RV Dinette Booth Dimensions: What Size Is The Dinette Bed?

You hate sleeping on them. That's one of the common features all RV dinette booths have. They are very hard to sleep on. One reason for that difficulty is that either the space is too small or the mattress covering it is not thick enough. These dinettes make for a long night.

What size is the dinette bed? The dinette bed average size is about 30-32 inches high, 40 to 50 inches deep, and up to 80 inches long. For eating, these RV dinettes are very good. Their only drawback is their size and the fact someone has to slide in so someone else can sit down.

To learn more about the size of the RV Dinette just continue to read our article. it has the information you need to double-check this space and see if it is large enough for your travel needs. take a few minutes and get up to speed on this vital RV spot.

What are the Dimensions of an RV Dinette?


As you know, these dinettes will range in size depending on the class and design of the RV. Larger RV models can provide you with a lot more space than smaller ones if the manufacturer decides to use the extra space in that area.

That is the key factor. How the RV maker uses the space available to them will determine the size of your dinette area. The average size is about 2 1/2 feet tall by about 3 1/4 feet wide and by 6 1/2 feet long.

That should give you enough space for a couple of children, one extra adult that is along for the ride, or a spot where you and your mate can really cuddle. Again, that is the average size and your dinette may be larger or smaller than those dimensions.

Size is just one aspect of having a good dinette set in your RV and you should make sure it meets all your expectations before you commit to buy.

Standard RV Dinette Dimensions

We can only add a few more details to the average dimension statistics we just gave you. Here is a breakdown of the different components so you have a better idea of what you should see inside an RV when you go shopping for one.

Each seat should be approx. 24 inches across giving you ample room to sit down. The seat should rise to about 20 inches making sure your legs and knees are not cramped. The seatback is roughly 13 1/2 inches high making sure you have the right support in the right areas.

Then the tabletop should be approx. 24 inches wide, while the height will be around 30 to 32 inches overall. The depth of the table and seat should be exactly the same which can range between 40 to 50 inches in size.

From seat back to seat back, you are looking at a total of somewhere between 72 to 80 inches. The measurements are all basic estimates and do not apply to every RV. There is no real universal measurement for RV dinettes.

What Size is the Dinette Bed in an RV?

This is not going to be too hard to figure out as you just need to do some simple arithmetic to get the dimensions. If the table depth is 40 to 50 inches, then you know that is going to be how wide the bed is.

To get the length of the bed, you would need to add the seat width to the table width to the other seat width and the total will depend on the Class and size of your RV. Some dinette beds are only 66 inches long making them hard for adults to get comfortable. But they are perfect for children.

Those beds that reach 80 inches in length provide a lot more comfort when you are lying down. However, the padding may not be as great a help to your comfort and you really have to lie on them to understand the reasoning behind that statement.

You may be lucky and have a really large Class A RV and get even more room. If this is a deal-breaker for you, make sure to bring your measuring tape with you when you go RV shopping.

RV Dinette Cushion Size

Like the dinette size, the cushion size will depend on the design of the dinette. This design will be different in many RVs as some go with the traditional rectangle while others do a U-shaped design.

A typical dinette cushion will be about 22 inches by 38 inches for the seat. Then the backrest will be approx. 12 inches by the same 38 inches. In some RVs, you'll only receive 4 inches of padding for both the seat and the backrest.

You won’t get a different thickness as these cushions are your mattress and they need to be the same size. Some RVs may have 6 inches of padding so you get a little extra comfort when you or someone else sleeps on the dinette for the night.

The type of padding, the covers, and the stitching will also depend on how much you are paying for the RV. However, RV makers generally go for the cheapest components possible. But the good news is if you do not like the current set of cushions, you can always have them custom-made to fit your desires.

RV U Shaped Dinette Dimension

This will be up to the manufacturer and the space allotted to the dinette will determine its size. Some go at 60 inches by 78 inches and then the seatback starts about 21 inches in from the end of the seat to make getting inside a little easier.

You should, on average, get 4 inch thick cushions to rest on. The standard length of about 72 to 80 inches will remain. It is just that the side benched will be a bit shorter to accommodate the back shape of the U design.

We have seen one measurement at 45 by 82 inches and that size is placed in a slide-out so you have more walking around the room in the main part of the RV. Then to help with storage issues some RV makers place little sliding drawers under the side benches.

Those can come in handy when you need a little extra space. But check the dimensions in the brochure or bring your tape measure along to see the exact size you will be getting

How can I Make my RV Dinette More Comfortable?

This is like trying to turn iron into gold. While alchemy is impossible, making your RV dinette bed more comfortable is not. It is difficult but not impossible. Here are some options you can try:

1. Customize- there is no law stating that you have to stay with the standard dinette that came with your RV. There are customizers out there who will build you a new dinette/bed to your standards and idea of comfort (within reason, of course).

2. Buy new cushions- instead of customizing, just look at Amazon, or some other online RV accessory store and see what you can afford. Remember, RV makers go for the cheapest components, not the best ones.

3. Reupholster your dinette seats- this is another option you have. Your cost will depend on which fabric you choose to use and how skilled the person sewing is.

4. Add some foam- you can make those 4-inch cushions into 5 or 6 inch thick cushions by adding a little extra padding.

5. Remove the table- again, nothing is stopping you from taking the standard table out and just creating extra space to stretch out. This is a good idea if you do not need the table for any other purpose.

6. Rearrange the furniture- if you can’t remove the table, try rearranging the padding and cushions to give your body more space to stretch out and relax. If there are just the two of you then this is a viable option.

How to Make RV Table Bed More Comfortable


This project is perfect for those people who enjoy a challenge. It is pretty tough sleeping on the hard particle board wood surface. But like making the dinette more comfortable, this can be done and it is not impossible to do. here are some ideas to get you on the right track:

1. Add a liner- this goes between the tabletop and the cushions and makes sure it is a no-slip liner. This will keep the cushions in place as you move during the night.

2. Add more foam- another layer of foam can do the trick if the foam is sturdy enough. This foam can be in the form of memory, anti-fatigue, or just thicker. The more foam, if it feels good to your body, is always an easy addition to make

3. Buy a new mattress- just remove the cushions and leave them off at night when they are not needed. In their place, just put down a nice comfortable regular bed mattress that fits the space.

4. Change your bedding- instead of just usually traditional blankets, use a comforter instead. These top bed covers will keep you warm, protect you if the heater goes out in the middle of the night. Or you can use a nice thick quilt on top of you and underneath you giving you extra padding over the hardwood bench.

5. Use a Mattress pad- this can be done in two ways. You can have a removable option and store it away when you do not need it. or you can use a heated version. Extra heat always helps the body feel good the next day.

6. Change the foam- the quality of foam used by most RV makers is not great. For more comfort just change the foam to a better quality material that will help you get some rest. Or you can always use some extra pillows

RV Dinette Booth Plans

One of the things you will not run out of are plans on how to rebuild and DIY customize your RV dinette and bed. there are a lot of places you can go to in order to find the right plans for your RV’s floor layout. keep in mind, some of these places will charge you a fee to use their plans.

To start, you can go to Etsy to get ideas and plans. These are downloadable so you can have the plans the moment after you pay their fee. Just click here in order to see what options are available.

Then you can try private websites like this one. They seem to have some plans that may be tailored-made for your RV situation. or you can go to this website and see 8 more plans that may be of some use to you.

There are a lot of private websites that do the same thing. A simple search will turn them up and your next task will be to look them all over and see which is the best one for you.

Not to be outdone, you can talk to furniture makers, customizers, carpenters and see what they suggest for the space you have available and the cost. Each plan is going to bring more cost to you than the purchase price of the plans.

So check your budget to make sure you have the financing in place before you go too far with your renovation ideas.

The Benefits of an RV Dinette


These benefits go beyond having an extra sleeping place for the kids or guests. Even though they take a lot of criticism for their looks and size, RV dinettes do come in handy. Here are some more benefits that come with an RV dinette

- Eating- while this may seem like a no-brainer, it does pay to understand that you can eat your meals or snacks comfortably on an RV dinette

- Entertainment- when you want to play Bridge, Poker, board games, your dinette can be the perfect entertainment center. It will have the comfort and the size to accommodate all players

- Desk- if your RV is not that large and doesn't have a built-in workspace, then you can work in relative comfort at the dinette. The table dimensions do equate to a small desk in size giving you extra workroom as you can use the benches for needed supplies and equipment

- Creativity- you can put your creative nature on display by the way you cover the cushions. Using different fabrics will upgrade the look of your RV’s interior and impress your guests

- Storage- underneath the benches there can be small pull-out drawers that add to your small storage space. These are a great place for napkins, table cloths, table decorations, and more.

Replacing Damaged RV Dinettes

This problem does happen from time to time and it usually is done accidentally. Finding replacement furniture is going to be high on your list when it does. If you do not own a vintage RV then getting replacement items from the manufacturer should be a simple task.

However, if you can’t do that, there are plenty of other options. Online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay should have some cushions, tables, and other dinette items at reasonable costs.

Then you should look to the classified ads as many RV owners remove their standard dinette sets as they replace them with one more to their liking. Then they turn around and sell those used dinettes at discount prices.

You never know when you will find someone selling the exact dinette you need for your vintage RV. Since dinette tables and benches are made from MDF or particleboard wood, etc., you can always contact a carpenter to help you out.

They may be able to fix the damaged part without replacing the whole dinette. That would save you a little money and keep your RV in top shape. There are lots of options you can turn to when your dinette gets damaged.

The trick is to find the workers who will use quality materials and do top quality work

Some final words

When it comes to RV dinettes, size does matter. If the dinette is too small, you may feel that you wasted your money. or if the set is too large you may not be able to use all that space and wonder what you can do to change the situation.

It is a good thing that RV dinettes are not made in stone. That makes them easier to alter, customize or reduce their size. You have lots of options at your fingertips so you are not stuck if the dinette is not up to your needs.

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