Toy Hauler Add a Room Options (DIY Ramp Tent, Dometic Room)

Renovations do not stop with homes. You may have enjoyed your toy hauler over the years. But now you are getting up in years and need some extra space for less strenuous activities. One way to do that is to convert your Toy hauler ramp into a nice room or patio space.

You may have heard about the Morryde screen tent for toy hauler ramps. Unfortunately, that product does not seem to be available anymore. An announcement made between April and September of this year says the company may manufacture them again but that might be 18 months away.

To learn more about these types of ramp tents, or ramp rooms just keep reading our article. It delves into the topic to bring you the best information possible so you can decide if this renovation project will work for your toy hauler situation.

Toy Hauler Add a Room Options


Morryde did make a blow-up tent that seemed to be very popular. Then they stopped making them for whatever reason the company may have had. Then there was a post on the e-trailer website under the title- MORryde Toy Hauler Inflatable Rear Patio Tent Review that claimed an announcement was made by the company.

The announcement was made at the Hershey RV Show that they were going to start making these add a room products again. The announcement stated it was to begin production within the next 6 to 18 months. The post was made last month.

However, we have not seen any updated information to verify that claim. With that said, there does not seem to be a lot of competition in this market. RV Outlawz reviewed one of these add a room products made by A & E.

Unfortunately, the provided link took you to an Amazon web page with this product- Dometic 954091.000 Xtend-A-Room - Tall, 86-1/2" to 95-1/2" H x 91"D to 99"W. That web page states it is no longer available.

RV Upgrades only advertised add a room tents for regular trailers and they were designed to fit on the side of the trailer and not the back. RV Supply Warehouse only advertised the Morryde Patio EX model but also stated it was no longer available.

There may be other companies making this product but the lack of demand may be one reason they are hard to find.

Toy Hauler Ramp Tent

The same selections mentioned in the previous section and the upcoming Dometic section seem to be the only options available at this time. If you want to add a room, you may have to be creative and select your own materials.

Or go to a fabricator that works with screens and screened rooms to see what they can do for you. As we said the demand for these add a room designs may be small.

While there are a lot of RVs and trailers sold in the country and around the world, very few of those RVs, etc., are toy haulers. There are a few major RV brands that make them and a few independent companies that do but still, the demand for an add a room extension does not seem to be there.

Add a Room Kit For a Toy Hauler


There happen to be several kits out there to extend the living space of your toy hauler and utilize the ramp space. But those kits do not seem to be made to create a separate room.

In 2021, Lippert introduced its 3000 Series patio kit for toy haulers. However, this kit only provides a patio fence and a screen door for the toy hauler opening. If you want to make a room there, you would have to add your own materials.

Toy Hauler does the same thing. Except that they add an awning cover to protect you and your family from the sun. There are not a lot of companies offering this feature.

Most likely, you would have to go to a customizer to get an add a room extension fitted to your specific RV. Adaptions can be made, though, to existing tents to create the room you want.

When you plan on doing this project, you should consider using either leveling or support jacks or cables for the ramp to handle any extra weight. The average weight limit for these ramp doors lies between 2500 and 3000 pounds with some only able to hold 1000 pounds.

If you need more information on patio fences, which most companies seem to offer, read our toy hauler patio fence article.

Dometic Toy Hauler Add a Room

We did find this add a room option. It was listed on Walmart’s website and its part number is Dometic 954086.000. Plus the dimensions are- Standard, 79-1/2" to 86-1/2" H x 86"D to 91"W.

This has been a product offered by Dometic at least as far back as 2014. Whether it has been improved or not over the complaints made at that time remains to be seen.

Toy hauler owners had a problem with how it sealed to the RV with at least one claiming it was not really bug-proof. Another owner stated he had no problem with it sealing properly to his toy hauler. After a little practice, it should be set up in roughly 15 minutes.

The Walmart description has this to say about this product:

- Easy-access ramp end opens for quick loading and unloading

- Adjustable support poles have ergonomically designed positive crimping locks to ensure proper fit

- Floor skirt tightly seals room to ramp gate without fasteners

- Reinforced nylon seams withstand plenty of use

- Weatherproof privacy panels add rain protection and prevent wicking

The cost right now is $487 plus a few cents or you can charge it and pay only $32 per month approx. It is worth checking out to see if it will work with your toy hauler model.

Carefree Add a Room Toy Hauler


Unfortunately, this company only makes an add a room product for the sides of a trailer or RV. It does not make a ramp tent or canopy for a toy hauler ramp.

Feel free to contact the company and ask them about this option. We found the manual for setting up this side room but it offered little to no help to adapt it to the end of your toy hauler.

The side add a room product is designed to fit only the Carefree 12v Eclipse and Travel’r as well as all brands of traditional patio awnings. There is no mention of a product for the end of the RV.

Again, the demand for extra side rooms is far greater than the demand for a toy hauler ramp tent. If your toy hauler has a side patio, then some of this side add a room kits and designs may fit this option.

There are a few toy haulers that come with this feature and it may be worth looking into. Other than that, your options are few and far between. Customizing may be outside of your budget range as well.

One owner mentioned he saw a regular tent with a collar attaching the tent to the rear entry point. It may not be attractive but it may work for some RV owners with smaller kids or teenagers who want their space.

Diy Toy Hauler Extends a Room

This may be your best and only option as the commercially made add a room options are in short supply. It is good to DIY this project as you may save some money if you plan your room just right.

The cost to you will vary depending on the materials you decide to use. One important aspect of this project you need to pay special attention to is weight. No matter what you do, you will add weight to your toy hauler and if you do not have a lot of excess weight room, you may end up sacrificing something else.

This weight you are adding will impact your driving not your stationary time. You will need to store the materials when you take it down to move to your next camping location.

The first two steps are done simultaneously. You need to do some planning as well as take accurate measurements. Your design will depend on those measurements.

The third step will be buying your materials. You are going to have to think this through as you need to save on weight while making the new room strong and durable.

Plastic piping and screening will be your lightest materials. However, depending on the plastic you buy, it may not be the strongest you can use. After you get your materials and collect the tools you will need, it is time for the fourth step and start building.

Don’t rush it but take your time so the room adheres to the back end of your toy hauler. One tip to follow before you start building is to do a dry run to make sure everything will go together correctly and there are no gaps, etc.

Another tip to implement would be to go slowly and watch for any mistakes that may have been made in measuring, cutting, or attaching key components together.

Cosmetic flaws would have to be addressed as well. This is what the dry run will help you find. Then make any corrections to your design, cover up cosmetic flaws, and continue on your way.

What People Are Saying


Dometic made a couple of models of add a room projects. One of them, the Dometic 954091.000, which is no longer available on Amazon, did not fare well when it came to customer reviews.

The 1, 3 & 5-star ratings all tied at 23% each which means to some this was a good product but to many others, it was not. The 2 and 4-star ratings were almost tied at 15 & 16% respectively. So 39% of the customers really liked this product.

61% did not or only tolerated it and its many flaws. One of the major complaints made by owners of this extend a room product was that it did not keep out the cold. But that seems to be an odd complaint from something made with screening.

There may be a roll-down cover for those screens but these products are not made for cold weather. Other major complaints were missing parts, two sets of instructions, and very cheap materials were in the box.

The majority of positive reviews were focused on the extra space the owners got. They liked it because it was great for their kids and pets. Plus, it covered the ramp completely giving them and their families complete protection from the sun, bugs, and so on.

One reviewer said to be prepared to drill holes in your toy hauler to complete the setup. Other 5-star reviewers had nothing but positive things to say about this ramp option.

They really enjoyed it despite the two sets of instructions and other flaws that came with their purchase. One owner was happy they bought it and felt it was an ice addition to their toy hauler.

Some Additional Words

This add a room concept seems like a great idea when you are not wanting to sell your toy hauler but no longer want to haul around or play with your toys. You get an added 60 square feet, more or less depending on your toy hauler size.

That is enough room to enjoy the cool summer evenings after a nice day of other activities. The only problem is that you may not find any add a room options except for the Dometic model.

If Morryde’s claimed announcement is correct, then you may have another option to choose from. Or you can just build one yourself as the construction is not going to be difficult.

Don’t forget to add cables or jacks to ensure the ramp won’t collapse on you when you add the extra weight. It is a doable project and one that might be better than the commercially made products.

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