good.When you look at your transmission fluid, the best color to see is a light red that is translucent

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Does ATF Go Bad? (Transmission Fluid Shelf Life Guide)

You will find that when it comes to automatic transmission fluid, you are going to get a variety of opinions if it is still good or not. Some may or may not last a long time, depending on who made them

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