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DIY Redneck Septic Tank: How To Make a Septic Tank For an RV

No RV or travel trailer comes with its own septic system. You only have the black and gray water holding tanks and a hose to get rid of waste. But if you are not temporarily camping, then a more permanent

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Grey Tank Reads Empty When Full (Reset And Clean Sensors)

Technology has created sensors to see what you cannot see. They usually work fine, unless they get dirty. Then you are blind to the levels in your holding tanks. The key is to make sure to keep those sensors

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Do Gas Stations Have RV Dump Stations? (Love’s, Pilot, 76)

Many apps find RV-friendly gas stations and part of that friendly service includes dump stations. There are probably more apps that locate the latter than the former. That is good news when your tanks

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How to Use an RV Sewer Donut (What Does It Look Like?)

When you do not have a threaded connection. There are many RV parks and campsites that do not have a threaded sewer connection. The threaded version comes in handy as it makes a nice tight and secure seal.

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Black Tank Flush System Diagram: How Does The Flush Work

Waste needs to go somewhere. Learning how to use and fix the black water tank is essential for RVers. Proper flushing and maintenance of the black water tank may be a dirty job, but the mess that comes

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The Dometic 300 Toilet Recall (Smell Problems Solved)

When there is an odor, there is a problem, especially when that odor comes from your bathroom commode. This seems to be one of the weaknesses of technology. While technology can create nice upgrades, they

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What Happens When Grey Water Tank Is Full? (Overflow Damage)

Full is full. When the idiot light comes on, you should pay attention to it. Those lights are there to tell you that you should empty your gray water tank. If you don’t and your shower pan is not that

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The Fullway Termination Valve: What Is And Where Is It?

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. All this old saying tells us is that the name on the device can change and you still get the same function. However, you may not want to smell the odor

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Why Do I Have 2 Grey Water Tanks? (How to Connect-Equalize)

No matter how you slice it, having 2 gray water tanks is better than just having one. There may be some extra work involved in emptying them but that is a minor issue that does not overshadow the convenience.Why

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How to Install Heat Tape on an RV Water Line or Holding Tank

The cold can be fun or it can be your enemy. Cold weather has a way of freezing your pipes, holding tanks and other RV equipment making them hard to use. You want to be prepared when the cold strikes and

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