Does Irish Spring Keep Mice Out of Campers? (Helpful Guide)

No matter where you go. Mice and ants seem to always be there ahead of you. They can become a problem in your RV if you do not take the right steps to stop them before they enter your moving home. Sometimes do-it-yourself measures are the best.

Does Irish Spring keep mice out of campers? Mice do not like strange fragrances. That is why Irish Spring is a good method when it comes to keeping mice away from your RV. Irish Spring has the fragrance that mice don’t like and it is easy to purchase as it is available everywhere.

To learn more on how to use Irish Spring to combat your mouse problem just keep reading or article. It contains the data you want to know about to make sure your RV is free from mice and their germs.

Does Irish Spring Bar Soap Repel Mice?

This depends on who you talk to. Some people have done their own experiments on this issue and found that the soap does not do much to repel mice. In fact, it may turn into food for them.

One RV owner saw this firsthand when the pieces of soap they left around their RV had tooth or chew marks on them. But when you talk to others about using Irish Spring, they swear by it.

They say it is an effective tool to use in the fight against mouse invasions. Unfortunately, it may only be a temporary fix. Once the mice see the bar of soap as no threat to them, they go happily past it and into your RV.

The same may be other homemade remedies as well. Even mothballs work temporarily as does bobcat pee. But once the mice learn these things are not going to harm them, they enjoy their time running around your vehicle.

Irish Spring for Mice in RV


To use Irish Spring in your RV it is not necessary to use the whole bar in one spot. That would be a waste of money. It doesn’t take many bars in one little area to have an effect on mice. You can cut them up into larger chunks and spread the little bar pieces around.

You get better coverage for the short term. If you can’t find any Irish Spring near you, strong perfumed scents may also help you out. Mice hate those types of odors and avoid them if they can.

Then if you want you can turn to more eco-friendly means of barring mice from entering your vehicle. Garlic, herbs, and mint are especially good at repelling mice. Their strong odors work both outside in your garden as well as spread throughout the nooks and crannies of your RV.

Do Mice Hate the Smell of Irish Spring Soap?

Yes, they do. Irish Spring has a very strong perfumed type fragrance that irritates the mouse’s sense of smell. This strong fragrance will only work for a short time though. Irish Spring is not a permanent fix.

If you happen to travel a lot and camp in different areas, then you can get a lot of use out of this bar of soap. The mice will not have enough time to get used to the odor and should stay away.

Irish Spring may not work for long if you happen to stay in the same spot for months on end. Lavender and even menthol smelling items will combine with Irish Spring to give you a three-pronged attack against the mice that want to explore your RV home.

Why does Irish Spring keep Mice Away


Do not expect to get permanent help in your fight against mice when you turn to Irish Spring to get rid of the mice in your area. Since the soap cannot attack the mice, it doesn’t take the little creature a long time to figure out that the smell is not something they should be afraid of.

The reason Irish Spring is so effective against mice is that it contains a very strong perfume fragrance that mice do not like to smell. If you do not have a lot of Irish Spring soap to spare, you can also use a peppermint, cayenne, and other strong-smelling herbs or soap products to keep mice away.

The trick to using different products inside your RV is to make sure those items do not contain ingredients that harm pets or small children. Check the ingredients first before buying any product for repelling rodents.

Is Irish Spring Soap Good for Mice?

When you are looking at soaps to use to repel mice, you shouldn’t use any soap that has a mild or no fragrance to it. These soaps do nothing but provide food for the mice and they will keep returning to the same spot to get fed.

Instead of solving your mouse problem, you are actually encouraging it. You want a soap with a strong fragrance because those types of odors actually keep mice away. Irish Spring is one good example of a soap having a very strong fragrance that drives mice mad.

The strong odor affects their sense of smell and possibly irritates it. After all, a mouse’s sense of smell is almost as good as a dog’s. They smell food from across the home. So you want a strong irritating fragrance that mice hate yet humans love to help fend off the mice in your camping spot.

What kind of Dryer Sheets keep Mice Away?


One of the best dryer sheets to use in this situation is Bounce. It is a very humane way of stopping a rodent infestation, Bounce has the right strong odor that mice do not like. For some reason, they find it very unpleasant to be around.

The key is not to leave the Bounce dryer sheet in one spot too long. Once it starts to lose its fragrance, mice may make a home out of the soft sheets. To use this or other strong-smelling dryer sheets you must first locate the point of entry the mice use.

Then wipe down the area with the dryer sheet. Or you can just place on at all those different points. You should use one or more sheets in the same, especially if it is a larger area, for the best results.

Both of these actions need to be done on a weekly basis as the fragrance fades by that time.

What Scent of Dryer Sheets keep Mice Away?

There is no one particular scent that does the trick in keeping mice away. You can have a citrus fragrance, a tropical breeze one and so on. It is the strength of the scent, not the type of scent that drives mice away.

One good fragrance that some dryer sheets have is peppermint. This is a very strong fragrance that makes mice go in the other direction. If you are worried about killing the mice with a dryer sheet, don’t be.

The only way a dryer sheet will harm a mouse is if they eat the whole sheet. Now if you look into the compartment after about a week has passed and you do not see your dryer sheet. Then you can be worried.

That is telling you that the mice are not afraid of the sheet or its fragrance anymore. They have taken it and made a nice bed out of the one you left the previous week.

How to Use Irish Spring for Mice


There are several ways to use Irish Spring as a mouse repellent. First, you can cut the bar of soap up into little 1/2 inch cubes and spread them throughout your RV at the different entry points the mice have selected to use.

Or you can put them in very breathable fabric pouches that let the air flow distribute the fragrance. This may keep the mice from eating the soap cubes when you are not looking.

The pouch drawstrings let you tie them in place so when your RV swerves or turns, the soap stays in place. Then you may be able to shred the soap bar into smaller thinner pieces and spread those shredded soap pieces around for an all-round effect.

How you choose to use it is up to you as you may have other methods to use that we did not mention here.

Will Irish Spring keep Mice Away for a Long Time

No, it won’t. Like most homemade or do it yourself fixes the Irish Spring will only keep the mice away for as long as the fragrance stays strong. Once the soap has lost its odor power, then the mice may eat it for a snack or feed it to their children.

The other way Irish Spring doesn’t provide a permanent fix is when the mice discover there is nothing to be afraid of when they encounter that bar of soap. Like other strong odors, mice will lose their fear once they figure out there is nothing dangerous in the area except the fragrance.

You may have to continually replace the older bars of soap to make sure the fragrance remains strong. Maybe a check once a week or bimonthly will do it. But keep on replacing the soap so the mice do not get brave and invade your RV.

Zest or Irish Spring for Mice


It really doesn‘t matter what brand of soap you use. The same goes for the dryer sheets. Brand plays no real role in repelling mice. It is the fragrance alone that does the trick.

If your Zest bar has a very strong odor, then it should do the trick as well. The same goes for any brand name or off-brand bar of soap. You need a very unpleasant odor to the mouse’s nose to drive them away from your RV.

If you do not have bars of soap around, strong-smelling spices or herbs will do the trick. The spices and herbs can be crushed or whole, it won’t matter. Again, it is the fragrance that dopes it not the presence of the spices of herbs.

So use any bar of soap you have on hand to get rid of the mice looking to enter your RV.

Tips to Avoid Rats in my RV

Besides the tips we have provided above, there are other remedies you can use. Rats are similar to mice and should react to strong odors in the same way as mice do. But if those efforts are unsuccessful, you can turn to sprays or granules to get the job done.

Some granules do have poisons in them so you have to be careful in their use. Your pets may eat them and get sick. Granules also emit a strong bad odor which should keep the rodents away.

Or you can use a spray that has a variety of strong fragrances to discourage the mice from coming any further. A mint spray does the trick as mice do not like mint plants when they are in the garden.

There should be enough alternatives to Irish Spring to help you stop mice from getting into your vehicle.

Some Final Words

Mice can be a problem. Not only do they eat a lot of food and other items in your vehicle, they spread germs, bacteria, and feces around making your home a health hazard.

Making sure your RV remains germ, etc., free doesn’t take a lot of effort. You could use poisons but you would be putting your pets or small grandkids in danger. A good do it yourself method is the best way to go.

You can use Irish Spring or even other strong-smelling soap bars to do the trick. Or you can use herbs, spices, and sprays to handle the issue. No matter where you go these common aids are easy to get a hold of and use.

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