Finding RV Interior Wood Trim Molding Replacements (Tips)

While you want to be original, it is not always possible. Those old RVs with wood trim may be too old and the faux wood trim used to create their great interior look cannot be found anymore. Instead of wasting time looking to match the old trim, real wood and stain work better, are easier to find, and are easier to work with

The best places to find RV wood trim will be at home improvement stores. They will carry all types and in a variety of colors. Or you can try the different RV parts and accessory stores. They seem to have a selection on hand for you to try and match.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to help you find replacement trim and keep your RV looking great. take a few minutes to see if this information solves a problem for you.

Finding Camper Interior Wood Trim


There is a place called RV Trim & molding that seems to carry only aluminum trim and not faux wood. They also carry the adhesive you would need to put the trim in place once you find the correct option.

This seems to be the way it is for the different RV parts and accessory outlets. They focus on the rubber and aluminum end which is okay. You may need those items as well. Finding the wood version may lead you to different stores that do not specifically deal in RV parts.

For example, you may have to go to Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Walmart to see if they carry the type of faux wood trim you need. This may work for more recently made RVs but not for older models.

The reason that would be the case is that trim designs change and go out of style. The manufacturing companies tend to make what the RV companies want and after a while, the latter changes designs and colors, etc., and stop buying the original trim types.

Check with different outlets as well. Anyone specializing in products that require wood trim may be able to help you. For example door outlets, window outlets and so on.

Travel Trailer Interior Trim Molding


There are places that specialize in trim molding for RVs and they do carry the faux wood option. The key will be if they are near you and if they carry the trim you need. At least one outlet carries only 3 colors, white, oak and cherry but it may be the place to go as they carry all different sizes and lengths.

That place is called mobile Home Depot and they may have a minimum purchase order. You can try R & G as they also have faux wood molding and maybe even real wood options. We did not see any color selection there and you can ask them if they do offer different colors.

R & G seems to work with all rooms in an RV and travel trailer so you should be able to get what you need with relative ease. The question would be the color of the trim and if it can be altered.

Camper Molding Trim offers 1-inch wide trim in different colors. However, their different sizes come in 25, 50, and 100-foot lengths. You may have to buy more than you need to shop at that outlet.

RV Interior Wood Trim Replacement Parts


The good news is that the shops that deal with this aspect of an RV are found all over the country. It just takes a good search to find out their exact locations and what products they do sell.

Not all RV parts and accessory outlets will carry trim replacement parts. This may be a difficult search if your RV is older. Also, it may be hard to do if you only need 1 or 2 pieces of that old trim.

Many outlets may have a minimum amount you have to purchase and that amount may be more than you need. One place you can try would be the RV manufacturer. They may or may not be able to sell to the public but they may be able to tell you if that type of trim is still in production or not.

Also, they should be able to tell you where they sell so you can go and talk to the retailer. The RV manufacturer should be able to answer all your questions about the trim you want to find.

Again, newer RVs will be easier to hunt for trim than older ones. We would suggest salvage yards if those companies save the trim when they start tearing the old RV apart.

Vintage Camper Wood Trim


In our simple search, we did find two Vintage parts retailers who may or may not carry the trim you need. We cannot speak to them but their websites are easy to find. You can contact them and ask. The first location is called Vintage and the second location is Vintage Trailer

These two companies deal with all sorts of parts for vintage trailers and you may have luck. Again, it will be hit and miss if they have the type of trim you need. If you can’t find the type of trim you need, you can ask them for leads or you simply replace all the trim in the room with upgraded trim products.

You may have to replace and let go of your ‘go original’ plan and revise it to meet the supply situation. Or you can always try a custom shop to see if they can match your old trim and its look for you. Again, a minimum order may be necessary for this option to work.

It is a fact of life that older trim simply goes out of style and you will need to replace it with new trim and new colors.

How To Replace Faux Wood With Real Wood Trim


The first step will be to measure the linear length of the trim you want to replace. Then you need to go to the home improvement or other trim outlet and see what styles of real wood trim they have in stock.

Searching for the right trim design may take a while as these outlets may not have that design anymore. Once you find the right real wood trim, you will also have to look in the paint department for the right type of stain to use.

Make your purchase and get ready to do some nice handyman work. When you start, measure carefully and cut the wood pieces to 45-degree angles or whichever degree you need. Make sure to match the angles so you do not end up with a mismatch.

Once the pieces are cut correctly, start staining them. You may need some verathane or varnish to seal the wood after the stain has dried. When that step is over and the wood is dry, pull the old trim off the wall of your RV.

Use staples or very small short nails to attach the new trim to the walls of your RV. You have to be careful not to go too deep with those nails. Or if it is possible, use construction adhesive and glue the trim up.

When you are done, clean up the tools and any mess you made and admire your work. That is all there is to this task and your RV’s interior should look a lot better. You can paint the trim but it would be difficult to get the same look on the new pieces that the old ones have.

Faux Wood Trim Tips

It is not easy replicating old faux wood trim if the stores do not carry that specific color, etc. The reason for saying this is that you either have that real wood look or you don’t. It takes a special skill and talent to make faux wood trim look real.

One way to avoid this problem would be to simply replace the entire interior trim with another color and trim design. While you may want your RV to look original, it may not be possible and you have to entertain this idea.

Even if you go to salvage and junk yards for RVs, you never know what shape those trim pieces will be in or even if there is enough usable trim to complete your project.

Some Final Words

Retaining the original look of your RV’s interior is only easy if the different companies still make the same kind and color. Finding the trim can be hard, but installing it is not.

In the end, you may have to adjust your goal of being original and settle for something more modern that looks nice. This decision all depends on when your RV was made and if the trim color and design are still in style or not.

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