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List of Campgrounds Along I-40 (New Mexico, Arizona, TN, AR)

One of the things to do when you are looking for good campgrounds is to search online. But you have to be careful. Some of the results may be 20 years old and those listed parks may be closed. Or some

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Halo Resorts Fisherman’s Retreat Membership Cost

One of the main reasons you switch from public campgrounds to private ones is to avoid a lot of unnecessary nightlife behavior. You may pay more for this amenity but it is safer and more fun in the long

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How To Level a Camper Without Moving It (Leveling a Parked RV)

Not a nice problem to have. Most of your RV’s components need to be level to work right. If the trailer or self-drive RV is not level, then you may experience some food shortage as the fridge may notwork.

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Lippert Leveling System Won’t Turn On (Touchpad Not Working)

One of the things you will notice when technology upgrades RV items is that there are more things that can go wrong. Doesn’t matter if it is jacks, leveling systems, or holding tanks, technology has

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How To Block Up a Fifth Wheel (Stop Fifth Wheel From Shaking)

It is easy, just time consuming. When you want your trailer to stop shaking, you just have to add some blocks in some key spots. The important thing NOT to do is to not take the weight off the wheels.

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How To Fix: No Power To Leveling Jacks Control Panel

This is a common problem. Leveling jacks, if they are not manually operated, run on electricity. When there is no power your only option is to lower or raise them manually till you figure out the problem.

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LCI Electronic Leveling All Lights Flashing (How To Reset)

Don’t panic is the very first rule to follow whenever you see something go wrong. If you panic, you may hit the wrong button and turn a simple process into an expensive repair. Stay calm when you see

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Power Gear Leveling System Reset: How To Reset – Recalibrate

When you look at the owner’s manual for this leveling system, there should be no difficulty in operating these leveling jacks. However, no matter how easy it is to understand the instructions mechanical

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Harvest Host Bad Reviews and Complaints (Is It Worth It?)

If you want to get away from the boring RV campgrounds and experience something different, you may want to sign up at Harvest Host. This company brings a unique twist to RV life but its style may not be

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CatClamp vs CatStrap Reviews: Is The CatStrap Effective?

Necessity is the mother of invention. The necessity to protect one’s catalytic converter from theft has spawned new inventions to protect those key vehicle parts. The questions are whether will they

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What Hotels Allow RV Parking Overnight? (RV Friendly Hotels)

While some RVers advocate that you sneak in and sneak out of a hotel parking lot, you would be committing a crime if you do. You will need clear permission from the hotel manager or owner before you can

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Galveston vs Port Aransas: Is Galveston or Port Aransas Better?

When RV owners talk on their different discussion forums, they often use abbreviations. Unfortunately, those abbreviations can refer to two different spots in the same state or area. Port A refers to both

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RV Storage With Electricity vs No Electricity (Pros and Cons)

When you do not live in your RV all the time, you run into different challenges than those that do. One of those challenges is storing the RV or trailer for the winter. There is a healthy debate over which

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How Do I Lock My Trailer Wheels? (Wheel Lock For Trailer)

88% of all RVs are towable. If you have, for example, 1,000,000 RVs on the road today, 880,000 are towables. What that means is that there is a large population vulnerable to having their trailer stolenThe

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Manual Trailer Jack Won’t Go Up or Down (Just Spins or Hard)

When it comes to simple devices like a manual tongue jack, the source of the problem may be a small part. That part may be made from weak metal and will not hold up over time. When it breaks, you do not

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Does Cabela’s Offer Potable Water For RV? (Cabelas RV Water)

It can be risky. Whether at Cabela’s or some other RV outlet that offers some sort of service to RVs in the form of a dump station or water supplies. You never know what has been attached to the spigot

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What Do Flamingos and Pineapples Mean When Camping? (RV Park)

It may mean that the people who own the RV never left the 60s. It was a trend back in the 50s and 60s to have pink flamingos on your lawn. But like any other fad, this one disappeared when the late 60s

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Do All Cabela’s Have Dump Stations? (Hours, Locations, Tips)

Not all do. There may be some Cabella outdoor stores in malls. They will not have a dump station or overnight parking. Finding which ones have a dump station may take a store-by-store search as they do

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How To Reset Lippert Auto Level System (Clear Error Code)

When electrical devices malfunction. This is not a rare situation but one that happens more than you would like. When it does happen, there is supposed to be a reset process to get everything back to normal.

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DIY RV Stabilizer: How To Make Homemade RV Stabilizers

Sometimes built-in is not enough. When it comes to stopping the shaking and rolling of your trailer, those built-in stabilizers just may not do the job. That is when the handyman in you needs to step in

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6 RV Parks Near Six Flags Over Georgia (Can You Park There?)

It is not the most informative park. By that, we mean that while they present a lot of information about the park and its rides, etc., they say very little about parking. It took about 5 minutes or more

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List of Travel Trailers With Auto Leveling (Can You Add It?)

The words are used interchangeably. However, stabilizers and leveling jacks are not the same nor have the same purpose. The stabilizers do not level the trailer, they just keep it steady so it does not

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Cinder Blocks For RV: Tips For Leveling RV With Cinder Blocks

If you are going to live long-term in your trailer, you have to assess all the aspects of that life. One of those aspects will be will the wheels and the stabilizing jacks are strong enough to hold everything.

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Without 10 Year Rule: Finding RV Parks That Accept Older RVs

This is not just being applied to older members of each generation. It is also applied to older RVs. For some reason, people just do not like older RVs or trailers, including conversions in their RV parks.

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Pull Through vs Back In RV: Differences, Pros and Cons

A pull-through campsite is where you drive in from one direction and exit out the other side. The back-in option is where you back in so that the shore power and other hook ups are on the driver’s side

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How to Move a Trailer Without a Vehicle (By Hand or Mover)

In the old days, one could pick up the tongue on small trailers and move the trailer into its final resting place, until the next move. But that method can be hard on your back. Especially if the trailer

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How to Lift a Carport (Metal Carport Leg Extensions Options)

These easy-to-make structures are just basic protection against the elements. They are made just tall enough to handle the standard car or truck. When you get an RV, the carport may not be tall enough

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Finding RV Friendly Gas Stations Locations (Truck Stop App)

When you take your RV out for a holiday the need to find RV-friendly gas stations is great. Finding places to fill up becomes quite a challenge especially when you are traveling in the different cities

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Do Gas Stations Have RV Dump Stations? (Love’s, Pilot, 76)

Many apps find RV-friendly gas stations and part of that friendly service includes dump stations. There are probably more apps that locate the latter than the former. That is good news when your tanks

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Where Can I Park My Cargo Trailer? (5 Parking Options)

Parking is at a premium. The more crowded cities get, the harder it is to find a place to park. That is just for cars as many cities place parking restrictions on their streets. Those restrictions were

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Top 6 Boondocking Southern California Locations (Beach, BLM)

One of the problems with boondocking in Southern California is that the majority of large cities are located in that region. That makes it especially difficult to boondock in those areas. But that region

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CA Camping Laws: 9 Boondocking Northern California Locations

California has been the go-to vacation spot for many years. Its diverse nature lets you get close to nature in the north and the east while letting you access all the theme parks located in the southern

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When to Winterize RV: At What Temp Should You Winterize an RV?

RVs are like traditional homes. While there may be less maintenance and upkeep to do, there is always work to be done to keep your RV in top shape. One of those duties includes winterizing your RV before

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RV High Wind Tie-Downs: How Do I Secure My RV in High Winds?

It is a common-sense idea but not everyone is on board with it. Making sure your trailer or RV does not move during a storm seems logical. But is it practical to tie it down? You may be setting yourself

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Where Can I Boondock? 6 Options for Boondocking in San Diego

Finding a place to sleep is very difficult if you are on the road in an RV. Especially if you are driving a larger Class C or Class A rig. Cities just do not want those RVs taking up space on their streets.

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I 75 Rest Areas In Florida

I 75 Rest Areas Florida (Maps, Reviews and Where to Rest)

Interstates are long highways. For example, I 75 runs from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan down to Hialeah, Florida. That length covers 6 states. Fortunately, all these states provide rest areas so you can

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I 95 Rest Areas Florida (Maps, Reviews and Where to Rest)

The sunshine. That is why you go to Florida in the first place. It is one of the best states to go to when it comes to seeing the sun and feeling its warm rays on your body. Whether you are coming for

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Best CA Rest Area: Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in California?

They are convenient. That is the main reason why many people choose to pull off the highway and sleep at a rest stop. Plus, they have handy washrooms, a little nature, and even some vending machines for

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Sleeping at Rest Areas: Can RVs Park Overnight at Rest Stops?

It was 1956 when the first rest safety areas were opened in America. They were not elaborate, well lit, and were often the focal point of many horror movies that produced a lot of nightmares. The good

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Best TN Rest Areas: Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in Tennessee?

Even though it is exciting to travel and see new places, meet new people and experience different cultural practices, you need your rest to stay healthy. However, sleeping at rest stops is not exactly

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Best VA Rest Areas: Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in Virginia?

Everything depends on the state. Since America is a republic, the different states have a limited amount of sovereignty. That means the state government gets to decide the rules for their territory and

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I-70 I25 Rest Area: Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in Colorado?

On my way back home... Or if you prefer another hit song, on the road again. Both songs tell their listeners that people are traveling. However, they do not let you know if it is okay to sleep at different

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Parking Lot at Night: What Stores Allow Overnight RV Parking?

Saving money and time... Hotels and motel costs can add up if you are on the road. That is one reason why many people avoid them and sleep in their vehicles. But finding the right spots to sleep in at

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Permanent RV Setup: Setting Up a Travel Trailer Permanently

RVs can be like homes. Just take the wheels off and it is not going anywhere, just like a home doesn't go anywhere. The good thing about ‘permanently’ setting up a travel trailer is that after a few

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Travel Trailer Shakes When Walking: Stop RV From Shaking

The age of rock and roll may have its place in the music industry but it is not for a travel trailer when you need to live inside. Some travel trailers do shake or rock a little after you settle on a nice

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RV Parking at Home: Can I Park My RV in My Backyard?

While owning an RV is fun, parking can be a nightmare. Now that you have the RV of your dreams, you may find out that your dream RV will cause you to lose sleep at night. That is because parking it is

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Average RV Park Rates: Monthly Campground Rates

Everything costs. Even parking your RV. Whether it be in an RV storage facility until the new season arrives or at an RV park during the season. It seems you have to pay some sort of fee every time you

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RV Parking: How Long Can a Motorhome Be Parked on the Street?

Owning an RV is great. You get to go where you want, see what you want and you do not need to worry about a vacancy. You have your room with you all the time. But there is a downside to owning an RV. It

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State and National Park RV Size Limit (Length Restrictions)

There’s nothing better than owning an RV — it gives you the freedom to go wherever you want without having to compromise on space and comfort. Therefore, it might be the perfect time to choose your

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