Low Wattage Options: How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use?

Coffee smells good and brings a jolt in the morning when you need it. Plus, to most people, it tastes really good. Those are positives most people can enjoy no matter where they are. However, making a cup of coffee when you are trying to cut expenses may be self-defeating

How many watts does a coffee maker use? Depending on the coffee maker, you can burn up about 1000 watts just to brew your favorite type of beans. For the 5 to 7 minute operating time, you burn about 83 watts per hour.

To learn more about the different wattage levels of different coffee makers, just continue to read our article. it has the information you want to know about in case you are looking to cut down on expenses.

How Many Watts Does a Small Coffee Maker Use?

The good news is that you can find a low-wattage coffee maker if you look hard enough. There are enough coffee maker brands that have heard their customers. They offer lower wattage devices to help you get your morning cup of coffee without using too much electricity.

On average you will find different coffee makers using between 200 to 1250 watts peruse. How much you will use will depend on how often you want a fresh pot of coffee and the design of the coffee maker.

Drip coffee makers usually are the ones that use the most wattage. Their range is between 750 to 1250 watts peruse. Then the single-cup option uses the fewest amounts of watts ranging between 200 to 400.

But if you want a powerful jolt at some point in your day, then the espresso machine can use between 1000 to 1500 watts.

Average Coffee Maker Wattage Draw


The average watt usage is around 1000. Every time you turn on your coffee maker, you will use roughly that much electricity for 5 to 7 minutes. That translates into about 0.083 KW per hour.

To use a full KW hour you would have to brew about 12 pots of coffee. But that is the average and not always the norm. You can lower that amount by changing coffee machines. If it is all possible, you can have one size for you, your spouse, and guests and another size just for you.

To figure out how to do that, you just need to read the boring technical details and compare coffee makers. Many portable and small coffee makers will only use 150 to 300 watts peruse.

How Many Watts Does a Mr Coffee Maker Use?

The thing about Mr. Coffee is that it makes a variety of coffee machines. They will come in all sizes and use different amounts of energy every time you turn one on. The average wattage used by one of their machines is rated between 600 and 1200 watts.

That range allows you to find one that suits your living situation as well as save on electrical use. Then you can take several steps to make sure your Mr. Coffee machine will stay efficient.

One of those steps would be to keep the machine nice and clean. Regular cleaning helps the machine work faster and use less energy. Dirt and mineral build-up slows the coffee maker down and makes it use more energy and time before the coffee is ready.

How Many Watts Does a Nespresso Coffee Maker Use?

There are 5 different Nespresso coffee-making machine options you can choose from. Each one has a different wattage rating and the following chart allows you to make a nice, easy comparison.

Model Wattage
Citiz 1710
Creatista 1600 when extracting; 900 when steaming
Essenza Mini 1150
Latissma 1400
Pixie 1160

If you use the Citiz option up to 4 times a day, and you are paying approx, 25 cents per k/Wh, then you would only be paying about $10 per year to have your coffee every day. That is just the current consumption, what you pay for your coffee beans is another story.

When you use the lower power consuming models, chances are you can cut that low cost down even further. Of course, it takes some discipline to remain at 4 cups per day

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Watts


This will depend on the model of coffee maker you buy. Some of their products will use under 1000 watts per use while others will use more than 1000. The one specific figure we saw was 1025 watts per use.

Also, the amount of watts your Cuisinart uses will depend on the features that come with it. if you have a grinder attached, then factor that power usage in as well. The same if your model has a steamer function.

The more features built into the coffee maker the more watts it will use on average. Cuisinart has been in the coffee maker business for a long time. They have a lot of products to choose from including the simple percolator that may not use a lot of power to heat your coffee.

How Many Watts is a Keurig Coffee Maker?

There are two different figures that apply here. The start-up cost is roughly 1500 watts. That power is used to bring the coffee to the right temperature. Then to keep it at that temperature, the coffee maker will use about 200 to 400 watts.

To power a device up you can always expect to use more power. Maintaining operating speed as well as temperatures is a lot easier and does not require a lot of power.

Then when you have the machine on standby, or as some people call it- idle, you may only use the same amount of energy as a 60 watt light bulb uses. That is not very much.

Finding a Low Wattage Coffee Maker for RV


Whenever this topic comes up we always say the same thing. This is not going to be a difficult task to do. And it isn’t. With the many different media outlets reporting on all sorts of products, it is not hard to find one that is right for your RV.

To start, you just have to go to the internet and do a little search. Find as many top 10, top 5 review lists and compare what the reviewers say. Then look at the reviews at Amazon for the coffee makers you are interested in.

Depending on how you like to shop, find a good company on the internet or go to your favorite department store armed with your new information and select the best one at the right price for your budget.

Don’t forget to check out the websites for the many coffee-making brands. They usually include a store where you can buy at a very reasonable price. It just takes a little homework and some comparison shopping to find the perfect one for your RV.

How Many Watts Does a 12v Coffee Maker Use?

The news is not good here. The 12-volt option is not as powerful as the regular 110-volt option. It does take longer to use a 12-volt coffee maker than a traditional one for your home.

If your 12- volt outlet is rated for 20 amps, then you should be using only 240 watts when you plug in your coffee maker. Watts equals volts times amps. What this means is that using one of these devices in the morning before you get on the road, may delay your departure.

These coffeemakers are not known for their speed. There are different wattage amounts as different 12-volt coffee makers are designed a little differently from each other. A machine rated for 14 amps may use only 168 watts while working.

Another version will use only 150 watts while the Black & Decker model may use up to 650 watts. To get a specific number you have to look at the specs on the brand and model you want to purchase.

Will a 1000 Watt Inverter Run a Coffee Maker?


This is not an easy question to answer. It will depend on the type of coffee maker you own. For some models that pull more than 85 amps while working, the answer would be no. The 85 amps is drawing more than 1000 watts.

If your coffee maker needs less than 1000 watts to run right, then the answer will be yes, this size of inverter will work. However, it would be wise to stay under the 950-watt range just to make sure you have enough power coming to your coffee pot.

There is a simple equation you can use to help you find the right inverter to use. It is coffee maker wattage + 20% = inverter size. In numerical terms 1000 watt coffee maker + 200 = 1200 watt inverter or larger.

Inverters are not very efficient and there is some power loss when it converts DC to AC. That is why you need the power range. Of course, 20% is the absolute minimum. You can use 35 or even 50% as a buffer to make sure you have enough power.

400-Watt Coffee Maker

These items are available, you just have to know where to look. Many are advertised on the internet and a company called Overstock.com seems to have a few of them on hand at the time of this writing.

Then you may be able to find them at eBay or Amazon for a nice price. You will have a selection of brands to choose from at those outlets. Then, with this size of coffee maker, a 1000 watt inverter should have no trouble powering it.

The equation would be 400 + 20% = 480 watts needed. That would be the minimum size of inverter you would need to run your small coffee pot. Coffee-making brands are well aware of the RV situation and the owner's appliance needs so you should be able to find a good coffee maker of this size with little trouble.

Coffee Maker Under 300 Watts


The same goes for this size of coffee maker. The smallest size inverter you would need for this appliance would be 360 watts. As we searched for the 400-watt coffee maker, the 300 and 200-watt sizes were included in the different lists.

Overstock.com advertises from 200 to 400 watts making your search for an efficient coffee maker very simple. eBay has several on hand and there are private companies that list them as well.

You can always check your local appliance store to see what they have on their shelves. If they don’t you may ask them to order one in for you. Then, if you have to, you can always go down to a 150-watt version as those make good cups of coffee as well.

Low Wattage K-Cup Coffee Maker

These are available just about anywhere coffee makers are sold. The brands are well aware that some people live life alone and do not need large pots of coffee. They make all sorts of low-wattage K-Cup makers and keep the price reasonable.

Amazon should be your first stop when searching for one of these smaller appliances. That way you can get the description and reviews all in one stop. A little comparison shopping will help you get the best one for you.

Some Final Words

When you are on a tight budget, cutting costs is important. But you do not have to cut performance or flavor when looking to downgrade your coffee maker to a lower energy model.

There are some great ones out there that will fit your RV lifestyle and keep you in good-tasting coffee for a long time to come.

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