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Toy Hauler Add a Room Options (DIY Ramp Tent, Dometic Room)

Renovations do not stop with homes. You may have enjoyed your toy hauler over the years. But now you are getting up in years and need some extra space for less strenuous activities. One way to do that

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DIY RV Engine Cover Console Replacement Ideas (Insulation)

The Hump. That is the non-technical term for the engine cover or console. If you are still not sure what this part is, it is the item that sits between the two captain chairs in the cab. Many RV owners

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RV Cable Pass Through Guide (Electrical, TV, Through Wall)

It is not always the best idea, but it may be the only idea. The only main concern will be the location of drilling a new hole in your RV. Drilling holes in your RV is not a great activity but sometimes

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Can You Use Wall Anchors In RV Walls? (Best RV Wall Anchors)

The walls are very thin. To save on weight and space, RV makers do not put very thick walls in most of their RV and trailer models. When you want your RV to look like home, this can create a problem if

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Keystone-Forest River RV Control Panel (Upgrade Replacement)

There are two types of control panels. Those that are older and those that are better. The former control panels had very few components it controlled while the latter and newer models control just about

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How to Repair RV Roof From The Inside (Repair Rotted Wood)

When you walk on your roof to check seals, etc., your foot may hit a spot that feels spongey. That feeling is telling you that you have a problem in that specific spot. You may be able to fix the problem

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RV Luminaire VR Fixture: How To Change Ceiling Lights On RVs

Some are easier than others. When it comes to changing light bulbs, you will find that some RV lights are as easy to change as the ones n your traditional homes. While others have unique designs that often

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Removing RV Bunk Beds: How To Remove Bunk Beds Out Of an RV

One of the first steps in this project is to realize any RV furniture removal will not be like removing furniture from a traditional home. The RV construction is done in such a way as to allow room for

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RV Styrofoam Floor Replacement and Repair (Helpful Guide)

The plywood and Styrofoam flooring in most RVs is not the best flooring material you can have. It serves a purpose and tries to give you a comfortable floor to walk on. It just won’t last especially

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What Do Flamingos and Pineapples Mean When Camping? (RV Park)

It may mean that the people who own the RV never left the 60s. It was a trend back in the 50s and 60s to have pink flamingos on your lawn. But like any other fad, this one disappeared when the late 60s

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How To Install Peel and Stick Flooring in RV (Helpful Guide)

Easy may not be the best. That is the issue when you want to do a project like replacing old flooring with new. There are lots of easy solutions but they may not be the best ideas for RVs or trailers.

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Jayco Cushion Covers: Finding RV Dinette Seat Cushion Covers

It may not be possible. To get Jayco-specific dinette cushion covers for your foam cushions. You may have to go generic or custom-made to find something that will fit. It seems to be a difficult project

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RV Door Valance: How Do You Replace RV Valances? (Guide)

Throwing curve balls. That is what it seems like whenever you try to do simple chores around your RV. What should be a simple task that takes a minute can often end up taking days because RV makers threw

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Jayco Replacement Interior Light (Light Bulb Size For Jayco)

You will find that when you go searching for a new light bulb that there will be many replacement options to choose from. That is because different brands make the same type of light bulb but give it a

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Where To Hide a Safe In an RV? (Guide to Hiding Valuables)

Valuables need to be protected. One of the aspects of RV life that many people do not know is that the self-drive and towables are often keyed the same. This is one of the areas where RV makers save money.

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Luan for RV Guide (Finding 1/8 Inch RV Plywood Paneling)

For both the name and the plywood. If you are looking for just luan, it is also called filon. Filon is a different product than luan plywood which is usually made from mahogany. Filon is not as strong

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Finding a 1057 Bulb Substitute (GE 1057 Bulb Cross Reference)

Older RVs may be nice and have the perfect floor plan for you and your spouse but there is one thing that keeps them from being perfect. You may not get replacement parts as they are discontinued.This

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Finding RV Interior Wood Trim Molding Replacements (Tips)

While you want to be original, it is not always possible. Those old RVs with wood trim may be too old and the faux wood trim used to create their great interior look cannot be found anymore. Instead of

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LED Strip Lights Won’t Turn Completely Off (Glow When Off)

When you have a problem, even with something as simple as LED strip lights, you are bound to get 14 different opinions on what is wrong. It just takes time to find out which one of those 14 pieces of advice

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RV Vinyl Plank Flooring: How to Install Without Problems

Flooring materials wear out. This is a fact of life whether you own a traditional home or an RV. Finding the right flooring material that doesn’t add a lot of weight to your trailer is another story

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Fixing a Splendide 2100XC That Won’t Work (Manual Download)

Machines do not always work. It would be nice if they did but every once in a while, you do get a lemon. That is when you need some expert advice on how to get the machine up and running again. It is a

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RV Jayco Overhead Cupboard Hinges: How To Fix or Adjust

End grains do not hold. That is the first lesson you learn in cabinet making. It seems that other pieces of wood in RVs have about the same amount of strength as end grains. They just do not hold screws

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RV Floor Construction Guide: What Are RV Floors Made Of?

The goal is to be light. Too much weight means that certain tow vehicles are disqualified from towing some very nice travel trailers. Or you spend too much on fuel. RV manufacturers try to keep the weight

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Can You Use Diesel in a Kerosene Heater? (How To Mix)

When you go to gas-type heaters, it is all about the fuel. If you burn the wrong kind you could damage your kerosene heater and make a large mess. You may not get the performance you expected either. The

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How to Install a Diesel Heater In a Camper (What Size Fits)

Almost all RVs use propane to heat water, the air, and the stove. Not everyone is thrilled with having that flammable liquid so close to their living area. Plus, they do not like the cost in time or money

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DIY 12V Fridge: How to Convert a Fridge to 12V (Guide)

This seems to be a very popular project to take on. People are just not satisfied with the standard 12 volt Fridge in their RVs. So they take matters into their own hands and create their own solutions.The

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Do I Need a Vent in My Van? (Stealth Van Ventilation Guide)

Not everyone wants the world to know that they are sleeping in their van. Those rooftop vents are often dead giveaways that someone is sleeping inside. Those people who like a little privacy prefer to

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How to Light a Mr Heater: Solving Common Problems and Tips

When you need to stay warm, it's always good to have an efficient and effective heater in your RV. The key is to not have one that is complicated to start or use. A simple device does the same job and

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RV Dinette Booth Dimensions: What Size Is The Dinette Bed?

You hate sleeping on them. That's one of the common features all RV dinette booths have. They are very hard to sleep on. One reason for that difficulty is that either the space is too small or the mattress

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How-To-Secure an-RV-Dinette-5-RV-Dinette-Table-Wall-Mounts

How To Secure an RV Dinette: 5 RV Dinette Table Wall Mounts

Security is important not only for your health but also for the life and good condition of your RV furniture. Making sure everything is ‘nailed’ down when you are on the move is one way to keep your

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Low Wattage Options: How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use?

Coffee smells good and brings a jolt in the morning when you need it. Plus, to most people, it tastes really good. Those are positives most people can enjoy no matter where they are. However, making a

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How to Add an RV Pocket Door to Your RV (Replace and Adjust)

Curtains offer some privacy. At least hospitals think so. Unfortunately, curtains don't block sound from going to one room from another. When you have a snorer in your RV, it is best to find a way to block

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Fixing Everchill RV Refrigerator Problems (and Our Review)

Finding a good RV fridge may be the treasure hunt of the season. Many fridges use too much power and can break down at the drop of a hat. With a bit of research and a good power delivery setup, you should

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RV Spongy Floor Repair Kit: How To Fix Soft Spot in Camper

One of the most vital parts of an RV is the flooring. When you have a solid floor underneath you, it is possible to live normally and without worry. However, those floors can get damaged, making RV or

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5 RV Jackknife Sofa Replacement Ideas (Replacing RV Sofa)

An RV is just like a home. If you own it long enough, you may decide to replace the furniture with something more modern and comfortable. Replacing furniture in a home is easy as that task doesn't have

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Reflective Insulation For Windows: Will Reflectix Damage RV?

It depends on whom you believe. Whenever it comes to any products, there will be people for it or against it. Both sides may have legitimate arguments or they are merely repeating obscure facts in hopes

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Finding an RV Bunk Mattress Cut Corner (Cut Corner RV Sheets)

RVs are not like traditional homes. The furniture that goes inside of these rigs is not made like the furniture for a traditional home. This includes the beds. Some RV beds come with a 45 degree cut at

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How to Get Furniture Through an RV Door (Will a Couch Fit?)

It is a tight fit. Moving day or even adding a piece of furniture to one’s home can often be trying. No one measured the openings until they brought that item home. It is going to be a tight fit if it

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What Are Thermopane Windows? (Is Thermopane Glass Worth It?)

Windows are for more than providing a view. They are a first-line defense against the cold and wind. However, not all windows are up to the challenge and let out more heat than is necessary. When that

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Mice in RV Underbelly or Ceiling: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Unwanted guests certainly can be a pain as they eat you out of house and home. Plus, they leave behind little unwanted gifts that you have to take time to clean up. If you don’t your RV gets less healthy

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Dometic RV Furnace Troubleshooting: (Fixing Heater Problems)

Not all RV vacations are taken in nice, warm locations where it doesn’t get cooler than 72 degrees F. There are many RVers that like cooler weather and enjoy turning their furnace on at night to remain

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Does Irish Spring Keep Mice Out of Campers? (Helpful Guide)

No matter where you go. Mice and ants seem to always be there ahead of you. They can become a problem in your RV if you do not take the right steps to stop them before they enter your moving home. Sometimes

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Replacing RV Wall Paneling in 10 Steps (RV Wall Repair Tips)

RV paneling can be pretty. It is one of the influential factors that help you decide which RV to purchase. Yet the paneling inside your RV can get damaged through a variety of ways. Then you have to worry

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Where to Buy RV Paneling? (RV Wall Panel Manufacturers List)

RV paneling spruces up your RV. Besides all the technical aspects of your RV, visual effects play a role in how much you enjoy using your vehicle. Having the right paneling inside your RV can make all

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