The Dometic 300 Toilet Recall (Smell Problems Solved)

When there is an odor, there is a problem, especially when that odor comes from your bathroom commode. This seems to be one of the weaknesses of technology. While technology can create nice upgrades, they are not always as perfect as advertised. Your nose will let you know.

If you have the Dometic 300 toilet, you may be in for a surprise. Not only is it a faulty design, but Dometic has responded quickly to solve the issue. Contact them if you have the Dometic 300 toilet in your RV and you have been combating a horrendous odor. You should be sent the 310 as a replacement.

To learn more about the recall, just continue to read our article. During our research, we found that you should contact Dometic directly. Take a few minutes and learn about this issue so you can have a clean smelling bathroom once again.

July 2021 UPDATE from Lara Perkins:  I work at Dometic and THERE IS NO RECALL ON THE TOILETS. DO NOT call in and ask the Dometic Recall Center if there is a recall on the toilets. It is a warranty issue, call this number 800-544-4881 and there are two separate messages, press 1 for the first message and then 7 for the second message. The best time to call is 8:30am or 4:40 pm.

Common Dometic 300 Toilet Problems


One of the major problems you will face is that the tank won’t refill. You may be pressing the foot pedal correctly, but the water just keeps flushing and does not remain in the tank.

When that happens, you may have a ball valve seal issue. The ball valve is not sitting in its proper place. This could be a problem with the ball valve itself or the spring holding it. You can try to fix it yourself with some lubricant or simply replace the ball valve and spring.

Another issue is when you flush the wrong material down the toilet. While those materials can be flushed at home, they cannot be flushed in your RV toilet. When you do, you create a blockage that is a bit messy to clean up.

Also, you need to be careful of your location. Hard water can create a lime or mineral build-up that stops your toilet from working correctly. You would need to use a special cleaner to get rid of the build-up.

Dometic 300 Toilet Smell

This is an unpleasant situation to find yourself involved in. But it is going to happen if you own a Dometic 300 toilet. When Dometic designed this model of RV toilet, they sealed the two compartments, the upper and lower, internally.

The problem is that the seal does not work very well, and the bodily waste material can get inside your toilet infrastructure. When this happens, your nose will tell you there is a problem.

The smell is not hard to distinguish, and Dometic seems to be working very hard to rectify this problem. The last word we had is that the recall is still ongoing, but you should call Dometic and find out for sure.

You will need the toilet’s model number and serial number in order to register your complaint. This information is on a sticker at the back of your toilet under the water valve. Once you find those numbers call their Service Center at 800-321-9886 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ET).

Dometic 300 Toilet Recall


It seems that this issue has been going on for some time. The recall is over the seals used in the 300 toilet. For some reason, they do not do their job and can separate, allowing body waste to enter into the interior parts of your toilet.

If you still have a Dometic 300 toilet and are still under warranty, you should have no problem receiving a replacement 310 toilet model. But you should check with Dometic first and talk to them.

If you are not under warranty, a replacement toilet is probably the best fix you can do. If you replace the toilet, make sure not to tip it upside down. If you do, you will end up with a bigger mess to clean up.

Keep in mind that the foot pedal, base, and bowl should not be separated at any time when you own a Dometic 300, 310, and the 320 toilet models. They are designed to remain in one piece at all times.

If the seal does separate, you should contact Dometic to get the proper instructions and parts to fix the problem.

Dometic Toilet Recall Serial Numbers

This is actually hard to get. The recall has been more of a silent one as many people have heard about it but do not have the correct or specific information. Also, the problem has been going on for about 6 years now.

At least according to our research. The company has been known to send out 310 replacements, but they also send out newer 300 models that do not have the problem that sparked the recall.

The fixed version of the toilet will have a serial number starting with 04, and the faulty ones will have a serial number starting with 3 and up. To get the exact serial number that qualifies for the replacement or fix, you need to copy your serial number down as well as the model number and call Dometic.

Or talk to your dealer to see if they can facilitate the problem a lot faster. You may not get a 310 model, but you should have a smell-free replacement.

What Dometic Toilet do I Have?


This is not a hard piece of information to find. If your owner’s manual does not have the information, you just need to look on your toilet. There should be a sticker on the back of the unit that has all the information you need.

Then call the number we posted above and give the customer service rep that information. While Dometic has been good about this problem and has handled it for many RV owners quickly, we cannot say or guarantee you will get the same service.

If your warranty is void or has been voided, expect to pay for the replacement parts or a new toilet. As we have already mentioned, this issue has been going on for roughly 6 years, ever since the old 300 series has been manufactured.

It is best to let expert repairers handle this repair. That way, you know you are getting a job well done. Doing it yourself may save you time and money, but it is not always the best way to handle these types of repairs.

Also, the work can get fairly smelly, and that may put some DIY people off.

What is The Difference Between Dometic 300 and 310?

The owner’s manual for the Dometic 300 series lists all three models, the 300, the 310, and the 320, so you may not get a lot of difference between the two toilets. By looking at the picture in the manual, it seems that the 310 is taller than the 300 by a little bit.

Another difference is that the rough-in work for the 300 measures 8 1/2 inches in size while the 310 needs 10 inches. The 310s were sent out as replacements for the 300 during the silent recall, so they should fit in the same spot with no problem.

Also, the 310 is supposed to be made from porcelain, while the 300 was made from plastic. This can be a big difference when it comes to longevity and use. The key to making the upgrade is clearance.

You should have enough clearance to fit the 310 in the 300 spot, but it will be close.

Difference Between Dometic 310 and 320


While the two units share the same owner’s manual, there are still some important differences between these two toilets. One of the first differences you will see is that the 320 is taller than the 310 and has a more elongated size to the design.

Then the 310 has a rimless rinse which, if you are not careful, can spray water throughout the bathroom. The 320 comes with a rim alleviating that problem. For installation, the rough-in for the 310 has been measured at 10 inches while the 320 needs 11 inches of space to fit properly.

Then with the 320, you can get a choice between a plastic seat and an enameled wood one. The 310 may also have this choice, but it is not mentioned. On top of these differences, the 320 gives you an add water feature in the flush pedal.

While the differences are minimal, some people may prefer the round seat design over the elongate done.

Some Final Words

The best thing you can do is double-check to see which model 300 you have in your RV. If you have not heard about this recall, check with your dealer or call Dometic directly. Just make sure to have the serial and model numbers handy.

It has been 6 years since the start of this issue, so we do not know what type of reception you will get when you call in.

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