How To Reset Lippert Auto Level System (Clear Error Code)

When electrical devices malfunction. This is not a rare situation but one that happens more than you would like. When it does happen, there is supposed to be a reset process to get everything back to normal. The question is, do you know the right process?

There seem to be a couple of ways to reset the auto-level system made by Lippert. The easy way has you pushing the front arrow 5 times and the back arrow 5 times. Then enter once. The hard way is coming up.

To learn more about this process just continue to read our article. It gets you the information you need to know so you can reset your auto levelers with ease. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you solve your leveler problem

Is There a Fuse For The Lippert Leveling System?

Is-There a-Fus e-For-The-Lipper-Leveling-System

Yes, there is. According to one owner, there are 4- 35 -amp fuses and one for each leveler leg. You should be able to find them at but watch the spelling when you put the URL in your search box.

Fuses should be one of the first things you check when you have an error code. You never know when they will blow and sometimes it does not take much to do it.

Before you reset the system, here is a checklist to follow so you can make sure there are no alternative issues that are creating the error codes you see:

1. Check the monitor for error codes- these codes will send messages directing you to the actual problem.

2. Restart the system- but leave it off for about 15 to 20 seconds before turning it back on again.

3. Check to see if there is power to the levelers- check the battery, breakers, and fuses

4. Check the wiring- look for loose connections, bad wires, and so on. Fix what you find.

5. Check the hydraulic fluid- make sure the fluid is full and the system is working correctly

Once you have done all of this, check to see if the leveling system is working again. If not, then go to the upcoming reset instructions

How To Reset Lippert Auto Level


As we said earlier, there are two sets of instructions. The first will be the easy way but we have no confirmation that it does the job.

1. Turn the system off

2. Press the front 5 times

3. press the rear 5 times. You should see a message that says zero point calibration and the lights will flash

4. Press enter and the system should reset.

Now the harder way:

1. make sure you have 4 to 5-pin drop holes exposed on the front legs. No more than this number and no less.

2. The error code should still show but you need to press the front arrow and extend the legs another 6 to 8 inches. Then press the rear arrow and extend the rear legs 6 to 8 inches.

{for 6-leg leveling systems, you need to press and hold both buttons until the middle legs extend another 6 to 8 inches}

3. Once that is done, press and hold the retract button until all the legs start to retract. Once the legs start retracting, release the button and let the coach do the work. The error code should be cleared once the legs fully retract and the system shuts off.

4. Now, manually lift the front legs above the truck height and press auto level. If the error code continues, you need to take your trailer in for service.

These instructions came directly from Lippert and we do have confirmation that they work. Other owners have followed these instructions and reported success.

Make sure all slides are in when you try to reset this error code. You may have to bring the nose of the trailer up above level for the system to work. Try it and see if it works.

Clear Error Code On The Lippert Leveling System


Even if you get an LF error code, which means the left front leg problem, you should do this reset operation. After you do that, the next step is to investigate to find the source of the problem.

This error code indicates a problem with the left leveler leg and it could be mechanical or it could be electrical. Make sure to follow the steps given earlier to guide your investigation to find the original source of the problem.

It is possible that your battery drained without you knowing about it. If that is the case, you may have to replace the battery. Also, check your wires as corroded, rusted connections or wires can produce the problem.

Clean up those wires and connections and make sure they are tight. Also, check for broken or frayed wiring. Replace any that you find. A little maintenance will go a long way to protect your leveling system.

Finding New Lippert Leveling Parts


There are different outlets that can sell you replacement parts. The first place to look would be Lippert directly. They do have an online store and if you can’t find the part you need, then ask them.

E-trailer should be another source for certain parts. They may not carry all of them but you should be able to find some of the parts you need. The same goes for Amazon.

That marketplace is known to sell just about everything so there is a good chance someone on there may have what you need. Don’t forget your trailer and model numbers.

Some final words

Resetting electrical devices can be more of a pain than anything. It is not the fact that you have to reset a device, sometimes the process is a bit complicated and there are more steps than there should be.

This reset process seems to be very straight forward and easier to do than other systems. It has worked for RV owners so it should work for you when you try it.

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