What Do Flamingos and Pineapples Mean When Camping? (RV Park)

It may mean that the people who own the RV never left the 60s. It was a trend back in the 50s and 60s to have pink flamingos on your lawn. But like any other fad, this one disappeared when the late 60s and early 70s hit. Today, there may be a secret meaning to these items.

That secret meaning is said to be that the people behind the decorations are swingers. If you do not know what swingers or swinging is, it is where a couple has an open relationship and loves to have intimate hookups with other couples.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you know how to talk to those RV owners who display these symbols. However, not everyone who does this is a swinger. They may just be like flamingos and pineapples.

What do Pineapples Mean in The RV Community?


Like the rainbow, innocent symbols often are corrupted by new modern definitions and meanings. What something meant once a few decades ago, does not mean it means the same thing today.

This is the case with the upside-down or just plain pineapple. Today it means that the people displaying this fruit are into the swinging lifestyle. But decades and even centuries ago it had a better meaning.

In the old days, a pineapple or upside-down pineapple meant hospitality. It was a sign that told strangers that guests were welcome in that establishment or home. The exact origin of this use of the pineapple is not known.

But its original meaning seems to have been universal and made people feel welcome. Some people said that the origin of this sign was Hawaii and others say it was used first in Europe. Still more said it was only used by royalty.

The history of the application is shrouded in darkness but the original meaning is one of friendship not swinging.

Pineapple At Campground


Here is the important part of this topic. The pineapple is usually displayed upside down and when at a campground, it usually means that the RV owners are swingers and want to participate in some intimate acts with other couples.

However, many people who display a right-side-up or an upside-down pineapple may only have it because they want to be hospitable in the traditional definition of the word.

They do not know the modern meaning of the symbol and probably would be embarrassed to find out that their innocent display means something so outside the box.

Then there are those that display the pineapple because they like pineapples and think it looks nice on their RV or trailer. So, it would be wise not to assume any specific meaning until you talk to the owners of the display.

It is best to avoid any embarrassing situations before you get to know the people. The same goes for clothing. If they are wearing an upside-down pineapple design on their shirt, they either bought a very bad shirt or they are advertising their lifestyle.

What do Flamingos Mean in The RV Community?


When you see a pink, plastic flamingo or a pink flamingo sign on the RV, you can go with the original meaning that this bird represents. Those meanings are as follows:

- The flamingo is a powerful symbol for recognizing the joy and beauty in life


- Flamingos symbolize beauty, balance, elegance, vibrance, pizzazz, romance, and parties.

The flamingos are known to hang out together and their number can reach into the thousands. Some people got the idea that flamingos love to party and are a sign for humans to do just that.

With that party concept, it was not a giant leap by some people to add the meaning of swinging to the long list a flamingo represents. So if you see the flamingo near an RV, on its side or in the window, etc., then you have a choice to make.

Either that owner is a swinger who likes to party, or they like life, its beauty, and so on. When talking to them, just do not pick the wrong definition as you may have some awkward moments throughout the conversation.

What Does a Flamingo Mean On a Cruise Ship?


Usually, this symbol means that the person displaying it on their cabin door is a swinger. However, the flamingo is not a common symbol for this lifestyle. It has been used but swingers tend to prefer upside-down pineapples to advertise their lifestyle preferences.

There are other symbols used by this lifestyle as well. Some people will wear a black ring on their right hand, but not on the middle finger. Any other finger means they are swingers and looking for action.

If it is on the middle finger of the right hand, then the wearer is asexual. If they wear their wedding ring on their right hand, then that tells everyone they are swingers and looking for a new romantic partner.

Like the flamingo, there are other less common signs people wear to indicate they swing. Those rare signs are anklets, toe rings, and thumb rings. It is okay to be naive about these symbols, just do not get upset when you find out the definition that is applied by the wearer of these pineapples, rings, etc.

Remember, pink flamingos in a yard usually mean the owner of the house likes pink flamingos.

Some Final Words

Just about everything in this modern age has some sort of secret meaning attached to it. Don’t be embarrassed or feel ashamed if you do not know all those secret meanings. It is impossible to keep up with them all.

The thing is, many of these secret meanings do not apply when you travel to other countries. Those countries may have very different meanings attached to those symbols and you could get into a lot of trouble if you make a mistake.

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