RV Door Valance: How Do You Replace RV Valances? (Guide)

Throwing curve balls. That is what it seems like whenever you try to do simple chores around your RV. What should be a simple task that takes a minute can often end up taking days because RV makers threw a curve ball when they attached items like valances

When it comes to RV valances, RV makers may only use 3 screws to hold them in place. All you have to do is remove the screws and the valances should pull right off. Some may be held on by ‘L’ brackets which means you have more than 3 screws to remove.

To learn more about this task just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about before you start working. What should be an easy task sometimes ends up being a day long project using multiple tools.

What is The Purpose Of a Valance?


There are 2 main purposes for this home decorating invention. The first main purpose is to add a decorative touch to your home. The valance is to soften a room’s look, add some color, as well as create a unique look to the room.

Sometimes this works and other times it may stick out like a sore thumb. It takes some decorating skills to use valances in this manner. You need to know which colors complement each other and which ones clash.

The second main purpose is to hide things. Usually, those objects that need to be hidden are the hardware holding up a curtain. Or the valance is used to hide the roller blind which does stick out like a sore thumb.

A good valance, and one that is thick enough, makes sure your room looks complete with nothing out of place. Also, the valance helps your room look good. These are nice decorative touches that can enhance an RV’s look.

Just make sure you have an interior decorator’s eye before you start removing, replacing, or adding valances to your RV. It does take a knack to know when one belongs and when it doesn’t.

Removing RV Door Valance

One of the biggest questions many RV owners ask is ‘where do RV makers get their valance tastes from?’ Then they ask, ‘where do they get the fabric?’ followed by, ‘does anyone like them?’

Most people who own RVs or trailers have as one of their first projects the idea of removing or replacing those valances. They are not in a style most RV owners like. Of course, RV makers will buy the cheapest fabric for those valances so do not be alarmed if you do not like the design of your RV.

You are not alone. Many RVers do not like how the RV brand decorated the interior of their prospective RV or trailer. Removing the valances is not that difficult as they are not complicated in design or installation.

The first step is to remove the blinds. The brackets holding those blinds will be behind the valance. Depending on the design of the brackets, you should be able to just open them up and slide the blind out.

You remove the blind first so you do not damage it while you are removing the screws from the valance. The next step is to remove the screws from the ‘L’ bracket holding the valance.

You can use a screwdriver or your drill, whichever is easiest for you. YOU may need an extra pair of hands to help you hold the valance till all the screws are out. If you are not going to use the ‘L’ brackets again, you can remove them once the valance is off.

That is all there is to it. Now if you have a door valance, you may only have 3 screws holding them in place. Just remove the screws and per one RV maker, the valance should simply pop off.

There has been one case where the 3 screws have been removed and the valance has stuck to the wall like it was glued. Turns out there were 3 locator pins in the valance and a nice helping of quick grip construction glue holding it in place.

The only way to get that valance off would be to remove the wall. Be ready for these curve balls when you want to do a simple task in your RV or trailer.

How do You Replace RV Valances?


The hardest part will be deciding what you will be replacing those valances with. The task is the same as removing and replacing your traditional home’s valances. You need to decide what will go up in its place and what you need to do to prepare the area for that replacement.

The removal of the valance is easy and the steps are given in the previous section. Depending on your replacement, the third step would be removing those ‘L’ brackets and filling in the holes in the wall. Make sure to use the right Spackle and use a plastic Spackle knife so you do not damage the walls.

Once you have removed the blinds, the valances, and the ‘L’ brackets fill in the holes, smooth the Spackle out, and then sand them down. When the area is ready, simply install your replacement.

If you are going to a different valance, you do not need to fill those holes unless you are relocating those ‘L’ brackets to a different spot. Then whenever you do that, watch out as you never know what is behind those walls.

That is another curve ball you have to watch out for. Make sure you know what is behind the walls and where they are before you start sinking screws. Even on luxury 5th wheel trailers, workers have been known to screw into water pipes.

How do You Cover RV Valances?

The first step is to measure your valances and see how much material you will need. Since the fabric is sold in set widths, you just need to buy the fabric long enough and in the width that will fit your project.

Once you have those measurements, you go to step two. That is to go to your favorite craft store and hunt through their fabric selection until you find the right one for your RV.

After you made your decision and made your purchase it is time for step three. This is not a mandatory step but at this time you can wash and pre-shrink the fabric. Or you can just iron them and put them on without washing them. The decision is up to you.

Step four has you cutting the fabric to size and this is after ironing or washing the material. Make sure to buy more than you need to cover shrinkage or any measurement or cutting mistakes.

You can take the old fabric off but that might add too much work to the project. Or just use some heat and bond tape to adhere the new fabric to the old. How you attach them will be up to you as you have different methods at your disposal.

When you are done, the valances should look new again. Or at least better than the old fabric.

How To Make RV Window Valances


This is an option you may have to consider since many RV windows are smaller or oddly designed. The normal valances may not fit your RV and you will be left to make your own.

The simple way is to get a curtain rod and cut it to size. These rods do come in different sizes and they can be pulled apart. You cut the ends after you have pulled them apart. Once you get the size, you make the valance out of any fabric you want.

This will require some sewing skills as you will need to use a sewing machine and make some difficult stitching to have the valance look good. Once you have sewn the valance, slip it over the curtain rod and put the two pieces back together.

Next, install the rod’s hangers where you want them to be and put the rod on. This is the simplest way to do this task. The hard way would be to pick out the wood, cut it to size both length and width wise and then attach the padding that goes underneath the fabric.

After that, you attach the fabric and bond it in place. Then you need to buy some brackets, and you do not have to use the ‘L’ shaped ones. Then affix those to the wall and the new valance to those brackets.

We left out a few steps but you get the idea. This option can be difficult to do if you do not have any craft experience or skills. The key will be to take your time and make sure you do each step correctly.

What Are The Three Types Of Valance?

In general, there are 3 types of valances but each type may have some variation to it so some people may list 6 or 7 types. Here are the 3 types then we will list the variations:

1. Balloon- this is where you use a single piece of fabric and the material is gathered at the top. Once it is gathered, it has a balloon-like appearance.

2. Box pleat- this option has fabric panels that are pleated at the top. Then they fit snugly around the rod.

3. Gathered valances- this is where you use strips of fabric and then gather that fabric at the top. The next step is to place them on a rod.

Valance variations:

1. Swag- the fabric is hung at two points and arranged in such a way they look like gathered valances.

2. Jabot- this is for a formal look and you arrange the fabric in layers. They are then hung down from the window and can be paired with drapes

3. Scarf- this is a piece of fabric that is simply draped over a rod. You can arrange the fabric in any way you want as long as it drapes and looks good

4. Tier- you will find this style in cafes, kitchens, and bathrooms. The material is layered in tiers to give it that casual look you won’t get with the Jabot variation.

Finding RV Valances For Sale


The nice thing about RVs is that they are often like traditional homes. This aspect of RV life is very similar. You can buy those valances for traditional homes and put them over your RV windows.

That is if they fit and if they don’t, use your sewing skills to alter them. That means you can buy your valances just about anywhere draperies or fabrics are sold. It gives you a very wide availability and you might be able to take advantage of some of those sales.

Or you can buy from one of the many RV brands that make different components for RVs. RecPro is one such brand and they have a selection you can consider. Whether you like the price or not is up to you.

Amazon may have them but they will have valances and materials for your traditional home so peruse that marketplace for ideas at least. If you are desperate, you can always try the junkyards and other used places to see what they managed to salvage or have donated to them.

You can try Camping World if you want as well. But check out those RV outlets just in case you can’t find anything for your odd-shaped RV windows.

Some Final Words

RV valances are not there to please you. They are there to hide the window components so that they cannot be seen. If you do not like the look, feel free to replace them with something you like.

Replacing them is not a hard task, just make sure you do not damage anything in the process. Also, pick out some nice colors and designs.

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