I 95 Rest Areas Florida (Maps, Reviews and Where to Rest)

The sunshine. That is why you go to Florida in the first place. It is one of the best states to go to when it comes to seeing the sun and feeling its warm rays on your body. Whether you are coming for the sun or going home, there are plenty of rest areas to make sure you remain comfortable

When you are on the road in Florida, it is good to know that you have about 6 or 7 rest areas along the I 95 to use. Most of these rest areas service both directions of travel although they are not usually at the same location. Some will be a mile or two down the highway.

To learn more about the Florida rest areas along the I 95 just continue to read our article. It does a review of the ones you will find whether you drive north or south. Take a few minutes to get the information you need to help plan your trip.


The Abbreviations Florida DOT Uses

As you travel, you may see the following abbreviations on many of the signs or advertising for this state’s rest areas. It is best to make sure you know what those abbreviations stand for so you can find the right spot for you and your family.

Abbreviation Definition
FF Full Facilities- handicap facilities, restrooms, picnic tables, drinking water, pet area, night lights, telephones
V vending machines- snacks and beverages only
RA Rest Area
TP Truck Parking
WC Welcome Center
SP Service Plaza
WIM Weigh-in-motion- truck comfort station
ATM Automatic teller machine
SPK Sun Pass Kiosk
ACT Adult changing tables

List of I 95 Rest Areas in Florida

  • 1. Mile Marker 106 & 107 Martin County- North & South Bound Traffic

These two rest areas are full-service facilities and the northbound location is at mile maker 106 while the southbound one is at mile marker 107. Also, both rest areas allow truckers and regular cars to park in their parking lots

The good news for young families is that each rest stop has family restroom facilities and if the children are hungry or thirsty, there is a set of vending machines to take care of their needs.

If you arrive at night, Florida DOT has seen to it that there is nighttime security on the grounds. Also, both rest areas have outside night lights to make sure you are not walking around in the dark from your car to the restrooms. Your safety is their prime concern.

If there is a difference between the two, it would be found in the buildings. The northbound building looks far superior to the southbound one, with the latter a plain Jane design and the former a little bit more architecturally attractive.

If you have lost something at the rest stops, you can call 1-772-359-2701 and see if it has been turned in or not. This may save you some time as you won't have to turn around and do a physical search.

Some lists only include the northbound rest area but the DOT’s list has both of them.

  • 2. Mile Marker 133 St. Lucie County- North & Southbound

Again, you have one rest stop for each direction a little further down the road. Located at mile marker 133 these two stops are right across the highway from one another. The southbound rest area is right next to a subdivision while the northbound one is a little more rural.

Both are full-service facilities that include outdoor night lights, nighttime security as well as vending machines and handicap parking, etc. One nice aspect is that both rest areas have a lot of trees giving them a park-like setting for your picnic lunches.

While there are vending machines to help curb those hunger pangs, there is no family restroom available for your use. There are also no ATMs and you have to share the facilities with truckers.

Both facilities are located 2 miles north of state road 68 which should give you a nice marker to find them on your map. The same phone number given above is used for these rest areas so make sure to make a note of the name and mile marker when contacting the DOT.

  • 3. Mile Marker 168 & 169 Brevard County- North & South Bound traffic

As you can see these two rest areas are just a mile apart and serve both directions of traffic. They are full-service facilities which means that they offer travelers quite a bit of comfort while they are on the road.

The outdoor night lights and the nighttime security should bring an element of security to your rest stops as you make your way to your destination. They are near the town of Grant Valkaria giving you great access to supermarkets and stores where you can pick up needed supplies.

The Grant Valkaria airport is not that far away either as is the Indian River. In case you would like to take a water recreation break. Their on-site buildings are designed to provide you with maximum comfort and ease of access.

Handicap parking and other facilities are also available at these two rest areas. Making life a little easier as you head to your next destination. The closest state road would be #514 and the nearest exit for both would be 173 if you need landmarks to help you pinpoint the exact location.

  • 4. Mile Marker 225 & 227 Brevard County- North & South Bound traffic

Located about 1 1/2 miles north of Sr 46 and exit 223, these are two more rest areas servicing this county. They are also a full facility stop and have vending machines, family restrooms, as well as nighttime security.

The buildings are not as elaborate as the previous two Brevard County rest areas but they will provide the space and privacy you need as you take a break from the road. The contact number is the same for this pair and the previous pair of rest areas- 1-321-330-6182.

Make a note of which exact one you were at just in case you need to call the office and get help. Phones are also available just in case these rest areas are out of your cell phone service area.

The pet rest area should be adequate for your dog(s) needs and while you are walking the dog your other half can be spreading the table cloth over the picnic tables for a nice afternoon snack. You should be able to get clean drinking water at this pair of rest stops.

  • 5. Mile Marker 302 & 303 St. John’s County- North & South Bound traffic

The buildings housing the facilities at this pair of rest areas are pleasing to the eyes. Done in a nice brick exterior, they are surrounded by outdoor night lights to make sure you can see where you are going.

Both stops are full facility including nighttime security as well as family restrooms. The contact number for this pair of rest areas is the same at 1-321-499-3271. Then to provide some landmarks, if you find US1 and exit 298, these two rest stops should be approx. 5 miles north of those two locations.

Like all the other rest areas mentioned on this list so far, there are no ATMs so you cannot get any emergency money unless you travel off the highway and into the nearest town.

The parking lots should accommodate RVs, SUVs, buses, and large trucks without crowding smaller cars out. Handicap parking is right in front of the buildings making access to the resources easy. It is a straight walk-up with no stairs to navigate.

Make sure to use the trash bins provided when you are cleaning up after your picnic lunch.

  • 6. Mile Marker 331 St John’s County- North& South Bound traffic

Both buildings at these two rest stops have the same southern colonial design to them. Arches and small pillars are on the face of the buildings to give them more character and to let you know you are in the South.

If you need quick cash, both rest stops have ATMs and there are family restrooms in the buildings as well. Also included in their full-service offering is nighttime security. Something that seems to be standard with Florida rest areas. Outdoor night lights also shine brightly after the sun goes down.

Even though these two rest areas are also located in St. John’s County, they have a different contact number than the previous pair. It is 1-386-758-7660. So make sure you do not get the two confused. Markdown the mile marker to make sure you keep the number with the correct rest area.

Everything you find at the previous rest areas you will find here, handicap facilities and parking, restrooms, pet area, and picnic tables.

Truck Rest Areas


We are listing these separately as they only have truck parking available and few amenities. They are called Truck Comfort Weigh Station and they are located at mile markers 113 Martin County (southbound only), 286 Flagler County (both north and southbound) and 376 Nassau County (north & southbound).

The amenities include drinking water, restrooms, a picnic area, and a weigh station. Since there is no car parking included or handicap facilities, it may be best to avoid these rest areas unless you have an emergency that can’t wait.

Rest Area Jacksonville, FL


If you have just navigated your way through this city heading south, it is good to know that there is a rest area close by. The one at mile marker 331 is the Southbound St. John’s rest area and it is a full facility stop.

There is an ATM at this site, along with family restrooms, nighttime security, and plenty of parking. It is not hard to find as it is 2 miles north of county road 210 and exit 329.

This is the rest stop that has the southern colonial-style buildings. if you are heading north, the northbound St. John’s County is also located at mile marker 331 and has the same amenities as the southbound option.

The two facilities are right near the southern edge of this city and it is not far from the Guana River Wildlife management area.

Fort Pierce Rest Stop


This rest stop is actually the one listed above as St. Lucie County and is located at mile marker 133. It services both directions of traffic and the closest landmark is state road 68 which is 2 miles to the south.

Its buildings and tree-filled grassy property make this look more like a park than a rest stop. Not only does it have a picnic and pet area, but it also has handicap facilities, vending machines, and a nice location for some needed rest.

The rules are posted so make sure to read them before you enter the buildings. The rules will be the same no matter which rest area you stop at. Telephones are available if you need to stay in contact with your loved ones while you are on the road.

Some Final Words

Traveling the I 95 is made a lot easier by the numerous rest areas dotting the landscape. Once you stop, you will be able to meet your basic needs and possibly take a nap after a nice picnic lunch.

The good aspect about these rest areas is the nighttime security. You can feel a little safer stop[ping in after the day disappears. The outdoor lighting also helps as it illuminates the pathways so you can see where you are going and what is ahead of you.

Take a few minutes to brush up on the rules before you stop at these rest areas to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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