5 RV Jackknife Sofa Replacement Ideas (Replacing RV Sofa)

An RV is just like a home. If you own it long enough, you may decide to replace the furniture with something more modern and comfortable. Replacing furniture in a home is easy as that task doesn't have to deal with the many RV parts hidden by the jackknife sofa, etc.

One option you have is to recover the sofa. The reason for that is you may not be able to replace the jackknife sofa because it sits on top of the water tank. If you are lucky, your sofa won't be in that position and can be replaced by captain chairs, swivel chairs, and recliners.

To learn more about the different options you have to replace your jackknife sofa just continue to read our article. It has the ideas you may be able to use in your RV furniture renovation project. Take a few moments and see what these ideas can do for you.

What is a Jackknife Sofa?


Most experienced RV owners already know about this piece of furniture. So for those who are new to the RV ownership world or do not have an idea what one of these items are keep reading this section.

A jackknife sofa is a simple piece of furniture that only needs its seat pulled down to lay flat and turn into a bed. There is no heavy mattress underneath the seat to wrestle with. The padding in the sofa should be thick enough to give you some comfort throughout the night.

While in the sofa position these couches can hold about 2 people comfortably. When pulled out, only one person can sleep on it. However, there may be an issue with the fold in the center as well as seat belt buckles lying where you do not want them.

The benefits of having these sofas in your RV are that they are not that costly, do not take up a lot of space and it is easy to turn them into abed and back to a sofa again. Yet, many people who have these in their RVs hate them and seek ways to get rid of them and replace them with different chairs.

Their contribution to your RV situation will be determined by you and you may join the growing list of owners that seek to get something different in their place.

Finding an RV Jackknife Sofa Replacement


The determining factors in replacing these sofas in your RV are the cost of the replacement and the look. A nice chair may be cheap but if the look is hideous, then it is doubtful you would spend a low amount of money to replace your jackknife sofa.

The first step in replacing these sofas will be determining how much you can afford to spend. Setting your budget is important as it will keep you from over-spending and buying something you may not need or is difficult to keep clean.

The second step is to shop around. Don’t be in a rush as you can search different stores as you travel around the country and find the best deals outside of stores that target RV owners. Those stores often have the highest prices.

The key is to also look at what is underneath the jackknife sofa. If there are other vital RV parts, your replacement sofa or chairs will need to leave space for those parts. Plus, you need to have good ventilation and easy access to those parts.

The good news is that you have lots of options available to choose from, including stores, that will turn that space into something modern, comfortable, and practical. Do your research to find those stores that focus on selling furniture for RVs and look for the best price, design, and style.

Best Replacement Jackknife Sofa for RV


There are lots of good replacement jackknife sofas you can choose from. You may like the low cost of these sofas, often $200 less than other options. They fit in the space perfectly while not making it inconvenient for the parts located underneath the original sofa.

Usually, the jackknife sofa will come in around 69 to 75 inches in width so that will be a major factor when you go looking for a replacement. You could go smaller but never larger than the original space allows.

One company that seems to make good jackknife sofas is Lippert Components and one of their 68” models comes with the padding you need to stay comfortable all the time you are on the sofa.

This option is designed to change into a bed using only one motion. The fabric on this sofa is easy to clean and durable. Another option would be the Thomas Payne collection and some of their models use a Euro-leather vinyl fabric that is tough, looks good, and should also be easy to clean.

Unlike the previous model, it takes 3-steps to convert this piece of furniture from a sofa to a bed. The foam is placed on a steel frame so you have security, comfort, and durability no matter who sleeps on it.

Finally, there is the RecPro Charles company that competes with the other two brands. It has a smaller model version that runs only 60 inches wide but it is perfect for those RVs with little extra space.

The manufacturer that makes this style of furniture uses an extra soft suprima fabric. A metal frame provides the support your guest or you require for a great night sleep.

The best replacement will be the one that fits your budget, looks good in your RV and does not clash with other colors, etc. as well as fits the space you have to work with. You and your significant other need to get on the same page to find the right jackknife sofa to replace your old one.

There are other furniture makers you can try as well.

Cost to Replace RV Sofa


This is hard to estimate as prices for furniture change from year to year. The actual cost will depend on if you are buying a new jackknife sofa or replacing it with recliners, a hide-a-way bed, or even captain’s chairs.

If you paid a small amount for the sofa you are trying to replace, then replace it with another sofa that fits your tastes. This replacement can be as little as $500, $800, or even more than $3000. The cost is totally up to you.

If you paid a lot of money for the sofa, then think about recovering it. That will save you money and extend the life of the sofa. Even if the jackknife sofa is original, your replacement cost will depend on which road you take.

If you go for pre-built replacement then you will be vulnerable to all the RV stores who sell their sofas, etc., at a high price. The options you pick will be the determining cost factor.

If you do not like what those stores offer, or what any store offers, you can always design your own. However, going custom can get costly unless you know how to build furniture already.

There are plenty of RV customizing shops that would gladly help you design and construct your RV’s new sofa or chairs but make sure you have the budget to do this. Also, the time as will take some time from construction start to finish.

The cheapest way to go and probably the best way to get the new furniture through the door is to buy furniture that needs assembly. IKEA and other similar outlets may have just what you need. You save money by assembling it yourself.

We can’t give you a firm price because of all these factors and options you have to choose from. Then each store has its own cost list that will differ depending on the materials, fabrics, and other design options you want to use.

What Can I Use Instead of a Jackknife Sofa for RV?


Believe it or not, you may not have too many options to choose from when thinking about replacing your jackknife sofa. Space may be limited and the design of your RV will play a role in what items you can place in its spot.

One option would be a futon that either has a stand or its own legs to elevate it off the floor. This design would give those parts previously covered by the jackknife sofa enough ventilation and space to function properly. They also come in different sizes so you should be able to find one that fits your empty spot.

Recliners are another option you can use. While some people have elected this option, others rejected it because there are usually no seat belts included on recliners and no one can sit in them while the RV is moving.

Then there is the hide-a-bed option but this means you will have to factor in the weight of the mattress. That may be too heavy for your RV. Or you can use regular traditional household furniture but those may not be RV compatible.

You have to consider all the aspects of your RV before using this option. Those aspects include weight, functionality, practicality, and storage space underneath. Basically, it will be up to you to decide which furniture option you will go with.

You have plenty to consider before buying. Just make sure you know the exact measurement of the space before you buy.

How to Replace RV Sleeper Sofa

The first step in this process is to remove the old sofa. To do that, you have to go inside the old sofa to remove the screws bolting the furniture to the floor of your RV. After that is done, you can pull the couch away from the wall and take it outside of your RV.

If you are not going to use the old hardware, remove that as well. The trick in installing the new sofa or chairs, etc., is to know what you will be drilling into. When it comes to RV design, you have to be very careful not to drill any new holes that may put leaks in your tanks.

Or, damage any vital systems snaking their way through the chassis of your RV. If you can use the old holes, that should be the safest route to take. After you have removed the old sofa, place the new furniture in its place and bolt them to the floor.

Tips to Guide Your Furniture Upgrade

1. This is not a last-minute project - give yourself plenty of time before you hit the road to make this change. Take your time shopping for the right pieces and price as well.

2. Re-covering is a good option - it will save you money, make the change easier to do, and add life to very expensive furniture.

3. Measure twice - you have tight spaces to work with so make sure your measurements are accurate. Also, think about the pieces of replacement furniture you want to buy and judge if they will work in that spot on a day-to-day basis.

4. Decide on what you want - if you know what you want then it is easier to shop. Sometimes those assemble yourself options are best as they save you the hassle of fitting everything through the door of your RV.

5. Know your buying options - you can buy new, have the sofa custom made, buy used, or look for RV-specific furniture.

Some Final Words

Replacing your jackknife sofa may be a good idea if you do not care for it. The trick is to take your time and look for the right replacement piece and the right price. Assemble yourself options are cheaper and can be fun to do if you like putting furniture together.

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