Fixing a Splendide 2100XC That Won’t Work (Manual Download)

Machines do not always work. It would be nice if they did but every once in a while, you do get a lemon. That is when you need some expert advice on how to get the machine up and running again. It is a good thing that companies make service manuals to help make that work quicker and easier.

There are two steps to take in this situation. The first is to call a qualified technician and let him handle the problem. The second is to get a hold of the service manual and do it yourself. For difficult repairs, the first option is always the best one to use.

To learn how to fix your Splendide 2100XC combination washer & dryer, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need for those quick fixes that do not need a technician to handle them.

Download Splendide 2100XC Manual


We are not going to bother with wasting your time here by loading up a bunch of links you can click on. The Splendide company makes all of their manuals available to the public and you only need one link and one click to get to them all.

They even have repair manuals going all the way back to 1996. Just click on this link to see all of them and then make your selection for your specific model or appliance. If you can’t find the one you need, we suggest contacting the company directly and save yourself some time.

You may save some money as many of the sites offering these manuals do so for a fee.

How To Reset a Splendide 2100XC

According to their 2-page quick operation guide, to reset the washer and dryer all you have to do is press the start button and hold it for a few seconds. This action will cancel the current cycle and reset the controls for you.

The start button is not the same as the on-off button so do not confuse the two. The latter option will let you pause the cycle for a short time and you just press it again to continue the cycle when you are ready.

This feature lets you open the door to add something or remove a sensitive piece of clothing. This is a nice machine that is designed to make your laundry time easier than it ever has been.

Splendide 2100XC Error Codes

To find the error codes, or fault codes as they are labeled in the manual, you need to go to the service manual and start on page 39 approx. On that page, you will find a table of the codes and what they stand for.

There is no code for a power surge or fan motor issue. The codes all start with the letter F and go from 1 to 17 with #F04, F05, F07, F08, F10, F15 all for the pressure switch. #s F01, F02, F11 are for the water pump and main motor while F13 & 14 are for the Dry NTC sensor and condenser valve.

The wash valves and the wash NTC are under F03, while the control panel board was issued F12. F14 & 15 do double duty and also indicate a problem with the heating element and F17 is for the door switch. There appears to be no F16 error code.

Splendide 2100XC All Lights Blinking


This error code is not really a code. Owners who have experienced this situation have been given different solutions. One tech for the company said the control board is bad while another tech told a second owner that there was low airflow and the machine needed a good cleaning.

You may have to take time to clean the machine of any lint built up inside of it. Remember there is no lint trap in this machine. The instructions to clean the machine are as follows:

1. Run the unit without clothes and with the dry time off on cycle # 11.

2. When the water stops entering the unit push and hold the start button until all the lights come on then release the button.

3. Next, move the cycle knob to cycle # 2 and press the start button once (do not hold).

4. Let it run through that complete cycle.

5. Do this twice.

Taken from this link

Splendide 2100XC Door Won't Open

If the door locks and you get no error code, the source may be the door lock solenoid. This is a specialty part that helps lock and unlock the door. Unfortunately, this part does wear out and can cause some problems.

To unlock the door manually, there is a door lock release behind the kick plate on the right-hand side of the unit. Either open the kick plate up and look for a green tab or the green tab is visible without doing that move.

Pull the tab and the door should open. The bad news is that this part and function is not usually included in the manual contents. So looking in the manual you will not find this solution.

2100XC Door Will Not Lock


This will probably be due to the faulty door lock switch assembly. This part is located on the right side of the door opening. Inside the assembly, the solenoid is responsible for locking and unlocking the door. If this part goes bad, then the door may not lock at all.

The service manual does not describe any quick fix to this situation but it seems that once this part goes bad, you will need a replacement part to get the door to lock again. The service manual does talk about the manual door release tab but it does not talk about repairing a door that does not lock.

We checked both trouble shooting sections of both manuals and there is no mention of how to repair this problem. You can call the company and ask them if replacing the part did not work.

Splendide 2100XC Will Not Turn On

The sources for this problem are all simple and do not need a technician to fix it. The first place to look is the power source. Ask yourself the following questions: Is it plugged in? Is the fuse blown? Has your RV’s battery or power supply died or been disconnected? Was there a power failure earlier?

There are two other questions you should ask as well. Did you press the start button and did you turn the water source faucet on? These simple questions should help you avoid any embarrassing moments. They are also quick fixes and you should get back to washing momentarily.

If those sources are not the problem, then call the technician. They may be able to help you over the phone or they may have to make a house call.

2100XC Will Not Start

The same questions asked above will apply here as well. The machine seems to be filled with safety devices to protect it from different problems that could damage it. One item we did not mention is did you check the door? If the door is open, the machine will not start

Also, check to make sure water is flowing through faucets. More complicated sources would be the door switch assembly and the wire harness under the combo’s top. Those two parts could need a technician to repair.

Plus, there may be a voltage problem for this situation and the previous one. Check the voltage with a meter to make sure power is getting to the control panel. If you do not like working with electrical appliances, make sure to call a technician. They have the experience and knowledge to figure out the source and fix the problem.

Fuse Location

We copied the following information from the service manual, page 33- “The Fan Motor, Thermostats, Fuse Link and Heater Coil are located on or in the Heater Duct Assembly that sits on the drum and is located on the top, right side of the machine. They can be accessed once the top is removed.”

The bold words are the only words we found in that section referring to a fuse. After pulling the wires, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the fuse link from its position.

The fuse link sits beside the 110 degrees F thermostat (marked with 2 red dots) and the 88 degrees F thermostat (marked with one red dot).

Splendide 2100XC Will Not Drain

In some models, the spin and drain feature move more slowly due to the delicate fabrics inside and the setting you use to protect those fabrics. If it does not kick in right away, wait a little while to make sure this is not the case for your machine.

If the drain feature does not work, then check the drain hose to see if it has kinked or bent somehow. When the hose is straight and fine, remove it and look for blockages. This is often the case when this problem arises.

The obstruction can be anywhere in the drain system. You may get fault codes F05 & F11 when the machine is not draining. But check the faulty codes you do get to make sure, the problem is with the drain function.

Finding Splendide 2100XC Replacement Parts


The company has created a parts breakdown manual so you can see which parts and their model and serial numbers. It also provides an explanation of what those numbers mean. You can access it at this link.

Once you have that information, it will make finding the correct replacement part a lot easier. There are different appliance repair and sales outlets that will have spare parts for your model of Splendide 2100XC combo.

Just do a quick search on the internet to find one of those outlets near you. Or you can try contacting the company directly and see if they sell parts direct to the customer. Some companies do and some do not.

Splendide 2100xc Circuit Board

This is an expensive part to replace. One RV parts and the accessory outlet has the part on sale for $434. Another outlet has the kit for the same price but it is out of stock right now.

What this is telling you is that if that part fails you, you are going to have to spend a lot of money to be able to use your washer and dryer again. The good news is that the instructions and a few extra parts are included in the kit.

The location of this part is not in a convenient spot. It is at the bottom on the back of the unit. If your washer is in a cabinet, you are going to have trouble getting to it

How To Contact The Splendide 2100XC Customer Service

This is not going to be too hard of a task if the customer service department is on the ball and responds quickly. All the information you need to contact their customer care department is found at this link.

Or go to their main website at and navigate through the different web pages until you get the department you want to speak to. All you can do is keep trying if there is a delay between your initial contact and their first response.

Some Final Words

Troubleshooting machines that break down can either be an easy task or a difficult one. Make sure to cover yourself by investigating all the easy fixes first to make sure you are not caught in any embarrassing moments.

All you need are the manuals for most of these fixes. In case you need it, here is the link to the service manual. Just click here. These washer and dryer combos look like great machines and seem to be well designed.

However, that does not mean that they will remain in top trouble-free shape forever.

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