6 RV Parks Near Six Flags Over Georgia (Can You Park There?)

It is not the most informative park. By that, we mean that while they present a lot of information about the park and its rides, etc., they say very little about parking. It took about 5 minutes or more just to find the information about parking at the site and guess what, RVs were not mentioned.

It seems that it is possible but the people at the Park themselves do not seem to answer the question. Nor is it listed on their website. Unless changes have been made, you are allowed to park your RV there but for how much is not known.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about. However, parking at the Theme park is not widely discussed. You may have to ask when you purchase your day passes online.

Can You Park An RV At Six Flags Over Georgia?


This is a strange question. It is a Theme Park designed to attract holiday goers, yet they say little about parking. On their parking web page, they just provide 3 payment options. One is general parking for $30.

The next level is preferred parking which costs you $45. The final option is $75 for valet parking. Under each option, there is a buy now link which takes you to a checkout process.

We have checked the website fairly thoroughly and no mention is made of RVs. However, Trip Advisor has a comment section addressing this topic, and the comments are a year old.

The best that was said there was that there was lots of parking available so RVs should be okay. Other than that no one had a definitive answer and no one posted a link to a website or Park’s web page that provided an answer.

These answers were from last year but the Park’s website is not so hopefully changes have been made and you can park your RV in their parking lot.

Finding RV Parks Near Six Flags Over Georgia


Finding these RV parks Is not going to be the toughest part of this quest. There seem to be quite a few of the parks that advertise on the internet and they will pop up in a quick search.

When you get your search results, you have to go through each one by one to see if they have vacancies and see how close they are to the Theme Park. Then you can go to the different RV discussion forums and sign up. Then you can either search for this specific thread or start a new one asking this question.

There are many RVers who have done the same trip and know where the best parks are and how close they are to 6 Flags. This is often the best source as then all you have to do is look for each park individually and see what vacancies are available and how much it is to stay there.

Other ways to find these parks would be to go to one of the many travel websites and put in a search request. Or those sites should pop up in a general search and you just need to keep scrolling to find them.

Then search the information on those sites, read reviews, and so on. It is important to read those reviews as some of those RV Parks near Atlanta are not very nice.

List Of Campgrounds Near Six Flags Over Georgia


1. Yogi Bear Jellystone Park, Camp, Resort

This RV+ park is located at 106 King St. Bremen, GA 30110 US and it is about 40 miles from 6 Flags. However, it is a great place to stay even if you do not go to the Theme Park.

It has its own attractions including a mini train ride, mini golf, and a lot more. Plus, it is open every day and the park schedules its own special events for its guests. The park does have 30 and 50-amp service as well as all hook us needed.

In addition to that, they have pull-through campsites, a picnic table, and a private fire ring. It is an option if you do not mind driving a little to 6 Flags.

2. Stone Mountain Park

Is supposed to be one of the closer RV parks to 6 Flags. It has about 250 RV camping spots and they are all grouped into color-coded sections. Each color comes with a different nightly rate which ranges between $44 and $67.

They have full and partial hook-up services and you need to let them know if you need one or the other. What makes this park different is that they offer a Skyride so you can view the State from up on high.

3. Sweetwater Park RV Reserve

This nice park is west of 6 Flags by about 20 minutes or so. It is near the I-20 at 2558 Wren Circle in Austell, GA. This RV Park is also near a variety of other Atlanta attractions you may be interested in visiting.

What makes this RV Park stand out is that it offers daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Plus, they offer Good Sam members a 10% discount. Keep in mind that they revise their rates about every6 months. Or at least consider revising them at that mark.

4. Little Tallapoosa Park

When you are not at 6 Flags, you can do some fishing, hiking, or do your dirty laundry. The link above is not very informative but they provide contact information for the contact person at the RV Park. You will have to email her to get your questions answered.

However, there are only 23 RV campsites with full hook ups so you may need to call ahead to see if there is still room. To pass the time, there is a 7-acre open field for all sorts of athletic activities.

5. Red Top Mountain State Park

Located right on Altoona Lake this comfortable and picturesque RV Park features a getaway from the city when you are tired of 6 Flags. When you have had your fun at 6 Flags, you can fish, go boating, skiing, and do other activities at this park and lake.

There are different campgrounds under this umbrella name and they each have their own way to get to them. The directions are on the website under where to stay.

This is a pet-friendly campground and it does have hook ups except for the sewer.

6. Chattahoochee Bend State Park

This is an approx. 2900-acre RV and State park that is located on the Chattahoochee River. There is lots of hiking biking and boating that can be done when you are not visiting 6 Flags.

Just contact them for further details as rates and number of RV campsites were not mentioned at the links for this park and the previous one. It is close to Atlanta so you can get to 6 Flags early and still be home before it gets dark.

It is one of the closer RV park options you have.

RV Rentals


Each of these parks has gone the extra mile. They not only offer camping spots for tents and RVs, but they also offer RV rentals. You can stay in one of their RVs to see what life is like without having the expense and hassle of owning one.

One of the parks also rents out Mongolian Yurts so you can experience life in the Northern Orient. These parks also have a lot of amenities to keep you busy and entertained as well as give you lots of space to rest and relax.

Not only that, but these parks are also close to some good Atlanta and other cities' restaurants. You can escape home cooking for a while and enjoy some of the best chefs in the state of Georgia.

There are a lot more RV parks in the area than can be listed here.. Unfortunately, they were not receiving great reviews. Some owners did not like them because they were located on the east side of Atlanta which itself does not have a great reputation.

Do some research to see when there are vacancies at the better RV parks and see if those vacancies fit your travel schedule. Compare rates but from what we have seen, these parks are not going to be cheap no matter where they are located.

Some Final Words

Traveling to 6 Flags is easy. Finding a place to park your RV at the park, not so much. Why the Theme Park does not make mention of RV parking may be due to the fact they lump all vehicles into those 3 categories mentioned at the beginning of this article.

For the best rates for RV camping and admission to the park, go in the off-season if you can. That way you can save some money and possibly will not have to wait in long lines.

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