Fixing Thor Motor Coach Slide Problems SW33 (Ace, Palazzo)

When you buy anything that operates or has components that are mechanical, then expect to experience problems from time to time. The problem is that the solutions do not always solve what is wrong and you still need help.

One common slide problem that Thor coaches experience is a burned out motor on its slide. This can happen at any time due to a variety of factors. Your only solution to this problem is for you to replace the motor and hope the new one works better.

To learn more about this topic and what you can do about it, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you are prepared for when these problems happen to your Thor coach.

Common Thor Motor Coach Slide Problems


The first common slide-out problem you may encounter will be a switch that does not work. You will know this may be a possibility when you do not hear the pump or the motor running.

While it could be a problem with the motor or the pump, check the switch first. It is the easiest of the three parts to replace. Before concluding that it is the switch, check your other switches to make sure there is not a power source problem.

The second common problem will be a lack of power. This could happen just about anywhere along your RV’s power grid. The usual suspects come into play here, fuses, breakers, loose connections, damaged wires, a low battery charge, and more.

This is a step-by-step process and you have to keep going until you find the part that went bad. Next, will be a bad motor and if it is getting power, and the slide is not moving, then the motor is bad.

But if the motor is not getting power, then you have an electrical issue and you need to check all the electrical components associated with the slide-out motor.

The fourth common problem would be the hydraulic motor or pump. That is if your slides work on hydraulics. Check to see if power is getting to both parts and if it is, then the motor is bad.

But if the motor gets power and the slide-out does not move, then you either have a leak or some other hydraulic issue. To know if there is a leak or not, check your hydraulic oil reservoir.

The key here is to know that when the slide is out and the legs are down, there will be less hydraulic fluid in the tank. When the legs are up and the slide is in, the level should be close to full.

Thor Slide Problems SW33


Most of the above problems will apply here but it seems that this is a very large problem in the 2014 and 2015 models. Owners were complaining about how long their RV had been in the shop, one was 170 days and counting, while the other had to have his slide rebuilt 4 times.

It seems that the biggest problem is the manufacturing of these slides. While they seem to work fine when at the manufacturers, they do not work that well under real conditions.

However, with that said, one common problem is the failure to grease the rails. Many owners let this task slide and wonder why they are having difficulty operating their slides.

More than one owner stated that Thor found where the dealer made the wrong repairs and had to correct them. Plus, they installed the 3 Trax system which is an upgrade most Thor owners will need if their slides are not working that well.

Adding a 3rd track is not going to solve the problem in most cases. Another common problems can be that you need to sync your motors before they will operate properly. Usually, to sync the motors you have to move them back and forth.

But sometimes, you need someone to help with the controls while you straighten the slide. Once the slide is straight, you should be able to sync the motors and get them to work again.

Thor Ace Slide-Out Problems


Some problems are easy to fix. For example, if the slide refuses to come back in, you just need to push the switch in the last direction the slide was going. Then reverse it once it starts moving again.

Another quick fix if the slide won’t move is to make sure the jacks are retracted completely. If the jacks are not retracted, this can stop the slide from moving.

Other problems are not mechanical as one owner found that when he retracted the slide there was a cracking sound. Turns out the slide got jammed after breaking some plywood.

Other problems could be a cable or mechanism. This is where the not or runs but the slide does not move. You may have a broken cable or a gear may be damaged.

It is hard to provide specifics here as there are different slide mechanisms and each one is a bit different from the other. It is best to get a professional to look at your slide to make sure you get the right fix applied.

The slides could be out of adjustment or need lubrication. If it is out of adjustment, it is best to leave it to the professionals to handle. Slide mechanisms are very complex and unless you know what you are doing, it is best to leave it alone.

As for lubrication, check your manual to see which type of lubricant is recommended by the manufacturer. You may need one lubricant for the seals and another for the mechanisms.

However, one owner who left this task undone was having lots of difficulty operating his slide. Once he greased the mechanism, the slide worked far better than he imagined it could.

2011 Thor Hurricane Motorhome Slide Problems


If the slide stops about a foot after it is retracted or extended, and you have to pull it in or out. The problem should lie in the motors not being in synch. Or the slide needs to be re-calibrated and adjusted to operate correctly.

What can cause this problem is when you leave the driver's seat in a non-upright position and the forward slide hits it. Make sure to keep obstacles out of the slide’s way.

Another problem would be moving the slide out before the RV is completely level. One owner did not do this and now he is stuck with the slide open and refusing to move. This situation may call for a professional to handle it. It is a little too complex for many DIY handymen.

This also may be an electrical problem and you would need a volt or multimeter to diagnose the source of the issue. Or the problem may be with the tracks and if you hear a grinding noise, then you should get the slide in and take it to your dealer.

It is important to get the frame level before you move the slides. The frame can twist a bit if it is not level throwing the slide mechanism out of whack.

Thor Palazzo Slide Problems


2019 seems to have been a bad year for this Thor RV model. It was one of 6 motorhome models that were recalled for slide-out problems. Those 6 were- Challenger, Miramar, Magnitude, Outlaw, Omni, and Palazzo.

The problem that initiated the recall was a problem with the vehicle control system. It seems that the flaw in this system moved the slide when no one expected it to move.

This flaw could also cause a crash or an injury. If you were never made aware of this recall, the phone number is 1-877-855-2867. TMC’s number for this recall is RC000170.

Other problems include bad motors and wire harnesses. Either one will cause the slide-out to not move when you flip the switch. Or the issues could be with one of the following:

- slide alignment

- support rollers

- flex on the rods

- flex on the body

- leveling issues

Another issue not discussed in any of the sections above is the fact of the different RV models being operated while on the lot. What that means is that before you bought the RV, how many times were the slides demonstrated without being level and other important procedures followed?

A lot of the problems may not be from your usage but from what the dealer and salesmen did before you bought the RV.

Some Addition Words

RV slide-outs will always have problems. The issue is not the problems but when they take place. If they are taking place too soon then it should be a manufacturer’s error and not a user error.

Just make sure to lubricate the tracks and gears on schedule and document each time you do it to minimize the blame that often comes when your slide-out does not work right and you need warranty work done.

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