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Can You Use Diesel in a Kerosene Heater? (How To Mix)

When you go to gas-type heaters, it is all about the fuel. If you burn the wrong kind you could damage your kerosene heater and make a large mess. You may not get the performance you expected either. The

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How to Install a Diesel Heater In a Camper (What Size Fits)

Almost all RVs use propane to heat water, the air, and the stove. Not everyone is thrilled with having that flammable liquid so close to their living area. Plus, they do not like the cost in time or money

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DIY 12V Fridge: How to Convert a Fridge to 12V (Guide)

This seems to be a very popular project to take on. People are just not satisfied with the standard 12 volt Fridge in their RVs. So they take matters into their own hands and create their own solutions.The

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Do I Need a Vent in My Van? (Stealth Van Ventilation Guide)

Not everyone wants the world to know that they are sleeping in their van. Those rooftop vents are often dead giveaways that someone is sleeping inside. Those people who like a little privacy prefer to

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How to Light a Mr Heater: Solving Common Problems and Tips

When you need to stay warm, it's always good to have an efficient and effective heater in your RV. The key is to not have one that is complicated to start or use. A simple device does the same job and

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RV Dinette Booth Dimensions: What Size Is The Dinette Bed?

You hate sleeping on them. That's one of the common features all RV dinette booths have. They are very hard to sleep on. One reason for that difficulty is that either the space is too small or the mattress

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How-To-Secure an-RV-Dinette-5-RV-Dinette-Table-Wall-Mounts

How To Secure an RV Dinette: 5 RV Dinette Table Wall Mounts

Security is important not only for your health but also for the life and good condition of your RV furniture. Making sure everything is ‘nailed’ down when you are on the move is one way to keep your

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Low Wattage Options: How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use?

Coffee smells good and brings a jolt in the morning when you need it. Plus, to most people, it tastes really good. Those are positives most people can enjoy no matter where they are. However, making a

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How to Add an RV Pocket Door to Your RV (Replace and Adjust)

Curtains offer some privacy. At least hospitals think so. Unfortunately, curtains don't block sound from going to one room from another. When you have a snorer in your RV, it is best to find a way to block

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Fixing Everchill RV Refrigerator Problems (and Our Review)

Finding a good RV fridge may be the treasure hunt of the season. Many fridges use too much power and can break down at the drop of a hat. With a bit of research and a good power delivery setup, you should

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