LCI Electronic Leveling All Lights Flashing (How To Reset)

Don’t panic is the very first rule to follow whenever you see something go wrong. If you panic, you may hit the wrong button and turn a simple process into an expensive repair. Stay calm when you see all lights flashing and get ready to do a simple fix.

When all lights are flashing on your LCI electronic leveling jacks just stay calm and push all four diamond-shaped buttons at the same time. This should reset the system and your leveling jacks should work normally again.

To learn more about this problem and leveling system, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible. Some fixes are easier to do than others even though they look worse.

LCI Electronic Leveling All Lights Flashing


According to one mechanic, LCI makes several different types of control boards. Not all of them will have the same reset system as the electronic control board with a touch pad.

When you see this control board with all of its lights flashing, it is called the latched error mode. What you need to know here is what type of controller your RV has. If it is one of the editions prior to the G controllers, then this signal is treated as a regular error mode.

The G controller will treat it as a latched error mode and you need to push all four diamond-shaped buttons at the same time to reset the system. There is an alarm mode listed in the troubleshooting section of the manual.

An alarm will sound along with all lights flashing. But this usually only happens if the parking brake has been released or at least 1 jack did not fully retract. This alarm will also sound if the ignition is in the run position and all jacks are down.

The sources for the alarm code will be either a retracting hose is leaking or the pressure holding the retracting jacks is below 1500 psi.

How To Reset The LCI Leveling System


According to what we found in the troubleshooting section of the manual, there is only one way to reset this system. It is to push all four diamond-shaped buttons at the same time.

However, there was one earlier sentence that may be more than helpful even though it is not in the all flashing lights section of the manual. It says for the operator to NOT press the on/off switch to reset the control board.

The trouble shooting section does not go into a lot of detail here so you may have to contact LCI or one of their dealers to see exactly what they mean. Another instruction is the following:

If TOUCH PAD and CONTROLLER lose communication for more than 5 seconds, the TOUCH PAD will flash the “JACKS DOWN”, “ENGAGE PARK BRAKE”, and “ON/OFF” lights. Turn off the ignition and check that TOUCH PAD and CONTROLLER is securely connected.”

This may help in resetting the control board but double check with a dealer to make sure. Manuals are not always specific in their directions and often leave a lot of vital words out of their content.

The four diamond-shaped buttons being pushed are the only reset instructions in the manual that we saw.

Resetting The LCI Leveling System


Resetting the system is not that hard. Here is the process for some LCI systems:

- Hook your truck to your trailer

- Manually retract the stabilizers

- Lower all the jacks

- Retract landing gear and stabilizers

- Lower the front landing gear

- Hit auto level

When you hook your truck to the trailer make sure to keep both on level ground. What the re-hitching does is put all the weight of the trailer onto the truck. Then manually retract the jacks. With the electronic side malfunctioning this is your only option.

After the jacks have been retracted, lower them to the 6-inch mark only. Do not go any further. At this point, you go back inside your RV and push and hold the retract button for 5 to 7 seconds.

After the jacks have retracted, keep holding the retract button down while you wait for the computer to reset itself. All the jacks should be at their default point and the system should be reset.

Now, lower the front landing jacks and unhook your trailer. Then push the auto level button and wait till the system does its work.

Resetting The Leveling Jacks- Dead Battery


This may be a bit more challenging as everything will have to be done manually. To do this you will need a bubble level and place the level in the center of the trailer and then level it front to back and side to side.

This situation will tell you that you will need to check your batteries that operate the jacks regularly. You need to make sure the batteries are charging well and have all the power it needs to power the jacks.

It has been said that you may need to change the batteries every couple of months to be sure that the jacks will work when you need them to. Also, check your fuses, connections, and wires to keep them tight and in top shape.

Lose connections, corroded wires, etc., will play havoc with your system. If any of those components are damaged you will need to replace them as soon as you can.

Some Additional Words

If you do not have the LCI leveling jacks manual for your electronic system, contact LCI directly or one of their dealers to get one. These manuals will provide important information and will help you keep your leveling jacks operational.

Electrical issues will be the most common problem you will face with this system. Most of the work you can do it yourself. But if you do not like working with electrical components, then hire a professional.

Sometimes these systems can be tricky to work with and you may not have the experience to meet those issues.

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