Lippert Leveling System Won’t Turn On (Touchpad Not Working)

One of the things you will notice when technology upgrades RV items is that there are more things that can go wrong. Doesn’t matter if it is jacks, leveling systems, or holding tanks, technology has added to an RVers woes.

One of the sources for a Lippert Leveling system not working is the switch. It can wear out or get a loose connection and then fail to work as you expect it to. The repair for this problem would be to replace the switch.

To learn more about this technological upgrade, what can go wrong, and how to fix those problems, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can troubleshoot this system when it stops working for you.

Lippert Auto Level Not Working Properly


The first two sources for this situation are more common sense than anything else. The one problem would be that you parked on uneven ground. This location will interfere with the leveling operation. The quick fix is to move your RV or trailer slightly or a lot depending on the ground you parked on.

The other common sense source is that the Zero Point has not been set for the levelers or they need to be reset. All you have to do to fix this problem is to set the Zero Point and the system should work properly.

Another source may be that you need to reboot and reset the system. This is done by removing all the power to the system and letting it sit for a few minutes before reattaching the power sources.

Then the fault could be in the level sensor or the level sensor connection. The former may be faulty and needs to be replaced while the latter may only need to be reconnected or have some corrosion or some other problem cleaned up.

Or you just have to tighten the connections and make sure there is no damage to cables, wires, or hoses.

The Lippert Leveling System Won't Turn On

The obvious source of this issue is electricity. When it won’t turn on, check all your electrical components to see if they are the source of this problem. You can start by checking all the fuses first.

If they are okay, move on to the breaker and if that hasn’t tripped, check your battery and cables. It is possible the battery lost power and cannot send enough electricity to the leveling system.

Don’t forget to check your shore power and generator connections as well, if you are hooked up to those power sources. Sometimes, there is a problem with the switch.

If the electrical sources are not the problem, then check the switch. It could have gone bad, or lost connection at any time. Use your multimeter to check for power to the switch as well as for the electrical problems mentioned earlier.

As you do this make sure to check the battery cut-off switch. It should be in the proper position for power to get through to the leveling system. The worst-case scenario would be the control board.

If it has failed, you would need a technician to diagnose and replace it. But if all this is good and working well, then it could be the plug-in at the back of the panel. That plug-in can be vibrated loose and it is a sneaky source to consider.

LCI Electronic Leveling Touch Pad Not Working

There are two main sources for this problem. One is that there is no power getting to the touch pad. These devices need specific power for them to work. For example, there is a 15 amp fuse for the screen and a 35 amp fuse for the control module.

After checking all the usual power sources check these fuses inside the touch pad. If they have blown there may be a short in the system somewhere and need to be replaced. A multimeter should tell you if the touch pad is getting power to these components.

The second main source for this problem would be the control module. Before you check this component, remove the power from the touch pad for 15 minutes. You do that by unplugging it.

You want the touch pad and the control module to lose all residual power and it has shut off completely. After 15 minutes plug it back in and see if this solved your problem. If not, then you will have to replace the control module

Lippert Auto-Level Error Codes

There seem to be 9 error codes you need to worry about according to the manual. Page 10 of that manual has a chart with the code and the explanation as well as the repair information.


That information should provide you with all the data you will need to fix any code that pops up on the display screen. What is missing is the reset instructions which appear right above this chart in the manual.

Here is what the manual has to say on error code mode and resetting:

1. “If an error occurs before or during operation, the error will be displayed in the touchpad's LCD screen (Fig. 1E) and an alarm will sound. To reset common ERROR displays, press ENTER (Fig. 1C).

Note: To reset "Return for Service" errors, press ENTER (Fig. 1C) and RETRACT (Fig. 1D) simultaneously.

Refer to Error Code Chart for additional error codes.

2. All normal functions will be disabled while the system is in Error Mode”

Sometimes you may have to press all 4 buttons at the same time. To get more details on this situation read our article how to reset a Lippert auto level system.

Lippert Auto-Level Beeping


As you can see by the above information taken from the manual, the beeping is an alarm alerting you to a leveling issue you need to clear up. To clear the beeping you may have to reset the device.

In the case of a blank screen, you need to unplug the device for 15 minutes. This will or should clear any residual power as well as turn the device off completely.

While the device is unplugged, check the connections for corrosion. If you see any this may be the source of the problem. Just clean the corrosion so the device has a clean and clear connection.

After 15 minutes plug the device back in and the beeping should stop. The problem should be gone as well. If not, you may have to call in a technician to diagnose the device further.

As you can see from the chart above, the beeping is not an indication of a specific problem. It is just drawing your attention to one of the many problems this system can have.

Why is The Red Light Blinking on My Lippert Auto Level?

This blinking red light does the exact same thing as the beeping does. It does not tell you that a specific problem is taking place in your leveling system. It is trying to attract your attention and let you know that there is a problem in the system.

The main option to turn the blinking light off is to press the retract all button and see if the light and the error code are cleared. If the light is blinking slowly and the red color looks faded, then press and hold the retract all button.

Let go of the button until the jacks start to retract. This should clear up the problem as the slow and faded light indicates a problem in the jacks. If the problem is not cleared, it may be time to call a technician or Lippert for help.

Or you can turn to the One Control panel or the One Control App for further instructions. Pick the best option and the one that provides the best solution to your situation.

The Lippert Auto Level Won't Retract

One of the go-to sources to find the problem will be to check the different wiring harnesses. There are many sources that can damage these harnesses including corrosion, damage to the harness, or a loose connection.

Your task will be to find what is causing the problem and then fix it if possible. If the problem cannot be solved immediately, you can always use the manual override to get the jacks up.

The manual override would have to be o done to each jack leg. A 3/8 inch ratchet with no socket is needed for the front jacks and for the rear, you would need a 5/16 of an inch socket.

This problem may only need a recalibration and the instructions for this are as follows:

1. Turn the remote on by pressing and releasing the large silver button at the bottom of the unit. If the remote has never been configured, it will display the Configuration button immediately after it is turned on. To access the Configuration button after the initial programming, push the silver button 5 times.

2. Press the “Config” button on the touch screen to begin configuring the remote.

3. Using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen, navigate to the specific items the remote will control.

4. When the name of the item appears in the middle of the screen, press the large “Select” button. 5. Assign an item or “None” to each of the function spaces available.

If the unit does not have an LCI Multifunction wireless system installed, each function (Steps 1-7) will read as “NONE.”

6. Press the select button on each screen. Without an LCI Multifunction Wireless system installed on the unit, no other functions will be able to be programmed on the remote.

7. The last option will be "Configure Leveler?" Click "Yes."

8. A confirmation screen will appear on the screen showing all of the configured functions. If the unit does not have an LCI Multifunction Wireless system installed, the screen will show "NONE" for functions (Steps 1-7) and then "Leveler: Yes." Press “OK” to save the configuration or “Cancel” to edit the functions.” (source)

Lippert Auto Level Out Of Stroke


In the chart above you will find this error code in the middle of it. This is a common error message and all it is telling you is that the jacks cannot extend any further.

The fix starts with the instructions to the right of that message and you need to check the disposition of the jacks. You may have to relocate the trailer for the jacks to work correctly.

There is a possibility that the jacks have been bent or damaged in some way. If so you would have to repair the damage or straighten the bend, or replace the jacks if that cannot be done.

Or you can use the manual mode to check the jacks to see if they are working correctly. If not then you would have to repair or replace the ones that are not. There is also the possibility of a high amp current stall.

This means you would have to check the electrical side of the leveling system to see what caused that problem. Call a technician if you are not up on the electronics side of these jacks.

Lippert Auto Level Excessive Angle Error

The chart above reserves the top two spots for this problem. There are two situations that would cause this error code to pop up on your display screen. The first would be you are not parked on level ground or you did not calibrate a Zero point when you had the chance to do so.

The fix for this problem will be to either move the trailer to level ground. Or recalibrate the Zero point. The second problem only occurs when you are using manual mode.

This error code will pop up when you are on a very severe angle. To rectify this problem you have to continue in manual mode and use its functions to get the jacks and the trailer level again.

Both may take some time to clear up and after you are done you may have to clear the code.

Lippert Auto Level Comm Error Check Wiring

One of the first things to know about this code is that the screen will not have any backlighting behind it. The error code is telling you that there is a loose connection or faulty connection between the controller and the touch pad.

That at least narrows your search area when you see this code. The repair work you need to do is check the connections and see if there is damage or loose wiring. Tighten those wires or clean up the connections so they work normally again.

If that is not the problem, you may have to replace the communication harness. This may be done by you but it may also need a technician to do it right.

Lippert Auto-Level Wiring Diagram

Page 14 of the manual has a very large and colorful wiring diagram that shows every connection, and component. You can view it at this link. The following diagram is a generic one for LCI leveling systems taken from an internet image search.


If you still have your owner’s manual, you should be able to find the wiring diagram for your specific model in the table of contents. It is listed as a wiring diagram making it very easy to find.

Download The Lippert Auto-Leveling Control Manual


One of the places to go for any manual, not just for this product, will be our go-to manual website called manuals lib. You can find the owner’s manual on that website at this link.

And as we have told you many times before, there may be a fee to download the manuals you get from this website. The next place to go would be Lippert’s website.

It has a support web page called Support Documentation and you should find the manual you need by clicking on the right navigational links. To get to that web page, just click here.

Finally, you can go to the Manuals Plus or + website and read as well as download the manual for this system from there. We are not sure if this website charges for downloads or not. Just click here to go to that website. Then scroll down to get to the manual if you want to read it only.

If you want a hard copy of the manual without downloading it, try the dealers or repair centers and see if they have some in stock.

Some Additional Words

When it comes to an auto-leveling device not working or turning on, the first things you need to check will be all electrical. Check the fuses, breakers, power supply, and so on before moving on to other sources.

The display screen should help narrow your search by providing you with some error codes. But the screen may not be working so you may not see that message. Start with the easy items and you may get the problem solved faster.

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