Halo Resorts Fisherman’s Retreat Membership Cost

One of the main reasons you switch from public campgrounds to private ones is to avoid a lot of unnecessary nightlife behavior. You may pay more for this amenity but it is safer and more fun in the long run. But not all private campgrounds provide this nice environment.

The Halo Resorts Fisherman’s Retreat’s cost will depend on how you buy your membership. You can go through their direct sales options and pay more. Or you can go to a reseller and pay a lot less for the same privileges. It is not going to be cheap.

To learn more about this resort and its costs, etc., just continue to read our article. It delves into the subject to get you as good as information as possible. This is a private resort so information is not always forthcoming.

Who Owns Fisherman's Retreat?


This resort seems to be owned by a company called Halo Resorts. There is not much known about this company on the business pages that turn up in a general search.

The company was founded in 1982 and is supposed to be headquartered in Redland, CA. To buy a full report on this company from Digigap may cost you $17,000+.

It took the company 20 years to file articles of incorporation with the State of California and that was done in 2002. This company is said to own a second similar resort not too far from the Fisherman’s Retreat.

It has been stated that this retreat and company may have been good at one time, but it seems to have gone downhill over the years.

Do You Need a Fishing License For Fisherman's Retreat?

From the reports that we have read, yes, you are supposed to have a fishing license to fish the three lakes at this resort. The details may be given at the resort when you call and ask them your questions. Other campers have stated that no license is needed.

There does not seem to be that many reviews or insider information on the internet right now. Most comments need to be taken with a grain of salt. There is a Facebook page for this resort.

However, the information we saw there was mainly for advertising fishing events and showing pictures of those campers who caught good-sized fish. But there may be some bad news on the horizon.

We came across a business bankruptcy website and it says that Halo Resorts filed for bankruptcy in August 2023. You can read about it at this link.

Halo Resorts Membership Cost


This has been very difficult to discover. Most of the websites mentioning this resort only provide a phone number and not a website. We have not been able to locate a website for this resort.

There is a Facebook page but it does not mention the bankruptcy move. The only membership fee, current, that has been mentioned is by one lady who paid $7995 and then complained her membership was canceled without notice.

You can try to find a membership for sale at a resale outlet but those memberships should be priced individually and may not be for the same amount.

Every site we have checked does not mention membership costs. The best thing to do is contact the resort directly at (909) 795-0171. One special note, we did find a website URL but the message that came up was HTTP Status: 404 (not found).

This message came up whether you used a VPN or not.

Fisherman's Retreat Membership Cost


The information we gave in the previous section will apply here as well. Since Halo Resorts owns Fisherman’s Retreat, you have to call the company or the resort directly to get that information.

With no websites to use it is hard to see what they charge for membership or if there are different tiers of memberships available. The website URLs on their Facebook page do not turn up any results either.

It may be that this resort and its parent company are either out of business or going through reorganization even though the majority of reviews have been positive.

The Facebook page also does not contain any membership fee lists or tiers. We have gone through that as well. This is interesting as while there have been some horror stories that were on some of the websites discussing this resort, most of the reviews were very good.

It could be that there is a lot of competition in the private campground industry taking away a majority of this resort’s business.

Finding a Fisherman Retreat Membership For Sale


There seem to be a few of these timeshare resell websites and businesses. One lists a membership purchase price of $3995 and that company is called buyatimeshare.com.

Other websites either did not come up on screen or they had nothing to offer for this resort. Then one is not so easy to navigate.

Fishermans Retreat Reviews


We mentioned this briefly before and as we said most of the reviews were very positive. Some positive reviewers stated it was not for couples but great for families and those people who like to fish.

The negative reviews did tend to be nasty but some after saying it is not a good place to go, still praised the staff. That was one of the common positive remarks we saw. The staff was said to be very nice.

The common complaint was that the campers did not catch any fish.

Some Additional Words

With the bankruptcy notice, you should thoroughly check this resort and parent company out before making any plans. We cannot say if they are still operating as there are no alerts on their Facebook page.

But the price you have to pay to join may not be worth it, as you won’t escape the public campground behavior by paying exorbitant membership fees. This is a resort you need to look carefully before leaping.

There are enough bad reports to make potential members very cautious.

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