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How To Install Peel and Stick Flooring in RV (Helpful Guide)

Easy may not be the best. That is the issue when you want to do a project like replacing old flooring with new. There are lots of easy solutions but they may not be the best ideas for RVs or trailers.

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Jayco Cushion Covers: Finding RV Dinette Seat Cushion Covers

It may not be possible. To get Jayco-specific dinette cushion covers for your foam cushions. You may have to go generic or custom-made to find something that will fit. It seems to be a difficult project

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RV Door Valance: How Do You Replace RV Valances? (Guide)

Throwing curve balls. That is what it seems like whenever you try to do simple chores around your RV. What should be a simple task that takes a minute can often end up taking days because RV makers threw

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Jayco Replacement Interior Light (Light Bulb Size For Jayco)

You will find that when you go searching for a new light bulb that there will be many replacement options to choose from. That is because different brands make the same type of light bulb but give it a

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Where To Hide a Safe In an RV? (Guide to Hiding Valuables)

Valuables need to be protected. One of the aspects of RV life that many people do not know is that the self-drive and towables are often keyed the same. This is one of the areas where RV makers save money.

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Luan for RV Guide (Finding 1/8 Inch RV Plywood Paneling)

For both the name and the plywood. If you are looking for just luan, it is also called filon. Filon is a different product than luan plywood which is usually made from mahogany. Filon is not as strong

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Finding a 1057 Bulb Substitute (GE 1057 Bulb Cross Reference)

Older RVs may be nice and have the perfect floor plan for you and your spouse but there is one thing that keeps them from being perfect. You may not get replacement parts as they are discontinued.This

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Finding RV Interior Wood Trim Molding Replacements (Tips)

While you want to be original, it is not always possible. Those old RVs with wood trim may be too old and the faux wood trim used to create their great interior look cannot be found anymore. Instead of

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LED Strip Lights Won’t Turn Completely Off (Glow When Off)

When you have a problem, even with something as simple as LED strip lights, you are bound to get 14 different opinions on what is wrong. It just takes time to find out which one of those 14 pieces of advice

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RV Vinyl Plank Flooring: How to Install Without Problems

Flooring materials wear out. This is a fact of life whether you own a traditional home or an RV. Finding the right flooring material that doesn’t add a lot of weight to your trailer is another story

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