Jayco Cushion Covers: Finding RV Dinette Seat Cushion Covers

It may not be possible. To get Jayco-specific dinette cushion covers for your foam cushions. You may have to go generic or custom-made to find something that will fit. It seems to be a difficult project to complete because these cushions are an odd size.

One way to get new covers for your RV’s dinette cushions is to go to an upholstery shop. They are specialists and should be able to recover your cushions with little to no trouble. The cost may be a bit cheaper than going to an RV fabric specialist shop.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you can have an easier time finding new covers for those unique RV dinette cushions. Getting a replacement foam may be easier than finding a new cover.

How do You Recover RV Cushions?


This will take a little sewing skill and knowledge. One of the things you need to understand and know how to do will be darts. Those can be difficult at times to get right.

The first step is to take off those old covers. You can use them as your pattern if you want when it comes time to cut your new fabric. The second step will be to measure your old cushions if they are in good shape and can be re-used.

This measurement will let you know how much fabric you will need for each cushion. Make sure to buy a little extra just in case a mistake is made and you ruin one of the pieces of fabric.

One thing about RV cushions is that they are usually stapled to a piece of plywood. That means you will need a good staple remover to get that old fabric off. Once the staples are out, and there are a lot of them, the cover should just slide right off.

The next step in this project would be to cover both pieces of the upper cushion with upholstery batting and cut to size. This is not a mandatory step and you can leave it out if you want.

Next, mark your new fabric where you will be making your cut to size as well as the folds and darts. Don’t forget to leave room for the fabric to be stapled to the plywood.

Once you are ready make your cuts and sew the darts in place. Trim off any excess fabric. After the darts are made, you should be able to slip the fabric over the cushion and the batting.

The last step will be to use a staple gun to staple the fabric to the plywood. Repeat these steps for all the cushions you are going to re-cover.

RV Dinette Seat Cushion Covers

These seem to be an odd shape as one RV owner had the seat cushion measuring 2 by 4 feet in size while the back cushion was 1 1/2 feet by 4 feet in size. Different RVs will have different measurements.

This size difference does make it hard to find new pre-made covers. You may end up making your own or having someone make them for you. If you make them yourself or hire someone to do it, you can pick any fabric that you want.

The key will be to find the color, design as well as any features like water-resistant, etc., that fits your interior decor and preferences. It will take some time to do as there are a lot of good fabrics you can get from Joanne’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and other craft or fabric stores in your area.

Or you can go straight to an upholstery shop and see what they have on hand that will fit what you want your RV to look like. Also, look for a warranty on some fabrics. When you get a custom shop to make these for you, they often provide a nice guarantee. One shop offers a 5-year warranty which is nice.

Jayco Cushion Covers


We checked to see if Jayco offered these fabric covers for sale to the public. The closest we came was a cover for your specific RV. Those external covers are nowhere near what you can use to re-cover your seats.

You can call your dealer or Jayco directly to see if they offer replacement covers for their dinette sets or not. If they do, you may not be happy with the color scheme or design as that selection would be rather limited.

We found no RV maker offering these covers for sale. At least directly to the public. If they did, their stores did not pop up in any of our searches. What this means is that you will have to either go to an upholstery shop or find a custom RV cushion and cover shop to get your replacements.

There are a few of those around and some advertise on the internet. Or you would have to make your own. To cover all the cushions, you may need at least 6 yards of fabric (depending on the size and number of cushions).

It isn’t hard to make as the darts are the most complicated part of making the covers. Then you just have to make sure the fabric is long enough to fit over the corners of the cushion without folding them inward.

Finding RV Replacement Dinette Cushion Covers

There are some custom companies that will make these covers for you. We did not find a retailer that sold pre-made covers like those outlets would do for water pumps, nuts and bolts, and so on.

A good search should turn up those customs shops near you. We can only link to a few that may or may not be close to your current location. Keep in mind that when you order custom-made items like this, they are not returnable.

The first shop to consider would be Cushion Source. They will also make cushions for you if yours are in rough shape and too old. Click on the companies’ names to go to their websites.

A second place to look will be Active Upholstery which will reupholster your cushions for you. The company is in Yuma, Arizona and you need to contact them directly for prices, etc.

Also, you can check Surplus Supply for both custom-made covers and any surplus covers if you happen to like the style you already have. There is no guarantee the surplus side will have your style in stock.

There are shops that will get you new cushions if that is all you need. Do a good search for your location to see if any affordable shops are nearby.

How do You Cover no Sew RV Cushions?


There are two good options you can try. One will be the self-adhesive Velcro strips. These strips should hold your fabric in place. Plus, you can cut those strips to make sure key areas have lots of holding power.

Just make sure to put more strips in corresponding places so you get a nice tight fit. The key would be to make sure you cut the fabric to the right size. When it comes to corners and you are not a sewer. Just fold the fabric in place and use Velcro to hold the folds together.

The second way may be a bit easier to do. All you need are some good upholstery staples and a staple gun. Then you just cut the fabric to size and staple it as you fold the fabric in place.

You may need more than two hands at the beginning to make sure the fabric is taut. Stapling is done by RV makers all the time and they go overboard with those staples. When you remove the old fabric, removing the staples will be a tedious job.

No-sew cushion covers work in much the same way as covering a new sew cushion. When we say no sew cushions, it means that your cushions probably have a plywood backing and sewing will not work.

You need these methods to make sure the fabric stays on the cushions.

What Kind Of Fabric Should I Use For Camper Cushions?

To tell the truth, you can use just about any fabric you want. However, some of those choices would not be practical or any good as a cushion cover. You would not use silk or some other expensive fabric to cover your cushions.

Even though they look good and feel nice, they would not last and you would have spent too much money on them. The best choice will be upholstery fabric.

This material is made to be strong, capable of handling a lot of punishment, and continues to look good for many years. If you can’t get upholstery fabric, then a tough cotton or similar material will work.

You want the fabric to be very durable, water-resistant, as well as stain-resistant, and so on. These features are not found in all fabrics. When you select your fabric, buy a little extra.

Not just to make up for cutting mistakes but so you can have some left over for curtains or valances. That is if you want those household items to match with your cushions.

Take your time in your selection to make sure your new fabric can handle the daily life that occurs in your RV or trailer. You do not want to do this project again any time soon.

How do RV Dinette Cushions Stay in Place?


The go-to answer would be Velcro strips. These are the best option and they do not add weight to your trailer. They also can stay out of sight so no one knows you are using Velcro to secure your cushions.

Velcro may need to be sewn in place but that is not a difficult or time-consuming chore. If you are lucky, you may find some self-adhesive types that will stick to the fabric. That makes securing your cushions very easy.

In our research, Velcro was the #1 answer and no other option came close to matching that result. Some people suggested using those non-slip rubber shelf mats. They are made for car dashboards as well.

That may be an option for the seat cushions as the mats just lay there and you put the cushion on top of them. Some owners did not get any success from that suggestion but it is worth a try as if it does not work, you can use those mats elsewhere.

One owner joked that to solve his slipping cushion problem, he simply removed the dinette. He replaced that piece of furniture with something more to his liking. It is a thought if you do not need the dinette anymore.

Before You Re-Cover

It is a good move to check to see if the foam is still usable or not. Some foam pieces have been in their RV since 1995 and earlier. They do hold up but they won’t last forever.

If they have stains, etc., on them, it is best to get rid of the foam along with the old fabric. You can buy custom-made foam pieces for your RV with ease. The links above will help you with that replacement.

A new piece of foam may add more comfort to your eating time. It is worth checking out and seeing if it is a viable option. In addition, DIY is not out of the question.

This is not a specialty part that requires special training or tools. Do it yourself and save.

Some Final Words

It is doubtful that you will find any brand name RV dinette seat cushion covers on sale. This is a part of the RV or trailer that RV makers do not make a high priority.

Most likely, you will have to make the new covers yourself, go to a custom shop, or have an upholstery shop do them for you. Just make sure to buy a fabric you can live with.

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