Where to Buy RV Paneling? (RV Wall Panel Manufacturers List)

RV paneling spruces up your RV. Besides all the technical aspects of your RV, visual effects play a role in how much you enjoy using your vehicle. Having the right paneling inside your RV can make all the difference to you and your spouse.

Where to Buy RV Paneling? Buying RV paneling is as easy as it is to buy batteries for your variety of detection devices. There are RV parts stores, paneling outlets and even box stores that carry a wide selection of RV paneling just for you.

To learn more about where to buy your RV paneling and make your vehicle’s interior look even better, just continue to read our article. We give you the information you need to find the product that is right for you and your family.

Where to Buy RV Paneling


If you are in Indiana you may find a lot of surplus stores selling RV paneling at a cheaper cost than you can get it at your RV dealer or RV parts store, Indiana is known as the RV capital of the world so your selection may be the best there especially if you have uniquely designed paneling.

Some companies you can check out are Hanwha Azdel, Australian Laminators, and Alibaba has a list of Chinese paneling makers while selling their products. You can also check with RV manufacturers themselves starting with Winnebago, Thor Motor Coach, and Jayco.

Other manufacturers include Keystone, Tiffin, American Coach, Coachman and Starcraft. The list for manufacturers is very long so it would do you well to do some research or go with the brand that your RV is from.

Going with your brand makes matching your interior panels much easier to do and it is likely they have some in stock or can direct you to a surplus dealer that has it.

RV Paneling Suppliers


The list for RV paneling suppliers is probably just as long, if not longer, as the list for RV manufacturers. There are a lot of companies out there that deal in RV paneling although we should say that many of the home improvement stores may only carry a limited supply. Or they may only order through a catalog now.

Some places you can check before you go to the myriad of surplus dealers, are Replacement travel trailer parts, Mirage Inc., RV Parts Nation, All-Rite. Because the RV industry is so large and the fact that there are so many RVs on the road today makes it easy to stock and sell RV paneling.

You should be able to find a supplier near you by looking in the yellow pages or doing a quick internet search for your location.

Cheap RV Paneling


Of course, we could say that you get what you pay for but sometimes cheap doesn’t equal bad or inferior. More inexpensive RV paneling can be as good and last longer than the more expensive brands or sheets of paneling. You just have to be willing to take the risk.

Here are 3 links to get you started on your search for cheap RV paneling- link #1; link #2; link # 3. Also, we will not guarantee that their products are the cheapest, etc, these are just the starting point.

A good internet search should provide you with a list of surplus RV panelling dealers who handle that product by the truckloads. Finding cheap paneling should be easy as there are a lot of sources that stock the product.

The only issue will be if you have a custom paneling design that was not made in large lots. If you like to stand out from the crowd, it may cost you when it comes time to repair or replace it. Matching existing sheets will be difficult.

RV Surplus Paneling


As we said earlier, there are a lot of surplus dealers who handle not only paneling but other RV parts as well. Finding the type and color of paneling you want may not be that difficult.

One company is called RV surplus parts, another is RV City Surplus in San Diego, and there is Factory RV Surplus as well as RVers Corner in Indiana. Bontragers Surplus is another one, as is Johnson Surplus and many more. It won't take you long to find a longer list of these dealers.

The ones we quoted are just the tip of the iceberg and who knows, you may find other hard to find RV items at these places as well.

How to Find RV Paneling Near Me


Just a little common sense is all you need to use to find one near you. You can ask experienced RVers where they got their paneling and how much it is. Word of mouth can tell you a lot about the quality or lack thereof of the company and its products with a short conversation.

Also, you can use the internet to help you find a local RV parts dealer or even a nation RV parts outlet. It shouldn’t take you too long to fire up the computer to get a short list of suppliers for you.

If you don‘t have a computer or are boondocking, there is the old tried and true method to conduct your search— the yellow pages. It should be filled with the information you need to find the right supplier or a surplus dealer that is close to you.

Finding an RV paneling dealer isn‘t going to be that difficult but if it is, you can stop at one of the big box home improvement stores to get help or paneling.

Some Final Words

Keeping your RV looking great is not that hard of work anymore. With the yellow pages, word of mouth and the internet, you should be able to find a supplier or parts dealer that has what you want and in the design you want.

The key is to not have such unique paneling that no one has it in stock.

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