How to Move a Trailer Without a Vehicle (By Hand or Mover)

In the old days, one could pick up the tongue on small trailers and move the trailer into its final resting place, until the next move. But that method can be hard on your back. Especially if the trailer is a little too heavy to lift up and push.

There are specially made dollies that make moving a trailer manually a lot easier and safer on your back. The key is to buy a dolly that is rated for the weight of the trailer you own. When you move a trailer by hand, have the emergency brake nearby to stop it before you lose total control.

To learn more about this positioning method, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can do a safe and effective move without hurting yourself or others. Take a few minutes to see how this important information will help you in difficult situations.

Can You Move a Camper Trailer by Hand?

If the trailer is light enough, you really do not need any extra equipment. Just pick up the tongue carefully and move the trailer where you want it. This task gets tougher if you have to go up or down an incline or over some bumps and holes but it can be done.

However, the better way to move a trailer by hand is to buy a dolly that is rated for more weight than your trailer weighs. There are plenty of designs to help you get your trailer in the right position.

These dollies have nice handgrips and a good set of wheels to make movement much easier and a lot smoother than if you just used your hands and manipulated the back wheels.

The danger of just using your back and bare hands is that you are going to hurt yourself. While this method is cheaper and simpler to do, it is not the best way to go about doing this job.

How to Move a Camper Without a Truck


The weight of the trailer is going to be key. If the trailer does not weigh a lot, you have several good options. The first way is probably the hardest as you have to set up a block, tackle, and pulley system in the right spot to get the trailer to where you want it to go. hard to do.

A better option would be to use your golf cart or 4-wheel ATV to pull the trailer into position. Some people have suggested a riding lawn mower but those may not be strong enough to hold the weight let alone pull it into position.

Finally, you can get a manually operated or an electric dolly to handle the job. These dollies are specially made for this type of work and many come with very high weight ratings.

How to Move a Camper by Hand

Probably the best way is o use what is called a trailer valet. That is the fancy term for dolly. The latter term brings warehouse two-wheeled dollies to mind and while not the same thing, they have the same purpose- move heavy objects from one place to another.

The trailer valet comes with a ball hitch and easily attaches to the tongue hitch of your trailer. Then you grab the handle and maneuver the trailer into position. These trailer valets are sold at different weight rating levels.

You can buy one close to the weight of your trailer but do not go under that weight barrier. The cost of one of these units can be expensive reaching between $500 and $1000 but it is money well spent if you are going to be moving your trailer a lot by hand.

Moving a Heavy Trailer by Hand

This may not be possible with a manually operated trailer valet. Most of the models may come with a high weight capacity but have a low 500-pound tongue weight limit. This can be difficult to use when you have a 10,000-pound trailer to move.

There are electric or motorized trailer valets that handle heavier weights and heavier tongue weights. They can be costly and harder to find. We did find one manual option that could move 10,000 pounds and has a 1,000-pound tongue weight capacity but those are no good if your trailer weighs more than that.

There is a product called power pusher that can handle a lot heavier weights than 10,000 pounds and it is motorized so one person can move the trailer. You would have to contact the seller to get the price. It may not be practical for most trailer owners.

Hand Dolly to Move Trailers


E-trailer has a couple of models for light trailers. The cheapest and most basic one only handles up to 500 pounds but it costs about $200. The other one handles up to 5000 pounds but costs almost $500.

Amazon has a good selection of these handy trailer movers. You can expect to pay between $150 and $800 depending on design, weight capacity, and other factors. The brand name on their selections will play a role in the cost of the device.

Other companies like Northern Tool, Harbor Freight, and similar businesses will have their own selection of trailer valets. The drawbacks to these options is that the price may be right but the weight capacity may not be what you need.

Or you can make your own. That is always an option when you have small trailers to move around your property. You would need a welder and a trailer hitch ball to make this work though.

Enduro Dual Axle Power Trailer Mover

This is a unique setup that lets you park your trailer without using your truck. When you are forced to park in difficult spaces, maneuvering is easier with this device attached to your trailer.

The single motor option goes on those trailers with one axle and the 4 motor option is for dual axle trailers. They can move up to 5000 and 7800 pounds respectively and you do not have to break into a sweat doing it. The operation is handled by remote control through the control box.

It is made with tough steel components, a powerful gearbox, and is waterproof. However, it should not be used when the axles are submerged in water. Another drawback would be the price. Each single motor costs over $1200 and you may need more than one on some trailers.

Each motor weighs about 88 pounds so that is another negative as you have to watch your weight limits.

Easi-Move V2 Trailer Mover

This product works by using aluminum rollers to move the tires. It is also operated by remote control and you should get 360-degree movement when you need it. This device operates off of 12-volt power and you will need one for each set of wheels on your trailer.

It is easy to install and handles enough weight. You need to talk to a dealer about the weight limits and the actual cost. If you do a search for this product, do not be confused with the Eazy Move option that comes up in your search results.

That is a different product all together and it is made in South Africa and may only be available in that country or nearby nations. The easi-move product has a compact design that fits well underneath the frame of your trailer.

The biggest drawback would be that you need more than one to move any trailer you need to be moved.

How to Move a Trailer Sideways


The smart-aleck answers would be to have enough guys around to lift the trailer and walk sideways. Or you can get a forklift to replace all those guys and easily move the trailer sideways. But those are impractical suggestions and may damage someone or your trailer.

The smart move would be to rent, borrow or buy specially made dollies that car restoration companies use to move vehicles sideways. These devices cradle the wheels holding them up in the air while their own wheels let you push the vehicle in any direction you want to go in.

Or you can use trolleys that can hold the weight of the trailer and still be able to move sideways. The dollies talked about so far would have to use a back and forward motion to get the trailer in place but that is not always an option.

If you are trying to move across grass or gravel, dollies may not be as effective as they are on concrete.

Can You Move a Utility Trailer by Hand?

Yes, you can and all you need to do is find a trailer valet that will be rated for the weight of the trailer. If your utility trailer is small, this one from e-trailer should do the trick- Trailer Valet XL Trailer Dolly with Chain Drive - 2" Hitch Ball - 10,000 lbs.

Or you can go to a smaller version and use this one- Trailer Valet 5X Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover - Topwind - 15" Lift - 5,000 lbs or this one- Rack'Em Trailer Dolly. All three are good depending on the weight and size of your trailer.

The downside to these options is that they may be expensive to buy, can be bought online only or they may be out of stock. Of course, the terrain will play a big role in which model you choose to use.

Rough terrain may make it impossible to use these options and you may have to go to the RVR9 with a track like a bulldozer or a tank. Unfortunately, the drawback here will be the price as even at Amazon it is over $4500. It does have a 9,000 pound and 900-pound tongue weight capacity though.

Can You Move a Jet Ski/Boat Trailer by Hand?

This is not going to be a problem as there are many hand-pulled trailer valet options to choose from. The key will be to get one in your price range. There is the Trailer Valet Lift Jack but it can only handle up to 500 pounds. The positive side of the product is that it comes with 9-inch tires and weighs only 45 pounds.

Then there is the MaxxHaul Towable Trailer Dolly which only weighs 29 pounds and has a 600-pound weight limit. The tires measure 12 inches in size making it a very viable option. Its negative feature is its price.


Finally, there is this model- Tow Tuff HD Dolly Adjustable Trailer Moves with Caster and its positives are its 1000 pound weight limit and 16-inch tires. However, its 64-pound weight and the high price tag may have you thinking twice.

You can check amazon for a lot more trailer valets as these devices are made by a few companies and they all come at different prices and different weight limits.

Can You Move a Boat Trailer by Hand?

Yes, you can and one way to do this is by upgrading to an electric or motorized version of the trailer valet. One option would be the SuperHandy Trailer Dolly Electric Power (yes, that is its brand name) and the biggest negative about this unit is that it is currently not available on Amazon.

Also, it does not have a stop function on its wheels. One of its good points is that it is a low-maintenance device. Another is it is built with a solid steel frame and a swivel wheel.

Another motorized option would be the Happybuy Trailer Mover which can handle over 5000 pounds and comes with a braking system. It is also easy to assemble. However, it seems to be best for smaller utility trailers only.

Finally, there is the Tow Tuff TMD-3500ETD Electric Trailer Dolly and its good points include a variable speed drive in both forward and reverse easy ball adjustment and work for a variety of trailers. The downside is that it is going to be very expensive.

Can You Move a Uhaul Trailer by Hand?

If the trailer is small enough, it is possible. A 5 by 8-foot trailer is not that heavy and you could even pick it up with your bare hands and jockey it into position. Or you could attach it to a trailer valet and move it safely with that device.

We know this because U-haul used to sell trailer valets. We checked a couple of their web pages and they had a couple of models for sale. They were priced between $500 and $700.

However, the company has placed red-lettered messages on both web pages stating they were no longer available. You can call U-Haul to see if they stock other brands or models.

If you really need one of these trailer valets, you can check to see if U-Haul is still partnered with Valet Trailers and have rental options at those outlets.

How Heavy of a Trailer Can You Move by Hand?

This will depend on how the trailer valet is rated. Most are not rated that high and may only handle up to 1000 pound trailers. Others, those that are motorized, can handle up to 35,000 pounds approx.

Unfortunately, the electric versions are very costly and may not be worth the expense, especially if you are only going to be using them once or twice a year. For those situations, renting or borrowing one would be your best option.

Look at your trailer and see what the tongue weight and full weight of the trailer and then check the options that come up in your internet search. Always go for the ones with a higher weight limit than your trailer’s actual weight.

The Best Way to Move a Trailer by Hand


Some people like showing off to their friends. It is a natural idea to have and using your bare hands to move a trailer gets the job done. However, it is not the smartest move to make as you can hurt yourself. Your female partners may also hurt your pride when they laugh.

The best way to move a trailer by hand is to get the right-sized trailer valet. These are easy to attach and make maneuvering your trailer much safer and easier. Pick the one that is made of the best materials and meets your needs.

Some Final Words

Trailer valets are a great invention. They make moving trailers into tight spots so much easier than trying to use your truck or car. The ones with remote controls make this task very simple indeed.

The thing to do is go to the different outlets and compare weight limits, construction materials, designs and pick the best one that fits your budget. Amazon has quite a few on hand at various prices but there are other easier-to-visit outlets that may offer a better deal.

These devices do come in handy.

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