Does Cabela’s Offer Potable Water For RV? (Cabelas RV Water)

It can be risky. Whether at Cabela’s or some other RV outlet that offers some sort of service to RVs in the form of a dump station or water supplies. You never know what has been attached to the spigot and connecting to it may not be a great idea.

At the time of this writing, there may be a few Cabelas that offer potable water to RV owners. Some offer water but they have big signs telling you not to drink from it. Those water supplies are meant to help you wash out your holding tanks only.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you know what to expect when you pull into a Cabela’s parking lot. This store is not as friendly as it once was to RV owners.

Does Cabelas Have RV Water?


If you are talking about drinking water, then the answer would be no it does not. At least not all Cabelas have a water connection you can use to fill your freshwater tanks. The three we found that did are- Billings, Montana, Hamburg, PA, and Rodgers/Maple Grove, MN.

The good news is that it may still be free if they still offer this service. However, as some RV owners have stated, it is not the best idea to use those water connections as you never know what has been connected to them.

Sometimes it is best to find a better place to replenish your fresh water supply. There are signs at many Cabela’s outlets that tell you the water is not for drinking. They do offer water but it is for other purposes.

Make sure to read the signs carefully and not go by the color on the spigot. Even if it is the same color as a fresh water garden hose, it may not be safe to connect to it.

Given the fact of how many RVers have treated the dump stations, it is a good idea to avoid most outdoor taps at this store. You never know what someone did to the tap.

Cabela Offers Potable Water For RV


We have seen 2 lists on this topic. Those lists tell their readers where the best places are to get potable or drinking water. Both lists have included Cabela’s and say it is a great place to get good drinking water.

Those lists do not do any RVer justice as they are making a blanket and generalized statement when the reality is not that way. Even though those websites are copyrighted in 2022, does not mean they are giving correct information.

From our research, it will be hit and miss when it comes to potable water. Some Cabela’s may still offer this service but others may not. Many of these outlets have signs stating the water in those taps is not for drinking.

It is best to obey those signs. Also, as some RV owners have pointed out, if the taps are near the dump station area, if they still have one, then it is best to avoid those taps.

Ever since Pro Bass Shop bought out Cabelas attitudes and things have changed. It would be best to go to the Cabelas website and check the stores on your route. That would be the way to find out if they offer potable water or not.

Just be careful as those websites may not be updated yet and they may say they have potable water even though the service has been discontinued.

Cabela's RV Water Fill


We checked the main website and used the store finder to get some updated information. Unfortunately, the stores we checked did not mention if they had potable water or not. It was not listed in their list of services provided but that does not necessarily mean anything.

Using the find a store option is great for finding the location of a Cabelas but the web pages are not very informative. The best thing to do is send the outlet you want to stop at an e-mail and ask them.

Do not rely on third-hand information as things have changed at this chain over the past few years. Pro Bass Shop may not want to take on any liability if something goes wrong with the water supply.

Usually, and if they offer this service, it has been free. It is nice to get something for free and if they do offer potable water, make sure to buy something in the store for providing you with this service.

Where To Get Potable Water


There are better places to get drinking water than at Cabela’s. The following outlets should be safer as those water supplies are probably monitored better than that store.

1. Campgrounds- their business is to serve RV owners and they offer full hook-ups in most locations. That means that they will have some sort of drinking water source that you can connect to and refill your water tank.

2. truck stops- the ones that cater to RVs usually have potable water spigots. Just ask for the tap’s location and fill it up. It is also usually free.

3. State Parks- they may reserve the use of those spigots for registered campers but if you have a pass, they may let you use them.

4. Gas stations- again, try the ones that also serve RVs. They will make some accommodations for the needs of their customers. You may have to ask if you can use their fresh water taps but the worst they can do is just say no.

Some Final Words

Cabela’s is changing and has been changing for a few years now. If you visited a location a decade ago, do not expect to find the same services today. While you may still stay overnight, you may not get to dump your holding tanks or replenish your fresh water tank.

It will all depend on the location and the manager at that site.

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